Kidnapped (by Alessia)

        James stumbled out of Soho House, more than half drunk. The cold air of the night hit him but instead of sobering him made James only want to pee. He moved to a little side road, with the intention of relieving himself unobserved. London was an open air lavatory as far as he was concerned. He had just finished and was re-zipping himself, when a gloved hand covered his mouth. "Ssshh" said a low, strangely familiar voice, "don't scream or this friend of mine will take care of you." Following the words a sharp knife was pointed at his jugular. Suddenly James was sober. Oh God, please don’t let this be the JDBAS, he thought to himself. "What do you want?" he managed to mumble. "Come with me”, answered the voice. “And remember, no screaming or trying to run away. You're mine tonight".
     The tall leather clad figure lead him to a waiting car. James was aware of somebody else in the driving seat. Again it seemed a familiar figure, but he could not really make it out in the dark. The tall figure pushed him face down on the back seat. In feeling the cold leather against his body James realised that he hadn't managed to zip his trouser. His cock lay uncomfortably pressed against the seat. The kidnapper entered the car after him and kept the knife pressed against his neck while the car sped away into the late night deserted streets.
     After what seemed a long time to James, made more uncomfortable by the fact that the excitement and the position was causing his cock to swell, the car stopped. The kidnapper forced James even more against the seat, pressed the knife closer to his throat and told James: "Now we are getting out of the car. No tricks or the Manics will have to find a new singer. Be a good boy and I will do something for that sore dick..." The last words were said with a sexy, mock-like tone that sent an involuntary wave of excitement down James' spine. The kidnapper held his knife across his neck with one arm, his body pressed against James. The warmth and the smell of the other body against his, made James's cock even more ‘uncomfortable’. The kidnapper took a leopard print scarf out of the pocket and with quick and precise movements tied it around James' eyes. "Now, that's better, isn't it?" The kidnapper forced James to stand up and to get out of the car, still pressing the knife against his throat. The passage from the dark interior to the light outside made James hesitate before being lead through what seemed a long cold corridor by his kidnapper. James stumbled a couple of times, only for the body behind him to increase its hold. The feeling of a crotch against his backside made James even more aware of the fact that his cock was standing in front of him, by now springing like a mast.
     A quick turn to the left and the noise of a door being locked made James realise that they had reached their destination.  His kidnapper made James turn and sit on what James' hands made him realise was a bed. James was ready to take his blindfold off and to face his nemesis, when the low sarcastic voice spoke again. "Now, James, I advise you not to try and take away that scarf. Otherwise, you'll miss out on the fun. And you don't wanna do that, don't you?” James suddenly realised that he didn't want to so lowered his hands, spreading them on the bed at his side. "Good boy", smiled the voice, "and now, if you lay down on your back, I'll see what I can do for you." James obeyed, feeling strangely excited by this unusual change of roles. Usually he was the one in charge, the one telling his partners what to do, and now... he was spread eagle on a bed, his pleasure in the hands of a stranger. A new shriver of excitement ran down James' spine. The stranger took hold of his right hand and started tying it to the bed post. Automatically James put up some struggle: "Be careful, that's my guitar hand", James told his kidnapper. "And we all know what you do like to do to a guitar, James, don't we?" the usual voice mocked him. "I will tie you with my best silk scarves, don't worry." The kidnapper then proceeded to tie James’ other hand and feet, meticulously, calmly, as if everything was part of a well planned ritual. Once finished, the stranger stood back and looked at James, in his dark grey suit and red shirt, cock standing up, tied up to the bed. The stranger smiled and then took the knife and started cutting open, James' trousers, starting from the ankle. James thought, 'Oh shit, my favourite suit!' When the knife passed his knee, and started getting closer to his most intimate parts, James' thoughts turned darker. What if this wasn't simply some strange sex game, what if...?!!!
     The knife stopped for a second: "James, don't be so tense, otherwise something may happen to the Bradfield genepool, and I have other plans in mind for it." James took a breathe of relief, while the knife finished opening one leg and started work on the other one. Finding back some of his cockiness James said: "Can you speed up please? My cock is ready to burst and I guess that you don't want to miss that".
"Tut-tut-tut, James, good things come to those who wait. And don't forget that you are not the one in charge here. You'll do what I tell you and only when I tell you." The commanding tone pushed James to the boundaries of pleasure, but he managed to stop himself, too tempted by the delights to come. The kidnapper got rid of the ripped trousers and boxers and then... nothing happened. James waited for a while, starting to get angry at the way in which his tormenter was making fun of his needs. Just when he was starting to struggle he felt the stranger coming back and getting on the bed. He could feel the towering presence, standing above him. "Now James, are we ready?" said the voice. "Yes, I can see we are." The stranger crouched over James and started ripping open the red shirt, in the same way as the trousers. Then James started to feel the stranger's hands caressing his chest, the long fingers tracing delicate rings around his navel and nipples, followed by the stranger's mouth. The feeling of a hungry mouth sucking his nipples sent danger messages to his crotch and he started moaning softly. Hearing this the mouth slowed down and stared teasing him with the tongue, going round and round, first one nipple and then the other. James' crotch started having a life of his own and grinding against the stranger's crouched body. The stranger stopped, sat down over James' hips and said, 'So are you ready James? Are you ready?" James shouted, "Yes! I am ready! Do whatever you want with me, but don't keep me waiting anymore".
"Good", replied the stranger, "Because I am ready. I have been ready a long, long time." The stranger's hands took hold of James' hardened cock and in few moments James found himself inside a tight opening. ‘Oh yes, I like it from behind’ thought James, then there wasn't any thought anymore, only the rhythm of the two bodies growing more and more one, more and more frantic. "Now", the stranger screamed. "Now", James screamed, and the two came at the same time. And in the last spurts of pleasure, a pleasure not like anything he had ever experienced before, James finally realised where he had heard the voice before, the shock taking hold of him, just when the stranger pulled the scarf away from James' eyes and laughed, that laugh that James had heard practically any day of his life since he was 5….
     Nicky looked over his shoulder and said, "Sean, you did film everything don't you?