Another Trip To The Cinema (by Unknown Author)

        You and James go to the cinema. You really don't want to go, ‘cos he wants to go see some action film but he manages to persuade you (…I bet he has really good ways of persuasion!). You pick seats a couple of rows from the back and the film starts. It isn't very interesting, but he seems very interested in it so you decide to entertain yourself… With him… James nearly jumps out of his seat as you start to rub your palm against his pants. He looks at you with surprise but not disapproval (…like he'd turn this down) so you motion for him to keep watching as you slowly unzip him and give him a nice blow job. Nice, not mind-blowing like usual ‘cos you really don't want him shouting in the cinema the way he does at home (…I like the sound of that!)
     When you're done you sit back in your seat and nonchalantly ask him if you missed anything. The only reply you get is a passionate kiss and his hand reaching up your skirt to your clit… and James is very good with his hands (…just watch the way he plays that guitar!) so it only takes him a minute to have you eating out of his hand. Just as you're about to come, he stops... you look at him and see that cheeky smile as he grabs you by the hips and gently lowers you on his still-hard shaft as you gasp. You move simultaneously to the soundtrack and come together with you trying as hard as you can not to scream and him biting your shoulder blade through your shirt to stop from doing so. You get off of him and you both contently smile at each other.
     After another minute of watching the film he takes hold of your hand and you just know he's thinking about what he's going to do to you when you get home. Just as you leave the guy who was sitting in the last row, but whom you didn't notice earlier (…you had better things to do) passes you in the hall and says, “Nice show!”