Housemaid (by Julie)

    You see an advert in a paper. It reads: Bachelor male seeks housemaid for general cleaning duties. Competitive wage. For an immediate interview please callÖYou donít really fancy going to clean out some old blokeís bog, but you really need the money, so you leave a message on his answering machine and wait.
Two days later you get a phone message. Itís the bloke from the advert, and the voice sounds strangely familiar, but you canít quite place who it is. Anyhow, he gives you an address, and you realise that the interview is only in two hours so you get ready to go.
You arrive at this manís flat, ready to put your arm up the U-bend, and ring the doorbell. But you almost faint when none other than James Dean Bradfield answers the door. You say, "Hello", a little nervously. He takes you around his flat, and tells you about his last cleaner who he had to sack, because she stole some of his vinyl and flogged it. You see the sadness in his eyes and tell him that sort of behaviour isn't anything  you would do. You ask how old she was, and he says, "Oh she was nearly 70, so she wasn't me girlfriend or anything!"
After taking you around his flat and telling you how he likes things done, he makes you some tea. (If anyone has heard about Jamesí tea making, youíll know heís not very good.) He asks if you have had any cleaning experience before. You admit youíve only helped family and stuff, youíre not professional or anything. Finally you admit that youíre only doing it because youíre completely broke. So you both finish your teas and out of the blue, he takes you by surprise by asking if youíre seeing anybody. You say no, and he says the same, and it is left at that. He agrees that you visit three days a week, for a very good cash wage.

 5 months later...

    You have now been cleaning for James for a very long five months. Over this time you have started to become really good friends. He has trusted you enough to have your own key, as he still likes the flat cleaned when heís away on tour. But today is different. Heís just phoned you up, and he wants you to clean again. Funny thing is he never usually phones you up to clean - you just go there when you have to. However, you only cleaned his flat yesterday, and it wonít need doing again until a few days later. But he says he just wants it doing a bit more, so you go over.
You have to let yourself in because you kept on ringing the door and he wouldnít come (he will later though, just in a different fashion!). You keep thinking he is playing some nasty joke on you, but you know him well enough that he would not do such a thing. You realise you didnít hoover his bedroom, so you do that and you find that heís not there. You go round all over his flat and canít find him anywhere. So off you go to clean his bathroom, and thatís when you get a shock. You almost faint when you see him in his large round tub. "Donít go", he says. You back away shyly, saying you have to put the washing machine on, fully knowing that it is already on - youíre just trying not to look at the enormous cock thatís sitting between his legs. He beckons you over to join him. The bath is not a Jacuzzi or anything but it is really bubbly. Heís got one of those Babyliss things that make it like a Jacuzzi, instead. Besides all that cleaning, makes you feel achy, so you take your clothes off and climb in, You sit opposite him, as youíre still trying to avert your eyes from that cock of his, but its not working!
He starts to go on about how long heís fancied you, how he likes to look at you and how he fills with lust every time you are in his flat. You ask him if this is why he wanted you over, and shyly he says yes. Youíve been feeling the same way too, but youíve been too scared to admit because, like him, you could not find the right words to say. With this you go and sit next to him, and he pulls you close to him and he kisses you with so much passion, that electricity just races through you like dynamite. ďIíve wanted to do that to you for months,Ē he says to you, when you pull back to breathe. Too breathless, you try and say the same thing, but he does it again. You gaze into those gorgeous brown eyes of his and you see that they are filled with lust and a very urgent need. He goes down on you, licking you with his tongue, filling you with ecstasy. He knows how to pleasure a woman properly, none of this two licks and youíre ready. Itís as if you are an ice cream and he is tasting you. He doesnít go inside you, just pleasuring you from the outside. You gasp at how he pleasures you, and you wonder at how he is managing to breathe under the water. So you gently bring his head from under the water and kiss him. He kisses your neck with soft tender kisses, and starts to give you a lovebite. You feel him sucking on your neck, and eventually you end up with a deep red mark. Have to wear a polo neck for a month you think to yourself silently! He sits back and just gazes at you lovingly, that deep lust even more engrained in those dark brown eyes that you know that you can lose yourself in. You see that cock of his is now stiffened, and he groans as you go down on him. Youíre not that good at blowing him, so you give him a hand job, that almost makes him jump out of the bath. His head is arched back, just like it is when he performs those guitar solos on stage, and seeing him like this in his own ecstasy just gives you another orgasm. You bring him to the brink, and you stop to sit astride him. At first his cock just teases your hole, bringing you little bursts of pleasure, but you raise yourself and sit on top of him again and he thrusts his cock inside you. Youíre supposed to be in control riding him cowgirl style, but heís thrusting with you and you just start the scream. You have to hold onto his shoulders to stabilise yourself, and you see the sweat dripping off his face. You start to scream out his name in ecstasy as you come, and he soon follows by moaning your name with equal pleasure. The thrusting speeds up and you feel as if you may lose control, but you keep on climaxing. James is faster than any other man youíve had, and you see it in his face as he comes, and his spunk fills you up.
Breathless he slides from inside you and you sit between his legs as he massages your breasts. ďHow was it for you?Ē he asks. Youíre far too out of breath to reply so you just sigh and with that you share a long loving kiss.