Danny Boy - James and Daniel Booth (by Nan)


        It's Saturday night and you and James have made plans to have dinner at this really posh restaurant. You've been drinking and fooling around on the sofa all day long…(have to get James drunk for this…don't think he'd go through with it otherwise!) Anyway, you have to buy him dinner because you'd lost a bet. You said James couldn't deliver (if you know what I mean) five times in a night. Oh, did I mention you lost? Just as you're about to leave, the phone rings and when James picks it up, he seems upset. When he puts down the receiver he tells you that he has some work to take care of – some interview that he blew off last weekend. You think back: »Oh, yeah. You were tied to the bed! He goes into George Clooney mode, resting his arm above your head on the doorframe, his hand carelessly playing with a tiny lock of your hair. He raises his eyebrows and says in this lazy/hoarse voice: “You tied me to the bed!” You giggle as he leans in closer, you can smell the Whiskey on his breath and it's really turning you on… he leans in to kiss you, but you pull away, teasing him…. “I'm sorry, are you complaining?” He gives you his sly smile that he knows you can't resist, you're mesmerized by it, and he takes advantage of it, knowing full well what his lustful eyes will do to you. He grabs hold of your hands, twisting them behind your back and pushing you backwards against the kitchen table (ah, the good old days!), moving down your neck. You grin: “Well, guess I won't have to buy dinner after all”, but he just clasps your hands tighter, pulls you up and pushes you out the front door saying: “Guess again”.
        You both giggle like teenagers as he pushes you both into a taxi. He tells the cabby some address that seems vaguely familiar, but you can't really think about where you know it from seeing as you're busy snogging James into oblivion! You freeze as the pair of you gets out of the car in front of a very familiar building and James has to playfully tug you behind him to the lifts (!!!). You think back to an incident last week when James lashed out at this guy you were talking to a tad wee bit too closely, now you're going into a building where Daniel Booth works…. You start thinking back to a Christmas party last year…you were a bit tipsy, there was this really cute guy making a move at you, so you just snogged under the mistletoe… Later you found out it was a certain Mr. Booth and regretted your actions because he kept slagging off the Manics in his magazine. But later, you ran into him a couple of times, had a drink and a chat and he kept flirting with you… He got your phone number off one of his co-workers, but you told him you really didn't want anything to happen since you'd just started seeing this great guy, thinking that this will get him to make a serious move. That night you did start seeing someone, however…James. Only you didn't want to tell Daniel that, ‘cos you knew he'd tease you!) Just as you're praying that it's an NME interview and not a Melody Maker one, or that you at least not run into Daniel… James sees the expression on your face: “Is something wrong, baby?” You say that everything is OK. He still looks worried. “Really”, you try to reassure him. He presses the button for the 26th floor… now you're really worried – you've seen James jealous and it's not something you liked. Much… OK, so you loved it - you just didn't want to make a scene in front of all the reporters (ok, so that's another fantasy…had a dream about that actually…I'll tell you about it later, first, the fantasy). “Hmm” - he still looks as if something is bothering him. “What is it James?”
