Just Good Friends (by Glamour Girl)

        After all the years the two of you have know each other, after all the years he spent telling you that you are beautiful that you were capable of doing anything you wanted to, you never thought the day would come when it would be you giving James the pep-talk. You are both sat back stage after yet another amazing Manics' gig, Nicky and Sean have both gone back to the hotel and left you to play agony aunt with James. You have notice that James self-confidence has lowered slightly over the past year, not to say that the past year has been easy for him. He's gone through a hell of a lot so you can understand while he's feeling down. But what you are finding hard to understand is why is he being so hard on himself, of course the reason for this is that you've always found him attractive. He's sat down on the couch in front of you, staring into a class of Jameson and coke and you can't help but feel sorry for him. You are getting to the point were you just want to sit down next to him, wrap your arms around him and tell him that there's nothing wrong with him, that you think he was the most gorgeous, intelligent, kind, caring, funniest, talented man you've ever met. Oh yeah and the part about you loving him more than anyone else in your life but of course you can't, Jesus you're not THAT out going! Finally it becomes too much to bear, "Right come on you". He looks up at you, "Where are we going?"
“Chippy then back to the hotel and I'm not taking no for a answer!" you say pretending to be deadly serious. He chuckles and puts on his jacket then you both head out of the venue but then stop outside so James can do a few autographs and photos with the fans who have been mad enough to stand outside waiting for him in the pissing rain (I know I would). And as you watch them you remember that 5 years ago that was you, in your leopard print and eyeliner. And now here you are working for Hall Or Nothing and the Manics! (You obsessive you!)
     When the pair of you finally get back to the hotel it's pretty late and you are both soaked. You are about to say your good nights to James when you see Nicky heading towards you. "And where are my chips then? " he says, the pair of you look at him a bit bewildered. "Nick, you left about two hours before us. You could of got some yourself!" James says, Nicky just smiles at him before shoving his hand into James chips then legging it into the lift! "You lanky bastard Wire!!!" James shouts after him as the lift doors shut, you mean while are standing there laughing your head that is 'till he turns and looks at you. You bite your lip and smile, James gives you this daft, angry look which makes you laugh. You hear the ping of the 2nd lift doors and decided to copy Nicky's exit and leg it into the lift but James manages to catch you. "Ha, can't get away that easily" he says but as he's about to grab you the doors open on the second floor (yip the lift is that fast!) and this old couple get in. But luckily for you two the lift keeps going up, much the their disappointment. You look over to James who is now standing on the other side of the lift pretending to be cross with you so you stick your tongue out at him, he lets out this loud smirk which causes the couple to look at him very strangely. You have to put your hand over your mouth to stop yourself from laughing out loud then thankfully you arrive at your floor, where Martin (Hall) is waiting to get in. He looks at the pair of you and ask what's so funny, you and James look at each other, smile, shake you heads and say "Nothing, why?". Martin just shakes his head, gets into the lift and says he wants you up bright and early tomorrow 'cause you and him have lots of work to do. You groan and agree then wave him good night.
     All the Manics crew are on two floors, you, of course, are on the same floor as the band. You both make you way to your rooms (James being opposite yours, how convenient), then turn to each other and just as you are about to say good night to him for the second time you see that something is bothering James. "What's wrong hon?" you ask worried. He looks up at you, (like the way he does in the tolerate video when he stares through the glass... THUD!) sighs, then says quietly "Nothing".
"Look, go have a shower and warm yourself up then come to my room and we'll talk, okay?” a small smile comes across him face, "Yeah okay". And with that you both turn and head into your rooms.
     The minute you close the door behind you, you start to madly tidy up your room, throwing clothes in wardrobes, shoes under the bed and make-up into drawers. Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and let out a small "EEEK!" and head straight for the shower. You don't take as long as you usually would since you are unsure of when James will turn up so its a case of a good, quick scrub, put on some mascara, dry your hair and for some reason you decided to slip into your nightie. As you stand in front of the mirror you start to question whether or not you should change into something else but then think "Nah, f**k it. James won't mind". So you put on the TV, grab yourself an ice cream out the small fridge next to your bed, make yourself comfy and wait for James to show. About an hour later there's a knock at the door, you smile to yourself and hurry to answer it but when you do the smile soon vanishes from you face. Yes it James but it’s obvious that everything isn't alright. His eyes are red and swollen, his face stained with tears. "Awww babe, come here" you say and pull him close to you and hold him tightly. He wraps his arms round your waist and starts to cry again, you bring him into the room and sit him down on the bed. You hold him close to you, his head resting on your shoulders as you gently stroke his hair. You both sit like this for a while and as much as you hate to see him upset you can't help but feel glad that he is finally getting all this off his chest. After a while you reach over to the bedside cabinet and hand him a tissue and once he has finished wiping away his tears he looks you deep in the eyes and softly says "Thanks".
"Ah its nothing, really. And, well, I'll be honest with you James, its good to see you finally letting your emotions out instead of burying them away." You look at him and see the moon light coming through the window reflect in his dark, wet eyes. It’s at this point that James realises what you're wearing. "God, you look lovely".
"Hmm.. what? Oh yeah, thanks", you blush slightly. The two of you sit there silently, looking at each other. Then James gently brings his hand up to your face, strokes it a couple of times then brushes his fingers through your hair and all the while the two of you never lose eye contact. And as James brings his hand down he runs his fingers softly down your arm and then takes your hand in his. You look at your hand being held tightly in his then you look at James and he smiles sweetly. You are now practically bursting at the seams to tell him how you feel but there is a part of you still yelling NO! after all this could effect everything. But your thoughts are soon broken by James, about to say something. "F**k, I really need to tell you this".
