The Archives Of Pleasure

A Weepy For Easter (by Sheep)

Airplane (by Nan)

All You Can Leave Behind (by Alice)

Another Flatmate Story (by Nan)

Another Trip To The Cinema


Clean (by Syd)

Cyber Sex (by Mrs B)

Dirty Weekend (by Mrs B)

Doors Slowly Closing (by Missy)

Early Morning Wake Up Call (by Syd)

Everything Must Go Press Night (by Meg)

Fantasy For A Good Catholic Girl (by Daria)

Father James / The *Infamous* Preacher Fantasy (by Missy)

Firm Handshake (by Mrs B)

Happy Birthday

Here's Where The Story Ends (by Daria)

Honey & Handcuffs

Housemaid (by Julie)

Ice Cream (by Nan)


Danny Boy (by Nan)

Just Good Friends (by Glamour Girl)

Kidnapped (by Alessia)

Know Your Enemy (by Missy)

Like A Virgin (by Missy)

Living Next Door... (by Nan)

London Hotel Fantasy (by Mrs B)

London Underground (by Sheep)

Manchester Gig Fantasy (by Mrs B)

Manics Gig (by Syd)

Millennium Shower (by Missy)

Mission (by Sheep)

Morphine Induced Fantasty (by Sheep)

Motorcycles & Strawberries


Nine Inch James (by Peach)

Not Tonight, Love... I Have A Headache (by Missy)

Nurse (by Syd)

One Night Stand (by Peach)

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (by Daria)

Phone Sex (by Sheep)

Pizza Delivery (by Nadine)

Porn Star James (by Mrs B)

Road Rage (by Missy)

Rock Stars (by Welshbaby)

Saint James (by Shaz)

Short & Sweet (by Nan)

Snooker Table (by Missy)

Sofa F**k

Something For The Weekend (by Daria)

Spank (by Missy)

Studio Sex (by Nat)

Swimming Pool (by Nan)

Talking Dirty (by Daria)

The Butterfly Touch (by SSSty)

The Cinema (by Charlotte)

The Interview, Or The Crumpled Armani Suit (by Peach)

The Fight (by Missy)

The Glamour Twins (by Missy)

The Hypnotist (by Dafad Ddu)

The Interview (by Feed Me Lollipops)

The Mile High Club (by Daria)

The Other Girl (by Missy)

The Scum Factor (by Missy)

Three Fans, A Man, And A Van (by Relic)

True Story? Decide For Yourself!


Working Late (by Charlottle)


Warning: explosive contents!!!


(Note: Those fantasies without titles have been temporarily named. If you are the author and would like to use your own title, then please get in touch!)

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