Another Flatmate Story (by Nan)

        You've been living with James for almost a year now. You're close, but your relationship is strictly platonic. It was weird at first, being around the object of your desires and hero of your wildest fantasies all the time, and obviously all your friends kept teasing you about it, but these days it feels almost normal. Okay, there's the occasional wet dream, but everything's in control. Although letters like the one you're reading at the moment do still make your legs all weak. It's from a friend and includes a very detailed fantasy about James and you, just like the ones you used to make up before you moved in with him and told yourself to stop thinking such nonsense. You've become completely absorbed, curled up in the corner of the sofa, oblivious to everything else around you, reading on and on. "Hey, are you sitting on your ears? Phone for you”. You jump. "Oh, eh, sorry, James, didn't hear it”. You mutter, throwing the letter onto the coffee table before making a dash for the phone. Big mistake. When you come back into the living room, you see James standing there with the letter in his hand. "Is that what you want?" he asks flatly. "You read my letter…" is all you manage to say. "How could you read my letter?"
"Well, I'm almost glad I did now", he says, grinning.
"That's not the f**ing point!" you yell, trying to turn your embarrassment into anger. "You have - "
"Yes or no?" he interrupts. You stare at him. "Is that what you want or not?" he repeats, taking a step towards you. Hang on. What's he aiming at? "Just one word. Yes or no." he insists, now dangerously close to you. "There's a right answer and a wrong answer. So what's it to be, yes or no?" he continues, his lips almost touching yours.
"Yes", you whisper breathlessly.
"Right answer", is the last thing you hear before you feel his soft mouth on yours. This is even better than you thought it would be, and you'd always imagined it to be absolutely mind-blowing. You hardly notice how he moves you over to the coffee table. "I know it said kitchen table in the letter, but we'll just have to make do with this one”, he smiles and brushes books and magazines off the smooth surface. He sits down on the table and pulls you on his lap. You kiss, fiercely rubbing against each other, your knickers getting damp from the pressure of his stiff cock against your crotch. You practically tear off each other's t-shirts. Then James pushes you onto the sofa and hastily undoes your jeans. You do the same to him, fumbling with his belt, thinking about how you could put that to good use. But before you can decide on anything, James has guided you onto his dick. He slides inside you easily and you moan in pleasure at his size. You start to gently rock your hips against his, only half aware of his lips on your neck. He runs his fingers slowly down your spine, making every single nerve inside your body tingle, then slips his hands underneath your bum, lifts you up slightly and then plunges you down onto his rock-hard cock again so that he's deeper inside you than anyone has ever been before. You almost burst with delight, grab his hair and pull him closer to you. He's panting heavily, urging you to move faster. You lean back a bit and he strokes your breasts, teasing and caressing your nipples, kneading the soft flesh, while supporting you with one of his arms. You throw your head back and groan as an incredibly intense orgasm hijacks your brain, making you shudder with ecstasy. When you start crying out his name, he can't control himself any longer and thrusts inside you once more, even deeper and harder than before, screaming out loudly, his hot cum gushing inside you.
     You lean against each other, still shivering from your orgasms. When you've calmed down enough to speak again James looks up at you. "You know, I think you should write back to your friend. Tell her 'mission completed' or something". You think for a moment. "Have you ever seen 'Dangerous Liaisons'?" you ask. He nods, confused. You grin, "Remember Uma Thurman writing a letter using John Malkovich as a desk?" Now James is grinning, too. "Yes, I do." he says innocently.
"Then lie down on the sofa", you smile and get up to fetch pen and paper.