The Interview (by Feed Me Lollipops)

            Standing at the bar in a seedy little club in London, you wonder what people must think of you. You've been shifting around uncomfortably for about an hour, searching anxiously for the young band that you've been assigned to interview for your first review publication. Your hands are clammy as you repeat questions to yourself, questions that you intend to ask… shit! What are they called again? Maniacs Preachers? You look to the other side of the bar wherefore young guys are smiling towards you, obviously amused by your frantic disposition. You laugh back at them and look at them in turn. Not your usual bunch of pub-goers, two of them are wearing heavy eye make-up and they all wear shirts with writing that you strain to read from the other side of the bar. One of them catches your eye as he shyly drags at a cigarette, you smile but he quickly diverts his stare and blushes in embarrassment. The other three ruffle his hair, nudging him and winking in your direction. He bashfully punches each one lightly on the shoulder, glancing at you with eyes that are so intensely dark that you momentarily forget that you're now staring at him. You force yourself to divert your attentions elsewhere, not wanting to appear too eager. After a brief conversation with the barman you look up again to see that the group have gone, you sigh and contemplate a wasted opportunity. Music starts to hum in the background as your appointed band warm up. You make your way to the front of the stage and peer up into the blinding lights of the stage. As a velvet voice starts to purr into the microphone your eyes adjust to the light. You stagger back as you realise that the purr comes from the babe at the bar! You know that he’s seen you but he's obviously trying to make sure that you haven't noticed. You smile up at him for the entire gig and you can't help but respond to the thrashing guitars by moshing with other members of the audience. The singer babe announces that this is the last song and he notices the dejected look in your face. Grinning, he screams, “Good night all, this is Stay Beautiful!” The song erupts into a dream of nihilism crafted into a melodic rock song. As the chorus begins he looks down upon you screaming, “Why don't you just f**k me?!!!”
         You are still contemplating the eerie aptness of the lyrics as you make your way backstage to interview the band. Hands plunge out of the darkness to greet you, 'Hi, I'm Richey. This is Nicky, Sean and James.' You smile in reply and sit down on the seat offered to you by the tall one, who you understand to be called Nicky. As the interview progresses you see that Richey and Nicky are the ones who have the most to say with James and Sean shyly nodding in the background. James' silence passes the message to you that he's probably not interested now that he knows that you're in the music business, renowned for it's corruption. As the interview draws to a close you thank each one in turn for their time, clinging onto James' hand slightly longer as you shake each hand.
         Stumbling through the darkness of the car park wondering where the hell you left your car, a hand grabs your shoulder from behind. ‘Wait', you spin around to be faced with James and your eyes linger over his enchanting eyes and a mouth that looks so soft and warm. 'Yes?' you breathe quietly, 'You didn’t answer my question' James says, his eyes burning into yours searchingly. You frown a little in confusion, he helps you out, 'The last song, why don't you just ...',
'F**k me' you say edging towards him. Your lips meet and yep, those lips are as soft as they looked. James kisses you very gently, teasing your mouth with the tip of his tongue making you shiver with pleasure. Momentarily hypnotizing you with his stare, James breathes hot kisses into your neck and you cling to him breathing in his warm, sweet smell that makes you dizzy. James slides his hands down your thighs to eagerly stroke your sex through your skirt, you respond by freeing his erect cock from his jeans massaging it making him moan into your chest. James roughly pushes your knickers aside and pushes into you, lifting your bum as you wrap your legs around him. James maintains his gentleness whilst ensuring that you have one of the best orgasms of your life. James cums with a satisfied groan shortly after you and carefully straightens out your skirt. Staring straight into your eyes he leans in to kiss you long and hard on the lips making your head swim. 'So you going to interview us again?' he whispers finally.
'Oh, I think that could be arranged' you smile back.