The Butterfly Touch (by S*S*S*ty)

            The rain is hammering incessantly outside. You’re sitting on the sofa in the living room, staring at the flames in the fireplace: you're in a strange mood tonight, so many different feelings conflicting into your heart. You're really happy and excited ‘cos you're going to see him again (…he's been abroad for two weeks, and you miss him so much) and you're longing to see him walking through that door. But also, you're a bit anxious and tense - you know he's really tired, he told you that on the phone last night and he phoned you again from the airport this morning telling you their flight was an hour late and they were having problems with baggage or something - he sounded really pissed off. And more, you know that in the afternoon he'd been forced to give an interview to a bloke he consider a dickhead. So you are aware he wouldn’t be in his best of moods, and you know that he could be really rough when he's tired and pissed off. You suggested, “Hey, what about going out tonight for a drink and a chat with friends? Y’know that little cute quiet pub...” and he agreed.
         He's late but that doesn’t bother you much, you're used to that. You're thinking about the way you made him feel better last time he was angry and tired, then you smile and sigh, remembering *HOW* well it worked...The sound of the door being unlocked turns your thoughts from those horny memories. You stand up and walk toward the door, saying "Hi, James! Welcome home, darling, I missed..." you stop abruptly: James stands in the doorway, rain soaked, a look in his eyes that's an omen for nothing good. "God, James, what happened? You're drenched!" you say.
"The car broke down" he replies with a grunt, then he walks in, takes his jacket off and throws it on a chair. "You should have phoned me, I'd have picked you up with mine", you say, getting nearer to him.
"Doesn't matter, babe, it's only rain", he says. You raise your arms, trying to hug him. He prevents you, putting his hands in front of him and gently but firmly pushing you back. "I'll spoil your dress", he says. Then he brings his head next to yours and touches your lips with a quick, cold kiss. He walks towards the sofa, collapses onto it, throws his head back and closes his eyes. "F**k the dress, James, I want you to hold me" you think, but say nothing. You're stunned and a bit scared, he's never treated you that way, he's never *behaved* that way. You'd rather see him pacing the house, raging out and swearing like he does when he's having one of his bad days. When you regain control, you reach the sofa and sit near him. You can see his shirt stuck on his strong torso, the wet material putting his muscles into relief. You look at the soft skin of his neck, there's a vein slowly pulsating on one side. His eyes still close, he says "I don’t feel like going out tonight, hon, let's stay in, mind you?"
"Oh, OK James, if you like to stay in, we'll stay in then..." you say "...but you'd better take off these clothes or you'll catch something..." and you start to unbutton his shirt "...and then *we’ll* have a long, hot, relaxing bath”, you whisper seductively.
”I think *I* am going to have a shower instead", he says, and then stands up and walks out the room. You’re more and more worried, now, thinking "What's wrong with him tonight? F**k, what's wrong with ME?" There's a mirror on the wall in front of you and you can see him walking away. Then he stops, he turns back and you can see him looking at you, smiling. Then he walks into the bathroom. A huge sense of relief washes over you. He was smiling so it's all right, then. But wait, that wasn’t a smile, that was a *grin* you think, the kind of grin he has on his face when is up to something. He was kidding you! He's dragged you to the verge of tears, being so cold and distant, and it was only a sad, f**king joke! You jump up, tempted to rush out the room and raise hell, but you don't. "Fancy playing, babe?" you think, "OK, that's fine, but you'll have to play MY game". You pick up the phone and call friends, telling them that, “No, you won't go ‘cos James is SO tired yeah, he looks exhausted, dear thing, he really needs a good sleep...” You're talking loud ‘cos you want him to hear you. After some ten minutes you put down the phone. All is quiet; the only sound you can hear is that of the rain pouring outside. You head to the bathroom. It's empty. There are his wet clothes on the floor. You reach the bedroom: James is in there, lying on the bed, wearing only his pants. He looks (…you're sure he pretends to be) asleep.
         You're near the bed now. You look at his face, his soft lips, oh his mouth, his tongue brings so much delight; his strong body, that sexy bulge under his pants... a wave of desire takes your breath away for a while. You need to touch him now, to feel the warmth of his body next to your: to lay down on the bed and softly kiss his forehead and lips. He opens his eyes. "Sorry James, I didn't mean to wake you up..." you say in a falsely sad, tender voice "...but you stayed away for so long and I missed you SO bad... and I didn't get a *proper* kiss and I needed to touch you... but oh I know you're tired and I'm SO sorry I woke you up and..."
