The Dirty Weekend (by Mrs B)

        Where the hell is he? He’s already 37 minutes late. You’ll give him another three minutes and then that’s it! 3...2...1...disappointed and by now quite cross, you pick up your small suitcase and make your way back up the steps towards your front door. How dare he, he knew you were excited about this trip, after all this would be the first time both of you would be entirely alone for a whole weekend. You put down the suitcase and slowly wander into the kitchen not sure what to do next. You switch on the kettle but then change your mind. You open the fridge door and peek inside, but nothing there grabs your attention, you close the door. You find yourself in the lounge and with a sigh you plonk yourself down on the sofa. You close your eyes and wish for the empty feeling deep within your stomach to go away. BEEP, BEEP. You glance down at your watch, 57 minutes late. You don’t get up off the sofa. BEEP, BEEP! You feel a throbbing deep within, a mixture of excitement and anger. You hear the front door being opened. “You in here?” James calls as he strides into the lounge with a huge dopey smile on his face. You don’t react. You slowly open your eyes and just look at him. His smile fades. “Sorry babe, I got chatting to the lads and just didn’t notice the time. I’m not that late am I?” You still don’t answer, you close your eyes once again. He drops onto the sofa beside you and gives your cheek a little peck while cupping his hand behind your head. When you don’t respond he stops but doesn’t take his hand away. How could he not know how important this weekend is to you? You finally break your silence, “Actually, you’re an hour late and you don’t even have a decent excuse!”
“Hey don’t make me out to be a bastard here, I know you are looking forward to this, so am I. I can’t wait to get you all alone, naked in front of that roaring fire and fuck your brains out!” He laughs slightly and you feel yourself melting as he massages the back of your neck. You open your eyes once again, to find his face only inches from yours. You can feel his breath on your cheek. His eyes are dark and sensual. You move your head towards him and feel the electricity as your lips meet for a brief second before parting again. O.k. things are back on track! “Are you ready to go now?” He asks. You could kick yourself for being so soft, when you intended to give him a hard time. But then again, who could stare into those beautiful brown eyes and stay cross? You smile as James pulls you up by the hand off the sofa. Hand in hand you walk towards the sporty red convertible perked in front of your house and head off into the sunset!!
            Once on the road you start to relax. You sink into your seat, and as you do, your short skirt rides a little further up your thighs. From the corner of your eye you see James sneaking a glance at your lovely, long legs. This excites you and you subtly cross your legs causing the fabric to push up even further! James steals another glance and spots you looking at him, amused! His hand leaves the steering wheel and makes it’s way towards your bare leg. Before he reaches, you give him a light slap and shoo him away. Now it’s your turn to play games. You lift your bottom off the leather seat and hook your thumbs under the waistband of your panties. Slowly you lower the garment down your thighs, past your knees before sliding out of them completely. You feel a little strange and shy, yet incredibly excited and powerful as you see James struggling to continue to drive! You lower your right hand between your slightly parted legs and start manipulating your clitoris with your middle finger, before curling it inside you. You can see as well as hear James struggling to breathe! You feel a sudden jolt as the car takes a sharp corner before coming to a complete stop in a lay-by on the quiet country lane! “What the hell are you trying do to me woman?!” He asks before grabbing your waist and pulling you towards him. But you are not finished yet! You pull away. You open the car door, and leaving James alone you kick off your shoes and run around to the front of the car where you proceed to frustrate him further by opening your blouse, revealing your bare breasts. You tease your nipples, and one hand disappears once again beneath your skirt! This is too much for James. He jumps out of the car and in three long strides, reaches you. He grabs you around the waist and lifts you onto the bonnet. With shaking hands he pushes you back and leans in to roughly kiss your waiting lips. His hands are all over your body. With one hand he pushes the flimsy fabric of your blouse off your shoulders, while the other does some exploring of your inner thighs before his finger finds your wet, quivering clit. You push yourself up slightly so you can reach the fly of his combats. You struggle with the button and zip. At last out springs his magnificent, glistening, erect cock. He lets his trousers fall down to his knees. You can feel his erection pushing to find it’s way towards your wet, willing opening, before sliding in to the hilt. The force of his thrusts push you further along the smooth, warm paintwork of the bonnet. You grasp the back of his neck as you feel the beginnings of an orgasm bubbling up inside you. You bite down hard on his shoulder. You feel James stiffen and arch as his warm cum fills you up. You lean back, with a smile and a sigh, and you look forward to the rest of your weekend!