Porn Star James (by Mrs B)

    It’s been a long day, you slip off your shoes as you ride up in the lift to the fourth floor. You step out of the lift and walk towards the door to the flat you have been sharing with James for the last seven months. You run your hand through your hair and sigh as you open the door and drop your shoes once inside. Walking along the short passageway towards the lounge door you hear muffled moaning sounds and naff music, BLOODY HELL your mind shrieks, THOSE ARE F**KING SEX SOUNDS! You freeze, you don’t know what to do, in a split second your brain has gone through several options: run out - NEVER! AND LEAVE HIM AND HIS F**KING BITCH AT IT? Storm in and confront them - well, you could do this, but you’d probably cry in anger and that’d spoil the tantrum. Call out that you’re home and slam the door as if you’d just arrived - what, and give him time to tidy up and make lame excuses? You slowly walk towards the lounge door, it’s open a tiny bit. You can feel the tears welling up in your eyes and a mixture of anger and sheer disbelief bubbling up in the pit of your stomach. You peek through the tiny gap expecting to see nudity and humping, and that’s exactly what you do see, but not on the sofa or the coffee table or even the floor, it’s on the TV screen. Through your tear blurred eyes you see an unknown couple in a rather athletic position, all sweaty and horny! F**king hell, you feel relief washing over you, how could you suspect him? You are just about to walk in when you suddenly stop... what will you say when you step inside the room? You have never discussed or experimented with p**n of any sorts with James before. Once again your gut tightens, the butterflies in your stomach all bat their wings at once. F**king hell, what can you do? The feeling not as bad as before, but once again you feel a tad betrayed - after all, you have a brilliant sex life together. In the past ten months you’ve been seeing each other you’ve rarely had the night, or morning, or afternoon off for that matter, so why does he need this? You wonder how long you’ve been standing there at the door, your eyes fixed on the randy goings-on on the screen. Your eyes wander across the short distance from the television to the sofa where James is lounging back. You can see the back of his head and a little of the left side of his face. His face is relaxed, his mouth slightly open and his eyes half shut. The couple on the screen have finished their screwing session and the shot is now of two girls dressed in only skimpy open-crotch knickers and suspenders; they are fondling each other’s bodies, their hands all over each other while kissing passionately. You turn your gaze back to James as a low moan escapes him. The fluttering in your belly starts again, but now you realize it’s something completely different causing it! The anger and rage is long gone and in it’s place, you’re surprised to feel the stirrings of your own horniness kicking in! You slowly and silently push open the door and take a step inside, you don’t want James to notice you yet. You quietly take another step towards the back of the sofa. Slowly you make your way so that you’re standing behind the sofa directly behind James. You see that his right hand is on his lap, massaging the obviously erect bulge in his jeans. Seeing this brings a gush to you own loins and a pleasant shudder works it’s way through your entire body. As James’ hand rubs harder and more determined, you pluck up the courage and before you can chicken out you bend over and whisper seductively in his ear, “Do you need my help with that?” James jumps with surprise and obvious embarrassment as he searches for the remote to switch off the video. The picture on the screen changes abruptly from the canoodling of two rampant females to show Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po singing about and counting their tubby toast portions! “S**t! I didn’t hear you come in… how long have you been standing there?…Why didn’t you say anything?” James, flustered launches himself off the sofa to face you as he tries to control his voice and make sense of what’s happening. “Relax,” you say, “I’ve only just come in… just in time to catch you, you naughty, naughty boy!” You giggle as he blushes and sort of hops from one foot to the other nervously and confused. You slowly walk around the sofa until you reach his side, he turns to face you and you move your hands to his shoulders then up behind his neck to the short soft hair at the nape of his neck. You close your eyes and move your lips slowly closer to his. Your mouth meets his soft mouth and you press your lips softly and then firmer to his. He doesn’t respond. You open your eyes as you pull slightly away. His eyes are wide open looking straight at you, his hands are still by his side. “What’s wrong, honey?” you ask softly before placing a gentle little kiss on his gorgeous little nose. Bewildered he replies vacantly, “Nothing.” 