"Sshh, it's all right sweetie" ,he interrupts you laughing. Then he moves his hand behind your head, gently forcing it closer to his. He kisses you: his kiss is tender but demanding, his tongue probing deep into your mouth. You feel his strong arms around you, his hand wandering down your back, you're quivering under his touch, his hard-on pushing against your groin. Your thoughts of revenge are gone, you're butter in his hands, trembling with desire, absolutely powerless.... He abruptly stops kissing and caressing you, slowly pushing you away - AGAIN! - making you almost scream with frustration. You bite your lip as you see him closing his eyes again. You can see him clearly trying to smother his laughter. You’ve taken this a bit too far now, you think, now it’s my turn. "You're really, really, really tired aren't you?" you ask, slowly caressing his chest. "Yeah hon, I'm worn out" he says with a sigh. "Oh too bad! ‘Cos I thought about a new *game* we could *play* together", you say in a ‘nonchalant’ voice, "… but let's save it for another time then..." You've drawn his attention eventually, as he immediately opens his eyes and looks at you with a lustful grin. "Oh you bad bad girl", he says, "you know all too well that your *games* always drive me mad... come to think of it, I'M NOT ALL THAT TIRED... c'mon tell me, teach me the rules, I want to know".
"It's a slow...long...sweet...intense kind of thing", you say, brushing his chest with your lips in between, "Kinda...a butterfly touching your skin softly. All you have to do is to lay down and let me do everything but..."
"Ok I'm ready" he says a bit hoarse.
"BUT you must promise you won't touch me if. I won't allow you to and you mustn't stop me whatever I do".
"Ok, Ok I promise but can we start now... please?" he says, his voice hoarse with desire. And to show you his hands are not going to touch you he puts them under the pillow. You’re on your knees now; your hands are wandering on his body, your fingertips making slow circles on his skin. You lean over and start to brush his lips with your tongue with quick but tender touches, slowly following the outlines of his mouth. Then you go down a bit and start to do the same on his neck. He whispers, "Oh, sooo sweet". Suddenly you feel his hand on your back, he's trying to unzip your dress. "Nope, you bad boy!" you say, "you're not playing fair, remember, don't touch!"
"Sorry hon", he smiles "it's just... if I can't touch you let me watch you then. C'mon if you take of your dress I promise I won't touch". You shake your head and say, "I have to make sure you won't". You look around and see your dressing-gown at the bottom of the bed. Grasping the belt and grinning you say, "Clutch at the headboard, darling".
He giggles, "Your wish is my command, my lady" and grasps the headboard. You tie his hands firmly with the belt. and say, "Much better now. Tell me sweetheart, do you like that kind of touch then? ‘Cos I'm going to do that ALL OVER your body".
"Yeah, I like it, like it SO much... I want more please" his voice is hoarse with desire. You take your dress off and you see him biting his lips. You start to lick and caress his skin again, his neck his shoulder his right arm and then down again and up and down on the left side. You can feel him breath faster, moaning. You’re licking his chest now, every single inch of it, he moans a bit louder when you brush and gently suck his nipples. You go down a little further: his stomach his belly. He holds his breath when you approach his pant line... but you skip the spot and lick his right thigh then the left one. "Forgot anithing?" he mutters, his voice trembling. You giggle and looking in his eyes you pull off his pants and release his huge hard cock. You lean over, gently pushing backwards the foreskin and take the sensitive gland in your mouth, touching it gently with your tongue while, with the fingers of the other hand, you're massaging his perineum. He's panting now and moaning louder and you can feel his body quivering under you. You don't want him to finish too soon so you stop. "YOU CAN'T stop now babe! Please go on, don't stop. GO ON!" he protests. You lay on your back, playing with your breasts ,then you take your knickers off slowly and start touching yourself, rubbing your clit. Slowly at first then faster and faster. At this sight he roars, "UNTIE ME NOW!" "Not yet, hon, not yet", you say panting. He's tugging hard at the belt, trying to free his hands so he looks up and he doesn't see you as you regain your posture next to him. He gasps when he feels your mouth again on his cock. You’re licking and sucking harder this time, rubbing your tongue over the head, rolling it up and down over the shaft, then again on the tip. He's panting and moaning more and more louder pushing his hips up, trying to bury himself deeper into your mouth. You take a deep breath, open wide and take him deep into your mouth. He cries out when he feels his cock bumping against the back of your throat. You know that he's close so you ease back till you feel only the tip in your mouth. You sweep your tongue over the head once more and he cums, shaking and screaming. You've manage to untie his hands, though he’s tightened the knots pulling at the belt that it takes a while to do. You're snuggled under the cover next to him and he holds you tight. "Honey?" he whispers.
"What, James?" you ask kissing his shoulder. "I f**king loves butterflies".
         You're a bit angry with yourself: your intention was to teach him a lesson, to make him feel as frustrated as you were because of his stupid *sorry-I'm-too-tired-babe* trick. But as usual it ended up with you doing everything to give him as much pleasure as you could. Sometimes you hated yourself for being so weak but you love him so much, and also, to hear him moaning and asking for more gives you a strange sense of power...You know that he loves you too, and he's an amazing, fanciful, passionate lover but he has that irritating habit... Sometime it seems he enjoys getting you pissed off, that he's asking for quarrels... and it's always so good to make peace but you feel a bit tired of all that now. Rage grows inside of you, so you slide away from his embrace, turn on the other side and crawl to your side of the bed, saying, "I'm glad you enjoyed that ‘cos it's all you can get from me tonight". In a second you feel him close to you, embracing you from behind. He whispers "Don't think so, hon… that was amazing but just kind of...a *pre-show*". You feel he's clearly ready for the *highlight*. He nibbles gently the lobe of your ear, kisses your neck, his hand's wandering over your arm, your breasts...You're near to surrendering to his touch, but you don't want to. Not again. Not this time. Not immediately, at least. So when you feel his hand crawling its way down to what he calls your ‘honey / horny valley’ you stop him and say, "I said that was it and that's it, James".
