Firm Handshake (by Mrs B)

        Bloody hell, at last! After hours of standing outside the record store, you are finally inside and there are only five people in front of you in the queue. Once again you practice your little speech, “Hi, how are you? I’ve been a huge fan for ages! I can’t believe I’m here at last…” Only two people ahead now!!! Oh, my god, you’re standing right in front of James, you’re reaching out to shake his hand… WOW what a firm grip!!!! You look up but you don’t let go of his hand. You smile and grip harder, squeezing his hand in return!! He looks at you, amused!!! While all this is going on, the others are sort of milling around, getting ready to leave, after all you are the last in the queue. You are still gazing into those deep brown eyes; he is still gazing into yours (I WISH!!) You open your mouth to speak but your prepared speech exited ages ago! Feeling a bit cocky, as the others are out of earshot, with a wicked grin, you ask, “Tell me James, do you wear boxers or briefs?!?!”
“WHAT?” he gasps in disbelief. Blushing, surprised at your own cheek, you feel you might as well continue. “Well, I’m sure the girls on the JBD message board would like to know, might give the fantasy writing a bit more substance!!!” you explain!
“Wouldn’t you like to know!” he grins!
“Well, yeah, actually I would!!” You reply, your confidence growing by the minute. With one hand still holding on to his, you reach out your other hand and give his crotch a quick squeeze. “I guess its boxers then!” you say! After a quick look around, and without a word, he guides you by the hand around the low table and towards a door at the rear of the store. You find yourself alone with James in a small, rather dark and messy storeroom! At last, he lets go of your by now slightly sweaty hand, only to grab you by the shoulders, shoving you against the closed door and roughly planting his lips on yours. For a moment you are to stunned to react, but you soon loose your inhibitions and return to being the confident, horny, tart you were before!!! Once again your hands reach down towards his groin, this time not bothering to fumble around outside his jeans, you plunge right in, by undoing his fly, and tugging the garment down past his hips. He takes a small step backwards, shrugs, and says, “Well, I guess you were wrong!!” Under the jeans, he is NAKED!!! You gasp as your eyes zoom in on the enormous erection standing to attention before you! Once again he is mashing his lips against yours in a frantic kiss, his tongue exploring every part of your mouth. Even more frantic are his hands, struggling with your bra fastenings under your tight t-shirt (Hey, does anyone know a man anywhere who can smoothly undo a bra?) You move your hands around to your back to help him, so he starts to undo your button fly jeans, ripping them down to your thighs! His hand starts massaging your tender nipples as he pushes down his own jeans further with the other. You grab his huge cock and start pumping. You can feel his enormous penis twitching against your palm. Suddenly, James pushes you away from the door and towards a small table at the far end of the tiny room. Bending you at the waist he roughly pushes you face down onto the tabletop and with his strong hands, pushes your legs as far apart as they will go with your jeans around your ankles!!! He rams into you, lifting your feet off the ground with the force of each thrust. He reaches under you to grab your tits, and you can feel yourself pushing harder onto him so he can reach your furthest pleasure points!!! With a scream that has surely grabbed the attention of everyone beyond the closed door, you have the most mind-blowing orgasm ever, which triggers off James’ own spurting, grunting, thrusting orgasm!!!
     You tidy up your clothing, run your fingers through your tangled, sweaty hair, gather up your belongings, and open the door. You walk out to face a sea of amused, knowing, smug, giggling, expressions!!! With your head held high, and the gusset of your knickers damp with the mixture of your own and James’ juices (!!!) you walk across the shop floor and out of the front door. Oh f**k, you remember, you forgot to get your albums signed!!!