“So relax, “ you say. You gently push him down onto the bouncy surface of the sofa and straddle his lap, your short skirt riding up your thighs to accommodate the opening of your legs. You run your thumbs gently over his eyelids, down his cheeks and to his, oh so soft and moist lips. You gently ease one of your thumbs inside his mouth and then replace it with your index finger. Your eyes are locked in a seductive gaze as James starts to relax. His tongue is gently stroking your finger as he softly sucks on its tip. You move your groin so that your, by now, damp knickers come in contact with the solid bump in his lap. You grind your hips as you press yourself against the tight crotch of his jeans. “Things getting a bit tight down there,” you comment, “let’s see if we can make you more comfortable!” By now, on screen, Po is riding about on her scooter, visiting the other teletubbies and shouting their rather irritating 'eh-oh’s' to each other. You take hold of the remote and point it at the video and press the play button! Back come the two luscious ladies, who are shortly joined by a muscular male, glistening with oil! “Turn this off”, says James, rather awkwardly. “But it was a definite TURN ON a few minutes ago” you say. 
“Well, that was before I had the real thing right here, they’re all phony, it’s all such an obvious put-on.” “Weeeeeeell” you say sheepishly as you run your finger down his neck and broad chest, “I have an idea you might like! Wait here.” You get up off the sofa and walk towards the hall. You hear James switching off the video and then switching off the television all together. After a bit of rummaging through the cupboard in the hall you return to the lounge carrying a video camera and a small tripod. “Ta-da!” you sing as you present James with your findings. “Oh no!” he protests as you start to assemble the tripod in the middle of the room, “Stop that, we’re not going to do it with that thing on us!”
 “Why not? You afraid I’m gonna sell it to the Sunday Sport or the News Of The World or something?!!” 
“Don’t be silly, it’s not that, it’s just…well…you know…” 
“Aw come on, Mr Sex Stud can't be shy!” you tease, still assembling your little toys! You finish setting up and casually, with a sexy wiggle of the hips, you make your way back over to a disbelieving James! Once again you push him down onto the soft fabric of the sofa, once again you straddle his lap. “Now stop this…bloody silly games…” says James rather non-forcefully, so you don’t stop! You unbutton his short-sleeved black shirt, slowly working your way down, your mouth following your busy hands planting little kisses on his muscular chest, teasing one of his nipples with a stiff tongue. “Hey…we better...erm…stop…” he says, again without much meaning. 
“I think this would disagree!” you say as you move your hand to the tight straining of the denim of his crotch area. A little moan escapes him as he finally relaxes and leans back against the back of the sofa. His eyes are closed as you move your hand to the button fly of his jeans. You slowly unbutton the fly and James lifts his bum off the seat slightly so that you can tug down the garment enough to gain entrance. Your hand makes it’s way inside the tight denim to find no underwear as a barrier. Wow, you just love the look of this man in this position, blue rugged jeans pulled down to reveal his glistening c**k in all it’s glory. You lick your lips as you gently slide your hand along the long shaft, circling the tight head with your index finger, spreading the pre-c*m all over the shiny surface of the tip. James moves his hands from his side to your shoulderes, then down to your breasts, which he takes in each hand and massages firmly before turning his attention to the erect nipples, which are jutting against the tight sheer material of your blouse. He unbuttons your blouse and pushes it off your shoulders. For a second your arms are pinned against your sides as your blouse restricts you, James moans as he pushes forward his pelvis so that his enormous d**k is pushing hard against your soaking wet panties. He pushes your top all the way off your body, it falls limply to the floor. Expertly, he undoes the clasp of your bra and lets that fall to join the discarded clothing already on the floor. You move your hands to your back to open the button and zip of your skirt. James picks you up as he himself turns so that you are sitting on the sofa with your legs apart and James kneeling between them on the floor. He lifts your bottom off the seat as he tugs on your skirt, closely followed by your lacy, soggy knickers. James asks you to show him where you like to be touched as he stands up to undress himself. You move your fingers to your c**t and slowly with your middle finger, start to circle the hardening bud. With your other hand you idly tease your nipples, gently squeezing. By now James is totally naked in front of you and you ask him to show you how he likes to be touched. His hand circles his thick long shaft as it slowly makes it’s long way up and down the length. This is too much for both of you. James kneels back between your legs and slowly runs his hot tongue from your hot opening to your quivering c**t. You moan out loud and beg to feel his c**k deep inside you. James’ lips make their way up your body to your mouth and you can taste your own juices when he kisses you. Slowly at first, James enters you. The thrusting becomes faster and harder as you respond by bucking your hips to meet his grinding. You both scream and moan with delight as the fluttery feelings build up in your groins. Suddenly James stops, his eyes wide open as he begs you not to move. He shuts his eyes and controls the movements by grasping your hips. One last, long, hard thrust and you scream out his name as your orgasm hits you, you feel the twitching of his orgasm too as he grunts and screams (think Masses Against The Classes kind of scream!) He relaxes against you, his head on your heaving chest. You smile slyly as you think about the little movie you just made, and what wicked fun you’re going to have watching it, together!