Father James - The *Infamous* Preacher Fantasy
(by Missy)

        You've gone to visit some distant relatives in Ireland, who live just outside of Dublin. You've recently broken up with someone so are hoping for a bit of fun once you reach the city. However, your relatives have other plans: they want to do the tourist thing and visit local places of interest (if you live in the UK then you're probably thinking 'Father Ted' at this moment!) So you find yourself spending the day looking round some old church. Your guide is really boring and, because you wanted to be doing other things, you're in a really bad mood. But to please your family you go along anyway.
     As your car passes through the centre of the city, you see a poster advertising that the Manics are in town. They're playing at the weekend but you're pretty sure you're not going to be able to get tickets as they've probably sold out.
     You think nothing more of it until you reach the church. It's one of those really big old Catholic churches that are no longer actively used but are open to the public to look around. As your guide starts to babble on about which saint first built the church, you become a little distracted by a group of four men who are standing at the other end of the alter, reading a plaque. (Distracted? I'd be going insane!) They've obviously just finished their tour, as their guide has already left them and took charge of another group of people. You think you recognise the taller one of the group but you aren't 100% certain (ok, so this girl is just a little bit thick! Like hello? Does Nicky Wire ring any bells?) but whilst you're busy staring one of the slightly shorter (ok then, a lot shorter!) guys turns round and looks straight at you. It suddenly hits you then that it's the Manics, and James Dean Bradfield is looking right at you. (*THUD*) Before you can collapse (I would!) James just gives you a quick grin and a wink. Bored, they decided to sneak off from their hotel in Dublin and go on a little sightseeing tour of their own. And purely by coincidence (yeah right!) they'd gone to visit the same church that you've been dragged to. Suddenly Richey turns to look at James and sees him winking at you (ok, totally new fantasy taking shape in my filthy head… James AND Richey anyone?) Immediately he leans over and whispers something, which is obviously about you, to James. James kind of smiles but is blushing at the same time, as he playfully punches Richey telling him to shut up. Nicky and Sean then join in, both looking over at you. You feel yourself going red as you feel all their eyes on you, and you try and ignore them and listen to the tour guide, but you can hear them laughing and whispering, winding poor old James up. Suddenly somebody wolf-whistles across the church and everybody, including you, look up to see where it came from. Richey and Sean are in hysterics, grabbing hold of Nicky and pulling him away from the alter, whilst James is glaring at Nicky, completely embarrassed. In a second you realise that Nicky was the culprit and that the whistle was intended for you. As your guide starts talking again, James shyly looks up and over at you again. Just to show him that you're not offended or embarrassed, you give him a reassuring smile and then just stick your tongue out at Nicky, who grins. Slowly you follow your tour party until James disappears from view.
     About 10 minutes later and your tour party has made its way to the old wing of the building, and just as you turn the corner you spot Sean leaning against the side door, watching you. Slowly he makes his way over, pretending to listen to the guide, until he's stood directly behind you. A moment later you feel his breath on your neck and he whispers in your ear, "They want to f**k you, all of them". Your legs go weak at his words. Sean giggles and then adds, "Just carry on going round with your tour", and without further explanation he walks away before you can speak. (Not that you're likely to, eh girls? I'd be on the floor speechless at this point!) So you continue to follow your guide, your relatives so engrossed that they're hardly aware of what's going on behind them. As the guide points up towards a huge stained glass window, and as everybody else follows his gaze you feel someone's arms slide around your waist. Then you hear Nicky's voice, "Ssshhhhh", he whispers in your ear. "Tell me, are you a good Catholic girl or a bad Catholic girl?" And before you can answer he's pulling you backwards away from your family and towards a door that leads to a spiral staircase. He puts a finger to your lips to keep you quiet until he's closed the door on you both. It's quite dark at the foot of the stairs but there's just enough light for you to see Nicky's face. He's grinning. "I hope you're still paying attention", he says, referring to the guide who you can still hear. Slowly he moves towards you. You try to back away, a little nervous, but your feet hit the first step. "There's nowhere to run", Nicky grins (...isn't that a song?), and with that he pulls you to him. He's taller than you are (isn't he everyone?) and bends down slightly to your neck, gently licking you. As his hands start travelling up your thighs, under your dress, he breathes in your ear, "You didn't answer my question, good or bad?" You remain silent (probably in shock that this is actually happening!) but as you allow him to start pulling your knickers down, he whispers, "Oh, so you're bad?" You step out of them and Nicky kisses you, "Sit down". You do as you're told, sitting on the first stone step. It's cold and you moan slightly. Gazing into your eyes in the half-light (this sounds like something out of Mills & Boon!) Nicky starts to push back onto the stairs so that you're half lying down. (Ok, I know how painful this would be but hey, WHO CARES?) Then he slowly pushes your legs apart and starts sliding his tongue down the inside of your thigh until he reaches your clit. His tongue is really hot, and the moment he hits the spot you forget about the cold concrete beneath you and arch your back in delight. Gradually he starts getting more and more daring until he's inside you, gently probing with his tongue. You can't help but moan and Nicky playfully moves one of his hands up to your mouth, gagging you. "They'll hear", he whispers between sucking and licking you, pointing to the door, but secretly loving the fact that he's making you scream. You eventually cum, still with Nicky's hand over your mouth, and Nicky pulls your dress back down from your thighs. You look at him as if to ask is that it, aren't you going to f**k me? And Nicky grins and says, "I don't want you completely worn out for Richey". (Your heart stops at this point!)
