Everything Must Go Press Night (by Meg)

        It's EMG's press night and a friend of yours has snagged tickets. The two of you arrive in plenty of time and decide to have a drink before finding your seats. You stand at the bar and try to be a nonchalant, experienced journo type. You casually lean against the bar and take a look around the room. In the corner you notice a familiar figure. It can't be. It is. James is here! And he doesn't appear to be in a very good mood. The hackneyed journo façade is immediately forgotten and you stare intently. He's standing with two other people. One of them says something directly to him and James shoots him a very nasty look (…mmm, moody James). What a turn on! Your knees go weak. You immediately decide you have to have one of those looks directed at you. Lost in thought, you don't realise your friend is trying to get your attention. It's time to find your seats.
        The first half of the play is very good, but you are unable to fully concentrate (…how could you think of anything but James?). At the intermission you follow your mate to the bar. The two of you stand in the line up and chat. Well, really, she fills you in on what you missed because you were too busy thinking about James. You look around to see if you can find him, but he's nowhere to be found. The next thing you know your back is drenched in something cold. Someone has dumped his drink on you. You turn around while barking out, "Watch it you jerk! What do you think you're doing?" Standing there, looking very pissed off, is James. "Oh…" you say. The two of you stare at each other. When he doesn't offer an apology you become pissed off and forget all about who you're standing in front of. "Aren't you going to apologise?"
He looks at you like you're crazy. "Apologise? For what? You backed into me!"
That's it. You snap. "Me? I was standing here completely still and YOU poured your drink down me! The very least you could do is…”
James is bumped from behind and the drink in his other hand pours down the front of your dress. "Ack! What are you doing?" James throws you a nasty look. Despite being very angry, you feel a thrill race up your spine. Not knowing what to say, you storm off to get yourself cleaned up.
          When you are in the bathroom attempting to dry yourself off, you hear footsteps behind you. Assuming it's your friend, you say, "I really can't face anymore. Would you mind if we just leave?" From behind you James says, "Not at all. My flat isn't far, why don't we go there?" You spin around to look at him and he shoots you an absolutely filthy glance. "It's the least I can do. I'm very sorry and you can't stay in that dress – it's soaked."
"I, uh – huh?"
"Please let me make it up to you."
At this point you stop being pissed off and begin to think about how he will make it up to you. James looks very sheepish. How can you resist? The two of you head outside and James hails a taxi. When the two of you are safely seated and on your way to his place he confesses that the second drink he dumped on you wasn't really, completely, entirely an accident. Another sheepish look. "I was really pissed off that you walked into me and wouldn't apologise." This gets your back up.
"I did NOT walk into you! I was standing completely still," you firmly assert.
James starts to look pissed off again and asks why you don't just admit you were in the wrong. At this point the taxi arrives at James' flat. He pays the driver and storms out of the taxi. You remain seated. He looks back at you (another filthy glance!) and asks if you plan to get out. You hesitate for a moment and then climb out. The hostility between the two of you is palpable. You silently climb the stairs to his flat. As you enter the flat he tells you the bathroom is the first left and walks off to another room.
     In the bathroom you try to clean your dress as best you can, but it doesn't make much difference. There's nothing else for it; you'll have to take the dress off. You look around for a robe to put on, but there's nothing. Oh well. You can't remain in these wet clothes. Off goes the dress. As you are bent over the sink trying to get out the stains from your dress, there is a knock at the door. Forgetting you aren't fully clothed (as if! Just go with it) you yell, "Come in!" James opens the door. "Here. Put this on," he says in very clipped tones. Then he sees you and stops dead in his tracks. In one of his hands is a robe, but that slowly falls to the floor. Neither of you moves for a few seconds. Then James steps towards you. He roughly grabs the back of your head and kisses you passionately. Your hands go around his waist. He forces his tongue into your mouth and demands you kiss him the way he is kissing you. Your entire body is tingling with pleasure as James teases your tongue with his. With much strength on your part, you pull back from him. You look at him slyly and say, "You know, you really did walk into ME with that first drink." Well, that's it. James throws you a filthy look and his eyes narrow into a glare. "I DID NOT," he states most emphatically. With that he picks you up fireman style and carries you through to the bedroom. He throws you down on the bed. James looks down on you and says quietly, "I'm going to have to teach you a lesson."
     Before you have time to fully contemplate exactly what he means, James is on the bed with you, kissing your neck and nibbling your ear lobes. Your hands run down his back and start to pull up his shirt. James stops to finish taking off his shirt and throws it on the floor. He turns his attention to your breasts. He smoothly undoes your bra and tosses it aside. Very gently James takes one of your nipples in his mouth and kisses it ever so softly. You gasp. He moves his left hand to your other breast and starts massaging it. He continues to kiss and lick your nipples while you moan softly. All you want now is for James to f**k you. You move your hands to the front of his jeans. His cock is rock hard and you know he wants you as much as you want him. You start to undo the flies but he stops you. In a slightly shaky voice he says, "No. I want you to beg." With that James turns his attention to your panties. He rips at them so hard he tears them off. He parts your legs and kisses your inner thighs. Then he kisses your clit. It's a very gentle kiss, but in your current state any contact sends shivers through your entire body. You moan loudly and start begging him to f**k you. In response all you get is a very husky giggle and then James inserts his tongue into your vagina. You scream with pleasure and beg him ever more. James decides to test if you've learned your lesson. "Did you back into me or did I walk into you?"
"I don't care! Whatever you want! Just f**k me! NOW!"
That's good enough for him. He quickly gets out of his jeans and the next thing you know he is pushing his cock into you. He thrusts in and out very quickly. The pleasure is so intense you don't think you can stand it. You dig your nails into his back, but he only moans. Just as you approach orgasm, you feel him cuming inside of you. You throw your head back and moan loudly.