"You angry, my little lustful butterfly?" he jests cheerfully and forces you to turn and face him. You explode. "You think you're fun but you're not! And that trick you did, that *don't touch me I'm wet, I'll spoil your dress, sorry I'm sooo tired, better go to sleep* was not fun at all!" You try to push him away but he holds you tight. He's laughing his head off! Then he says "But it worked".
"What the f**k does that mean?" you ask angrily.
"I've realised that when you're a bit angry with me your imagination in bed... burns brighter, so to speak. ‘Cos you like to hear me begging for more..." So that was the reason...You try harder to push him away but you can't, he's too strong. You'd scream but you feel tears burning your eyes and you start whimpering, “Oh you... you… you f**king..." Tears run down your face. The jesting grin soon disappears from his face. "Don't cry hon. What the f**k did I... Sorry baby I'm a bastard a f**king idiot... I didn't mean to... please, don't cry..." You look into his eyes, he's really sorry and worried now. He dries your tears with his lips, smothers your face with gentle kisses, then puts his mouth on your. You stay passive but he doesn't force you to open your mouth. He passes his tongue gently across your lips then runs it slowly inside them. He's on top of you now, you feel his hot skin, the pressure of his body, he's hard again and you feel his hard hot sex pressed against your groin... He kisses and licks your neck slowly then takes your hands and lifts your arms up over your head. You're still passive, well pretending to be, and he whisper sadly, "No need to tie you?" then he lifts himself a bit and proceeds to show you he's learnt to play your game. He kisses the palms of your hands then starts to lick his way up and down your arms, your neck, again your breast. Oh his mouth is so hot on your nipples, his tongue so tender, you can't help yourself - your hands on his head, your fingers running through his hair. He stops and looks at you smiling, "Should I tie you then?" You look at him and shake your head. You can't speak, you're breathing fast and your mouth is as dry as your inner thighs are wet. You grasp the sheet under you. He starts again to fondle your nipples and you moan gently when he begins to lick his way down your body, your stomach, your belly, his tongue makes slow circles around you navel, and then dipping into it. His hands are following the wet burning trace of his mouth. Amazing how such strong hands could touch so gently. You're quivering and panting, and when you feel him moving down your belly you open our legs, hopeful. But he's learnt the lesson well and he keeps on moving downward - one thigh down to your foot, then up again the other side. The tension has grown so high inside you that when you feel his tongue on your clit you scream. He licks and sucks. Oh his tongue so hot, in and out and in deep again. Your scream turns into a protracted moan. He's always been sooo good at doing that but tonight he's so slow and tender, seems to touch every single sensitive nerve... Hot waves of pleasure run through your body up to your brain it seems your brain's melting you can't think of anything. "I can't stand this any longer, please stop... don't stop... please stop... nooo!" He does stop and shifts up so the head of his cock has replaced his tongue, rubbing your clit. He's pushing lightly in then pulling back... he's dragged you so near to the edge that when he penetrates you with a slow but resolute motion, his now familiar but still amazing size filling you completely, you cum, screaming his name. He stays still for a while, searching your mouth with his and this time you respond to his kiss eagerly, your fingers into his hair again your hand on his back. You feel his muscles tense. He stops the kiss and, looking into your eyes, starts to move inside of you, slowly at first then quicker and quicker... His moans are melting with your now, he closes his eyes tight when you start to follow his movements with you inner muscles, clamping his cock and releasing it rhythmically. Then he grasps your knees and bends your legs. You're open wide now so he can thrust deeper and deeper touching your most hidden spots... your hands on his shoulders, you dig your nails into his skin. Nothing else exists but this pleasure growing and growing and growing... You feel his body stiffen, his head's bent backwards, he shakes violently screaming, his hot sperm spurts inside you, your orgasm explode and you arch your back and scream too...
         That kind of storm has left you both pretty exhausted. He's lying on top of you, his head on your breast and you're caressing the damp skin of his neck, his shoulders..."Hon?" he whispers.
"What James?"
"Me forgiven?" he asks.
"For the time being, love... but tell me..."
"If what I did was the *pre-show*..."
"... and that has been the *highlight*..."
" Do you think we could have an *encore*?"
"Think we could manage, say... within 15 minutes" he answers, with a deep satisfied sigh, making himself more comfortable between you legs.
"Nah, let's say 5, James...”