”I hate to ask this of you”, you both smile sheepishly remembering all your…erm, shall we say sexual requests? He gets serious again: “When we get up there, we should just act like friends, you know, the press goes wild about these things. It's just that Martin seems to be under the silly notion that some fans might be put off by the fact that I have a girlfriend”. You smile: “I can imagine that… in fact, I can remember drooling over the television set!” “Yes, but I'd much rather you drooled over the actual me!” He leans in to kiss you, his mouth inches from yours, but the door opens and you push him away and walk out…
     You freeze as you see Daniel making his way towards you, extending his hand to James (who's being extremely polite after everything Daniel's written about the Manics! (Bet you were hoping for jealous and angry Jamesy – well, you don't have to wait long now!) and nodding at you, still under the impression you're some unimportant tag-along. However, the second his eyes land on your face you can see that he's recognized you and you try desperately not to blush when James introduces you as a friend, but you don't do a very good job as you can feel even your ears redden… Daniel looks at James who seems to be too nervous and twitching to get this over with to notice your embarrassment. James spots an empty seat and tells you he'll be out as fast as he can. You nod and the two of them disappear into an office as you sit down and let your head fall down into your hands…
     About half an hour later James steams out of the room, his eyes raging, burning holes into your skin (yeah!). You can imagine what's happened… Daniel told him you kissed…fuck! James grabs your arms and leads you (somewhat forcefully, might I add) into an empty hallway (funny, how common these things are, eh?) “You fucking kissed Daniel fucking Booth!” Shit, might as well admit to it:
“Yes”. You realize you're voice is shaking, your mind in a daze… James slams his fists into the wall on either sides of your head, and you almost jump out of your skin, then he turns around and rests his head on the opposite wall. “Look, James, this was before I'd met you and it was just a kiss, nothing more…” James swings around, grabs your shoulders and pins you against the wall: “That's not what he said, he said you…well, it doesn't bloody matter…Fucking Daniel Booth?” The rage in his eyes is really turning you on! “Do you have any idea what scum he is? I mean he's a fucking journalist and a fucking wanker! He just… I mean… Why the…?” You know the situation is very serious but you're amused at the way this man you know as so articulate can't find the right words and he just starts mumbling something under his breath. A small smile spreads on your face and you regret it instantly. James sees this and he (obviously) gets even more upset and just turns on his heel and walks off, storming towards the lifts (don't worry, it's coming! He's cuming too!) You slide down to the floor and almost start sobbing. You sigh, being as pissed off at James as you are right now, thoughts running through your mind: God, he just has this amazing inferiority complex, doesn't he know that? Your trail of thought is interrupted as you feel a hand on your head and you look up quickly, hoping it might be James…
     It's Daniel looking really concerned, but right now you couldn't care less. “What the fuck did you tell him?” you spit at him and shoot up, looking him straight in the eye, pushing him against the wall and trying to hold yourself off so you don't slap him right across the face. “Hey, calm down!”
”How the fuck am I supposed to do that, eh?” He's taken aback by your manner: “Look, he said that you two were just mates, so I asked him if he knew if you were interested in me, since we've been in touch…” Shit. You know you should have told James about what'd happened between you and Daniel. After all you do know how James feels about Daniel…and the other way round (I'm getting really pissed off at Mr. Booth here!) He continues: “I mean you did snog me!”
”So fucking what? I told you I didn't want anything more after…”
”Oh, so how do you explain all the flirty conversations? I thought you were just leading me on… making me work for it! You wouldn't tell me about the guy, how was I to know it wasn't all a show?”
”I… I…”, fuck, he'd gotten you on your own logic. “Look, I'm sure you'll be able to patch things up with James. I'll talk to him…”
“Tough luck. He left”. Daniel looks to the ground; you pick up your stuff and decide to go home and bury your troubles in food, hoping you don't think about licking it off of James' sweaty body…(ok, cold shower, will continue as soon as I calm down!) Daniel reaches you as you're just about to get into the lift, asking you if you need a ride or something. You smile at him. How can you be cross with someone this gorgeous? Not as gorgeous as James though! You remind yourself that you have to stop thinking about James, just go home…but you can't go back to his place…at least not right now… Cold and shaggless Uni room, here I come… “Yeah, sure, you can drop me off at the train station”. You try to give him your best reassuring smile as you get into the elevator, pushing the button for the ground floor. The key word is ‘try’. He takes your head in his hands and just holds you close… “Hold the elevator!” The door flashes open again, James on the other side. He'd forgotten his coat: “Oh, I'm sorry to burst in on your little love parade”, he says sarcastically, just wanting to hurt you more. “I'll take the stairs…” He moves away, you shout after him: “James, it was nothing!” He erupts: “Nothing!?! You just… fuck, why don't you just shag him, God knows you want to…One man just isn't enough for you!”