"Okay", you say nervously. He takes a deep breath, takes you other hand in his and looks you straight in the eye. You can tell by the look on his face that what he has to say is really important so you sit there and wait for him to pluck up the courage to say what's on his mind. But you don't have to wait long. “I... I... really care about you. A lot. In fact I... I think I... love you. I've been wanting to tell you for long so now but never had the guts to say". You let out a sigh of relief and smile at him, you lean forward, put your arms around him, pull him as close as you can with out choking him and whisper in his ear "I feel the same way."
        You turn and look at him; he smiles at you and softly, but firmly, kisses you. You kiss him back and the more you both kiss the more passionate it becomes, his hands caress your back as you entwine your fingers in his hair. He gently pushes you down onto the bed then he starts to moves away from your lips, moving to your ear and slowly down your neck stopping every now again to suck and bite on your skin. You are rubbing your hands across his back when you feel his eyes burning into you, you open yours and are immediately suck into his deep, dark, sexy brown eyes. You pull his head down and kiss him, slipping you tongue inside his mouth, feeling for his. Then you feel for the buttons on his shirt, slowly undoing them one by one. Once his shirt is open you lay him down on his back and you start to kiss from the neck downwards. When you reach his belly button you can feel his ‘excitement’ against your chest, you look up at him and he has this pleading look in his eyes (which of course none of us can resist). You give him this dirty, cheeky grin, as you take the zip of his flies in your teeth and very slowly pull it down. Then you really start to tease him by playfully rubbing you nose against his hard on, you hear him let out a frustrated moan. Quickly you grab the waist line of his combats and boxers and pull them down, taking them off completely and throwing them to the other side of the room. When you look back at James you soon discover all those rumours are true and you smile a very happy smile to yourself but soon you sense that James is feeling just a tiny bit uncomfortable so you join him back on the bed. He sits up and takes off his shirt then just as he's about to snuggle up to you, you playfully push him away. Then you stand up on the bed, standing over James. You look down on him; he has a look of anticipation on his face. He starts to gently stroke you ankles and your legs, never taking his eyes off you. You decided to give him a quick striptease; slowly you take the thin silk strap of your nightie off you left shoulder and the same with your right. The nightie slowly falls down your chest, then down to your hips where it stops. You turn around; give James a cute, little arse wiggle and the nightie falls at you feet. You step out of it, kick it off the bed and turn around to face James, reveal your stunning Ann Summer's underwear. Then you kneel down between his legs so that you both are now face to face. You watch him as he admires you, running his hands over you. You both start to kiss again, James pulling you onto his lap. His hands quickly discard you bra, he then rolls you over and takes of you knickers. Now you're the one feel a bit uncomfortable but not for long. James is working his way down your neck, down to you chest and for a while you can feel his hard-on rubbing against you thigh. He takes his time on your chest, kissing, sucking, licking and occasionally softly biting each nipple. He then starts to kiss his way down to your belly button where he stops and plays with it with his tongue. You feel so relaxed and spoilt. You then feel James hand start caress you thigh as he start to move his mouth further down. You let out a small moans as his hot mouth touches the cold skin of the inside of your thigh and he starts to move his mouth downwards to in-between you legs. He runs his tongue along you lips and then he runs it in-between them which makes you arch you back in shear pleasure. He starts to drive you wild as he runs his tongue back and forth over you very red clit. You're digging your nails into the mattress, then pulling at the sheets before pushing James head further down on you. You can feel your orgasm building; you really don't feel you can fight it much longer when James pulls away. You look at him, start to begging him not to stop. He smiles and says in a very husky, knee melting voice into your ear "don't worry honey, I'm not done with you yet". He kneels over you, kisses every inches of your face starting from your forehead and ending on your jaw-line. Then he captures you in his gaze again and as he does you feel him push you legs further apart then as he leans over you again you feel him push inside you. You gasp and wrap you arms around his broad shoulders. He starts to set the pace and you soon give in to his rhythm. His pushes start to turn into thrusts as he starts to penetrate you deeper and deeper. He pulls both of you up so that his now sitting, with you on his lap. And now you can really feel how deep he's going. But you know, even thou you want it to, this pleasure isn't going to last for ever (what with him getting you all excited before hand) so you do your best to help James ‘catch up’. You start to slam your hips down as he thrust into you sending this incredible wave of excitement over both of you, you pleaded with him to go faster and pull him down on top of you again. You can't hold it back any more and let you orgasm take over, you wrap you legs round his waist and pull yourself as close as you can to James as it washes over you.
     You nuzzle you head in-between James' shoulder and neck and listening to his very heavy, quick breathing. Then you hear him let out a very satisfied moan as he rest his head on your shoulder and continues to thrust until his legs can't hold either of you up any longer. As you both lay there on the bed, breathless, you resting on his chest, James stroking you hair. You've never felt this happy or this wanted, you kiss his chest softly and then look up at him. He smiles that adorable smile at you, pulls you up close to him then turns on his side to face you properly. He then takes you in his big, strong arms and holds you tightly making you feel safe, loved and protected. And as you both drifted off to sleep you wish to yourself that you would hopefully feel this way for the rest of you life.