Early Morning Wake Up Call (by Syd Baby)

        It’s the cold light of the early hours on a blustery October morning. You’ve got the covers pulled up around your ears, and your comfiest (read 'scruffiest') flannel PJ’s keeping you warm. The pillow you’re snuggled up to is a pretty poor substitute for James - God, you miss him when he’s gone for weeks on end like this - but you make the most of the situation by stretching out almost horizontally, and dozing off again. You’re having a very peculiar dream, you’re strolling down the high street, which is full of mutant penguins (don’t ask), when one of them starts to run a wing (flipper?) across your shoulders! Your eyes flicker open.
     The hand (yes, definitely a hand) strokes down your spine, over your bum, and back up under your pajama top. You can feel his breath on your cheek as he leans in to slowly kiss your neck He whispers in your ear in that warm, honey voice that always turns you to mush, “These pajamas are such a turn-on”. He’s already got the buttons undone, and slides the top off your shoulders. You roll onto your back and manage to get completely tangled up. You struggle to get free, but James is already on top of you, kissing your still sleepy eyelids, gently biting and sucking on your bottom lip. This man’s mouth feels so good it just can’t be good for you! His hands slide down your sides and pull your waistband down past your hips as he’s softly singing one of your favourite old Ian Dury songs (Wake Up and Make Love to Me - of course). You try to wriggle out of the pants, but they only get as far as your knees. James is now circling your nipples with the point of his tongue until they’re as hard and red as rubies, and you’re groaning out loud with longing. He looks up at you with an enigmatic smile, “I’ve always wanted to get you all tied up and begging for it.” You reply by thrusting your hips up into him and rubbing against his spectacular hard-on. He lets out a groan of his own and with one foot deftly removes your jammies from your legs. You’re so wet he pushes his cock all the way into you easily, making you both gasp. This was going to be hard and fast and explosive. You could spend hours later being tender and gentle and taking your time, right now you just wanted to consume each other. And within minutes, seconds, who knows, your orgasm simultaneously explodes in your groin and brain as James slams into you again and again, and comes with a scream of release. He falls onto the bed next to you and pulls you on top of him, untangling your arms from all the flannel. You can finally wrap yourself around him and practically suffocate him with kisses. “I must’ve been dead to the world,” you say, “I didn’t even hear you come in.”. He’s gasping for air and laughing, “Well I didn’t mean to disturb you”.