“Fuck off!” you shoot back (I haven't figured out how the doors stay open for so long…never mind, it's not important!) “Whore”, he spits. This really hurts you, but it somehow makes you calm down. Maybe he isn't worth the effort (Silly notion. The sex alone is worth it. Yes, I'd know!). “OK, so now that you've got that off your chest, the stairs are locked”,  Daniel quips in, just to make conversation (and not just stand there and look pretty! Hee hee!) “Shut up ass hole!” James shouts, “I'll take the fucking next one. Wouldn't want to cause trouble in paradise!”
“Come on James, don't be daft!” you say, knowing full well that that's going to make him get into the lift now, which might give you a chance to explain. He looks at you, it's like his eyes are slashing your skin, making your insides hurt… He still gets in and when he looks down at you, he releases this animalistic growl from the pit of his stomach that, even though you aren't feeling that well, makes your body tingle and your mouth water! The lift starts moving downwards. You realize you don't have much time. “James, I…” you start. “Don't you fucking talk to me”.
“That's it!…I've had enough! This is ridiculous. You want something to shout about… here!” With that you grab the back of Daniel’s neck and pull him in, shoving your tongue down his throat. Now, at first, you were only doing this to piss James off, but you realize Daniel is a fab kisser (just in case I pop this on the MB, thought I could say *something* nice about him! No, wait I already said he was gorgeous…OK, so he's a crap kisser and you're only doing this to make James angry). At first, he's really surprised, he tries to push you away, but being as decisive as you are, you push him against the wall…. As much as you'd like to tease James further (not to mention what you'd like to do to Daniel!), you do need air, so you stop the kiss and look at James, trying to be as subtle as you can… He looks away the instant your eyes meet, but wait… was that his horny look? (Do you guys know the one I mean?) You wait patiently, knowing he's going to look back sooner or later; when he does you see the hurt in his eyes (and the passion… after all, he's drunk! Well, kind of!) and you say: “I'm sorry…” He realizes that the only reason you did this was to piss him off … He goes all Christopher Reeve on you, cupping your face in his hands, you notice how hot they are and sweaty, sticking to your skin, he brushes his thumbs over your cheeks, his eyes still uncertain, searching yours, making you afraid to even blink, you don't want to make another mistake. He looks at Daniel, his hands still on your skin, but you're scared to even look up until he lifts your face up himself. He smiles at you gently, staring into your eyes then moving down, inch by inch, the feeling inside you so intense, his movements so slow you can hardly take it any more, but he holds your face in place (shit, it rhymes!), being completely in control (…yeah baby yeah, just take me! Ups sorry! I kind of lost it over there). You think he's going to make you beg, tease it out of you but his mouth lands on yours savagely and harshly, making your lips burn before he shoves his tongue into your mouth, probing inside you intensely, not gently, seeking out your tongue but forcefully mashing against it with his own, brushing it against what you don't know are your teeth or his… Suddenly you realize that his attention is somewhere else and you open your eyes to see James looking at Daniel, which makes seem like a competition between them. You don't really care at this point and give way to James completely; you don't feel anger, just lust…
     Suddenly you feel something pulling you back and turning you around swiftly as another pair of lips land on yours, this time more gentle, probing - Daniel… James isn't far behind, rubbing his stubbly chin on your shoulder knowing full well this drives you insane, as you moan loudly into Daniel’s mouth, when he runs his tongue (James that is, this is so confusing!) over your burning skin… Daniel notices he's falling behind, so he brings his hands up to your breasts, massaging them gently at first, but getting more rough, twisting your nipples (in reality, he'd probably be too scared that James would kick the shit out of him…Yeah! I'm sorry I'm being really hard on Daniel here… after everything he's done for the board and all… but hey, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! I'm sure you're not really like this. Anyway, as I've already shattered your ego… I don't mean it, really, just need to spice things up! )