     You stay behind the door with Nicky until you can hear it's safe for you to emerge, and you rejoin your tour party - nobody ever noticing that you were missing (doh!) Another 10 minutes later (trust me, it's a HUGE church!) and your guide has just shown you the private chapel behind a wall. Just as your party are making their way out and towards the main alter, Richey suddenly appears, beckoning you over with one finger. (This one's for Daria!) He gives you that cute little 'suicide baby / You Love Us' type look and walks towards you. Just like Nicky he places one finger to your lips, telling you to keep quiet, before kissing you passionately on the mouth, his fingers running through your hair, gently pulling. Sexily, he pushes you up against the alter, pushing your dress up around you thighs for the second time that afternoon. As he's kissing you, his hands move to the straps of your dress, and, after a little fumbling around, they fall over your shoulders, revealing quite a bit of cleavage. With that Richey gently lifts you up onto the alter, just so that you're sat on the edge of it, and pushes your legs apart, his hand dropping between your thighs. Carefully, his fingers find your opening and he pushes your knickers to one side. You moan as he touches you there, but as his fingers slip inside you he only kisses you harder to muffle your moans. While you're busy pulling at Richey's hair, in the heat of the moment, he moves one hand up to your breasts, as the fingers on his other hand are f**king you gently. He whispers his delight at how wet you are (sorry, but even I'm in hysterics here!) but tells you that he's going to leave you for James because he saw you first. Again, you can still hear your guide and know full well that your family are just behind the wall and could, at any second, reappear and catch you in this rather compromising position. The thought of getting caught only turns you on even more, however, and once again you feel yourself starting to orgasm. Richey whispers, "You're gorgeous" in your ear before disappearing and leaving you to rejoin your family again. By now you're pretty certain that everyone can tell what you've been up to as you look rather flushed (understatement of the year) but still they don't notice, and the tour continues.
