Honey & Handcuffs (by Unknown Author)

        "Hello", James saunters over to you while you're kicking off your shoes and lightly kisses you. "Had a good day?"
"Mmm, yeah, can't complain. How about you? Been very busy?"
"Oh yes," he nods. You grin at him, "Yeah, right”.
"No, really; I'll show you." he replies and drags you towards the bedroom.
Oh, alright, you think to yourself silently. He gestures towards the bed, "See, I put on clean sheets."
"Oh, you're such a hard worker, James!" you mock.
"That's not all I've done," he adds, unzipping your dress and letting it fall to the floor.
"I've also been thinking a lot…” he explains while sliding off your bra, “and I've come to an important decision". He gives you a gentle push so you land on the bed and then he lies on top of you. "I've decided to make you beg for it." "Oh, indeed," you smile, quite amused by his little game, and take off his shirt. "Yes, indeed. But that's still not all..." he continues, fumbling for something next to the bed. "I've also done some shopping." Suddenly you feel something cold against your wrist. Metal. A second later you're handcuffed to the bed. "First I got these..." he says and gives you a very deep and meaningful kiss. "...and then I stopped off at Tesco's and got this." He takes a jar of honey from where he'd also hidden the handcuffs. "And now be a good girl and hold still." He carefully drips some honey on your breasts and then starts licking it off, sucking and biting your soft flesh and circling your hard nipples with his tongue. That would be enough to drive you completely wild anyway, but not being able to touch him intensifies your feelings. Before you know it you're a total mess, hardly even able to moan his name. After a while he stops and lets his eyes wander over your body. "Are you begging already?" he asks. You know it's sort of suicidal to say no because you want him so badly, but on the other hand you want to find out what he'll do next. So you shake your head, looking straight into his eyes. He shrugs, "Very well, then." He moves his hands down your body, very, very slowly, and pulls off your knickers. They are completely soaked, which obviously pleases him. "Close your eyes," he commands. You decide you'd better obey; then you feel his fingers on your thighs. He pushes your legs further apart and then starts rubbing honey all over your most sensitive spots. You're sighing with pleasure and open your eyes to look at him. He's still wearing his trousers, but you can see that his cock is extremely eager to be released. "Take them off," you breathe. He looks at you with raised eyebrows, "What's the magic word?"
"Please!" you groan.
"Close your eyes again. I won't take them off if you don't." So you do as he says. You hear the rustling of fabric. You know he's naked now and you're dying to look at him, but he tells you to keep your eyes closed. Then you feel his hot breath on your thighs and sigh in anticipation of what he's going to do. He starts sucking the honey from your clit, gently at first, then more and more greedily. Your whole body is shaking as he sends hot and cold waves down your spine. When he finally pushes his tongue inside you, you can't take it any longer. He's got you where he wanted you and you start begging him to f**k you. He looks up at you and shakes his head, "No”. His voice is all shaky, so from this and his very impressive hard-on you can tell he wants it just as much as you do. "James, PLEASE!" You almost scream, tearing at your handcuffs. He gives you a really filthy look, "Persuade me." He kneels astride your chest, smears some honey on his cock and brings it close to your face. You're far too turned on to waste time on licking or kissing, so you immediately take him into your mouth and start sucking. He pulls your head closer, setting the pace. He feels and tastes absolutely amazing, so you really go for it, trying to make up for not being able to touch him. James keeps groaning your name, telling you not to stop. All the same he has to pull away from you several times to make sure he doesn't come yet, although you know he's dying to. Eventually he moves away from you. He's on his hands and knees, his forehead is covered in sweat and he's breathing quickly. "Say it." he whispers. You just about manage to get out a very hoarse "F** me” before he slams his hips against yours and thrusts inside you. You both virtually scream, and then begin to kiss passionately, his tongue deep inside your mouth, intertwining with yours, matching the ferocity of his thrusts. You wrap your legs around his body while he roughly massages your breasts, twisting your nipples between his fingers. It only takes a couple of seconds for you to cum, and just as you reach your climax you feel his hot semen spurt inside your body. He's still inside you when he reaches for the keys to unlock your handcuffs. You just lie there without saying a word, your arms around his exhausted body, his lips on your neck, and after a while, when you've calmed down a bit you do it all over again!