     The lift stops, only you were too busy to notice who'd pushed the halt button. You can feel James' hands on your hips and moving down your thighs and lifting your dress up, pressing his erection against your arse, you lean back against James, feeling his hot cock against the small of your back while he groans at the pressure. Daniel buries his head in your chest, sucking and biting your nipples as you lean back further, bringing your lips to James', running your tongue along their length. You become so enveloped in the kiss you hardly even notice Daniel moving downwards, over your stomach and lower, before it's too late (not that you'd mind or anything). Your entire body shakes when he runs his tongue over your crotch. You look up at James who's too wrapped up in his own fun to notice or object so you let Daniel take down your knickers and lift one of your legs on his shoulder as he buries his head between your legs, sucking at your clit, making it swell up and become almost painful. You can feel James against you, hard and standing to attention…you can't help yourself, you want to feel his cock in your hands, soft and throbbing, begging to be touched. You bring your hand back to his flies, at first just rubbing your hand against the front of his trousers, feeling his cock inside them, you realize you're unable to undo his flies yourself, as you're turned the other way and you really don't want to move as Daniel's tongue slides lower and lower…You lift your leg further up to give him better access, wanting to feel him inside you. Your foot is now on Daniel's shoulder and you sway your hips forward, he plunges his tongue inside you, twirling it around, making you somewhat faint. In your surprised state you grab James' cock harshly, making him shout out in pleasure, pulling away from you and trying desperately to undo his flies whilst Daniel grabs your arse, pulling you closer, you can feel yourself cuming, the sweat sensation washing over your body… you moan out in ecstasy and you have to lean onto the wall so you don't fall over… Daniel sits back on the floor, pulling you onto his lap to relax a bit… but not too long. James pulls you towards him, so that you're on your hands and knees, he shoves his hard cock into your mouth, which you take gladly, his hot skin inside your mouth, he intertwines his hands inside your hair when you look up at him, seeing him nodding to Daniel. He gets into kneeling position behind you, you can hear clothes being shed quickly, your legs being spread as he pushes himself inside you inch by inch, your skin already sensitive from your orgasm, the sensation of being filled again almost taking you over the edge again. You can feel them competing with each other in speed and strength: Daniel fucking you, plunging his hips against yours, you can hear your skin smacking against each other, sweat everywhere… James grabs your hair so hard it almost hurts, fucking your mouth, you try to relax your throat to take him inside you completely. You want to touch him with your hands as well, but you're afraid this might cause you to lose your ground…They keep fucking you for what seems like an eternity, Daniel's hands now firmly situated: one on your breast, the other on your clit, torturing you into another orgasm. They each try to hold on as long as they can, trying to beat the other one…you're exhausted and out of breath when you can feel Daniel's cum inside you and James letting out another growl, holding your head firmly in place forcing you to swallow (not that you wouldn't normally, we are talking about you here!) his salty cum… You all collapse on the floor, side by side and you start running your hands all over James' body, he just closes his eyes… You start to worry weather or not this was a mistake…Daniel seems to have read your mind as he moves away and starts putting on his clothes and he unpushes the stop button…You and James struggle to get dressed in time, avoiding eye contact, you're all too embarrassed, him.
     When the lift doors open people who had been waiting for it give you a funny look (since you all have that *I've just had sex* look on your faces).
     “Look, do you still need that ride?” Daniel asks you when you come out of the building. James says, “No, she doesn't!” before you can even open your mouth. He takes your hand and leads you to a taxi, shoving you inside it, giving the driver his home address. You start to think things are looking up, but are disappointed when he doesn't say anything, he just sits on the other side of the seat and your mind starts to wonder… Maybe he just wants to get this over with once and for all, throw out me and my stuff, kill two birds with one stone, so he doesn't have to deal with me anymore….. When you get home however, he pushes you inside, rips off your clothes and simply tells you that it's his turn to make you cum! And since you've been a very very very bad girl (face it, it's true, you have!) he's going to torture you and make you beg for it…Needless to say he keeps you tied to the bed for a week to teach you a lesson.