     Finally you reach the confessional boxes and as the guide escorts the rest of your party over to the pulpit and begins some long speech about a famous preacher who once gave a sermon there, Nicky and Richey both suddenly reappear, grinning, and start pulling you back over to the confessional boxes. You begin to protest (why, I have no idea!) but then Nicky whispers, "We've got a famous preacher in here". Richey giggles and continues, "Yeah, and he definitely wants to give you something more than a sermon!" With that Nicky opens the door to the confessional and they both push you inside, slamming the door shut behind you. It's very dark inside and it's only after a few seconds that you realise you're not alone. Before your eyes can become accustomed to the dark, you feel someone press themselve up against your rear and whoever it is, they're VERY hard. "Have you got anything to confess?" James breathes in your ear, gently letting his lips touch your skin. You feel his hands on your hips, holding you steady, as you know that you're trembling. You cheekily whisper back, "I thought the priest was suppose to be on the other side". You hear James trying not to laugh before he roughly pulls your head back, grabbing your hair. "Are you going to tell me how you've sinned? Because I know you have. Twice this afternoon in fact". He starts unzipping the back of your dress, still holding you tight. "Any impure thoughts?" he whispers, moving his lips to your neck. (Erm, have you got all week?) Now his hands are on your breasts, as your dress drops to your waist (forget about a bra - you're not wearing one!), and he's gently squeezing your nipples, making you gasp. Slowly he moves his hands further down your body, pulling your dress up around your thighs and starts to ease your knickers down (…for the third time in one afternoon - not bad going, eh?) The fact that he's being so gentle only makes you even more turned on, and by the time that you're completely naked, you're practically begging him to f**k you. He turns you round to face him, the sweat beginning to form on your bodies, and then he slides his hands round to your bum, lifting you up and placing you on the seat in there. The leather sticks to your skin because James has got you so hot, but before you can get too comfy, he kneels down in front of you, forcing your legs as far apart as possible. (Hey, he did say that men like to see women with their legs open! Hee hee). Giving your clit one or two heavenly flicks with his tongue, until he has you moaning for more, he just as quickly pulls away and leans back against the door. "Bad girls have to punished for sinning", he grins, making you wait even longer (what is it with me and being 'punished'? I think I need help!) Never taking his eyes off you for a second (well, what do you expect in THAT position?), he moves his hands down to his flies and opens them, grabbing himself. "Touch yourself", he whispers. You hesitate, feeling a bit embarrassed, but he reassures you, "Go on, I want to watch". You close your eyes as you move your fingers down to your clit, rubbing your way to heaven, but just as you're about to c-- you hear James moan and open your eyes. He's touching himself as well (WAY-HEY!), running his hand up and down his shaft. Quietly you stop what you're doing and get up off the seat, kneeling down in front of James. He only opens his eyes when he feels you move his hand away, and then he guides himself into your mouth. You gently lick the underside of his cock, flicking your tongue over the pre-cum. Holding your head with his hands, he sets the pace, as he f**ks you deeper and deeper in your mouth (now don't gag now, girls! He's a big boy, you know!) He grabs your hair again as you feel him c-- in your mouth (spit or swallow - the choice is yours!) Pulling you up, running his hands all over your body, he's instantly ready again (look, it's a fantasy for God's sake!) He spins you round so that you're facing the seat again. "Now I'm gonna make you beg for forgiveness", he whispers, pushing you over the seat and his c--- between your legs. "Beg", he presses, rubbing his head against your clit until you're sure you're going to explode. "Please", you moan, "PLEASE!" (Sorry, lost it there for a moment)."Louder", he grins, "You've got to beg louder than that". And just when you think you can't possibly take anymore, and are practically screaming for him, he thrusts inside you, filling you up. You gasp at his size as he starts to screw you doggy-style over the seat, his hands either roughly massaging your breasts or moving back down to your clit. You rock your hips to his rhythm (ok, now it sounds as though he's singing or something!) until you almost collapse on the verge of orgasm. But James isn't finished yet and keeps hold of you, supporting your body until he's cum. You both collapse onto the seat in each other's arms, dripping in sweat. Running his hand down your quivering body, you looks up at James and murmur, "Am I forgiven, Father?" James grins, "Oh, I think you've got some more repenting to do yet".
     Meanwhile, your tour is just about coming to an end, so after you've got dressed and James has helped you straighten your hair again (in between much kissing), you emerge from the confessional and rejoin your party for the last time. Just at that point your auntie turns to you and comments on how hot and bothered you look. She thinks that maybe you ought to step outside for some fresh air whilst they're in the gift shop. You take her advice and make your way to the nearest exit. Just as you get out the door someone grabs you and pulls you out of view. It's James. "You weren't gonna go without saying goodbye, were you?" You smile and he kisses you, pushing his tongue deep into your mouth, making you feel dizzy. You suddenly realise he has something in his hand - your knickers. "Erm, I think they belong to me", you giggle, trying to snatch them off him. But he moves away and shoves them into his pocket. "Well, you're just gonna have to come and get them at the weekend", he laughs, as Sean appears with tickets to the gig in his hand. "We'll see you there then, backstage", James grins before giving you one last kiss and walking off to a waiting taxi.
     Just as they're about to pull away Nicky leans out of the taxi window and yells, "Thanks for the tour of the church!" just as your family walk out to hear. As the car speeds off, your auntie turns to you and innocently says, "Do you know them, darling?" You smile, "Erm they preach".