The Glamour Twins (by Missy)

            Nicky staggered in to the gents and looked at himself in the mirror. It was the night before his wedding and he hadn’t expected his stag party to be such a drunken affair. Trying to fix his eyeliner he noticed Richey leaning causally, almost seductively, against the door behind him. Dressed entirely in black, he looked almost beautiful. A cigarette in his hand, he watched Nicky intently through perfectly eye-lined eyes. Then he playfully cocked his head to one side and smiled. “Are you ready, Wire?” Richey was Nicky’s best man and everyone had decided that he was Nicky’s best chance of getting home safely, considering how drunk he was and the fact that Richey could drive. Nicky gave him an evil grin and walked towards him. Almost femininely, Richey took hold of Nicky’s hand and dragged him into the car park.
            All night Nicky couldn’t help noticing that Richey had been glancing at him, with those come-to-bed eyes of his. The fact that Nicky actually felt turned on by this didn’t really surprise him it wasn’t the first time they’d come close to ripping each others clothes off but he just thought that tonight it was the alcohol. However, as soon as they got in the car together Nicky knew different. Almost half an hour had passed and they’d made small talk, chatting about the wedding the next day. They’d survived this long, Nicky thought to himself; maybe he’d read the wrong signals. But just as that thought entered his mind Richey turned the car off the main road and down a dark lane, and turning to Nicky grinned and said, “You’ve only got 12 hours left as a free man then…” Not quite sure what he’s implying, Nicky just remains silent and looks at Richey questioningly. “Have you ever wanted to kiss a man?” Richey asks hesitantly. Before Nicky can answer Richey continues, “It’s nice”, he murmurs, leaning closer to Nicky and never taking his eyes off his lips. “And how would you know, Richard?” Nicky giggles, trying to break the tension. Richey gives him a little grin and then quickly pulls away, opening the car door and getting out. “Where are you going?” Nicky yells after him, but no sooner has he said it then he gets his answer: Richey opens the back seat passenger’s door and slides onto the seat.
            Now deliberately flirting he looks back at Nicky and beckons him over with one finger. “Come and get what you’ve always wanted, Wire”, he grins, “Tonight’s your last chance to f**k me”. It was the first time that the something unspoken between the two of them had actually been spoken. And without having to be asked twice, Nicky was climbing over the front seat into the back of the car, next to Richey. It was very dark in the car but there was just enough light for them to see each others eyes. “I’ve heard of bridegrooms having a last fling with one of the bridesmaids before, but not the best man!” Nicky laughs, his lips now dangerously close to Richey’s. Richey smiles, running his fingers through Nicky’s hair, pulling him closer to his lips. “Just shut up and kiss me”, he grins. Their lips touch and the lust, which had been slowly building up since they were teenagers living in Blackwood, just explodes. Meanwhile their hands are all over one another, Richey’s slipping beneath Nicky’s shirt and pulling at the flies of his trousers. Gently Nicky pushes Richey down onto the back seat so that he’s lying on top of him. Still kissing only now using their tongues as well Richey slides his hand down Nicky’s stomach and starts to unzip his flies. Nicky groans into Richey’s mouth as he feels Richey’s hand fumbling about in his trousers. Suddenly Nicky gasps as Richey grabs his already hard cock and starts rubbing his hand up and down the shaft. Supporting himself with his arms, so as to give Richey as much access as he needs, Nicky starts softly licking Richey’s neck, begging him to go faster or rub harder. All of a sudden, however, Richey grabs the back of Nicky’s head, pulling him down to face him. “I want to see your face as you cum”, he breathes, even more turned on than Nicky. In the next moment Nicky cums and moans loudly, all the time looking Richey straight in the eye. He collapses on top of him, panting into his neck. (And then Richey asks if he has a spare tissue!) Still running his fingers through Nicky’s hair as he gets his breathe back, Richey becomes harder and harder himself and Nicky notices. Nicky looks up from Richey’s neck and gives him an evil grin, starting to slide down his body, gently kissing his stomach. Richey closes his eyes and moans softly. “Do you like this?” Nicky whispers, coming to the fastening on Richey’s trousers. He doesn’t wait for an answer. Immediately Nicky is ripping open Richey’s flies and pulling his boxers down. Whatever inhibitions or reservations he had about this kind of sex had all but disappeared. Tracing his tongue down Richey’s semi-erect cock until he was rock hard, Nicky had never wanted to screw a man so much before in his life. And at Richey’s next moan Nicky takes him gently into his mouth, sucking hard. Tiny beads of sweat are starting to form on Richey’s stomach as Nicky takes him deeper and deeper into his mouth, flicking his tongue over his cock’s head. Slowly Richey moves his hands down to Nicky’s head, grabbing his hair again and controlling the pace but, just when Richey’s on the point of orgasm, Nicky suddenly stops and pulls away. Richey opens his eyes, panting. “Oh please don’t stop, Nick”, he begs quietly. Nicky grins and moves his hands down to his own flies, slowly un-zipping them again. Then, pushing Richey’s legs even further apart, Nicky practically mounts him and starts rubbing his cock against Richey’s. Immediately their lips are on one another again and within a few seconds they both cum simultaneously, the two of them crying out and collapsing in each other’s arms, completely out of breath.
            The next morning, when Nicky walked into the church, he spotted Richey talking to James and they both couldn’t help but grin.