Know Your Enemy (by Missy)

        You’ve been living in Cardiff for the past year and a half – ever since you graduated from University and landed that much-sought-after PR job with Hall Or Nothing. Just a couple of weeks in to your new job and you’d been introduced to the Manics at some after show party in London, and though you were a fan of their music that’s where it ended. You were in charge of the PR of other bands, such as Oasis, so the Manics weren’t that high on your agenda. That said, however, from the word go you’d really hit it off with Richey; and as the months unfolded you found yourself spending more and more time at his flat. Let’s face it, you practically lived with him … unofficially, of course. It wasn’t company policy for staff to get involved with their clients but it was purely platonic between yourself and Richey, and besides, you weren’t working for them personally – your boss, Terri, took care of the Manics’ PR. And so no one batted an eyelid over your relationship with Richey. In fact they thought you were good for him – as so did the rest of the band … that was apart from Nicky.
     Six months later and you found yourself actually dating James. It seemed Richey was quite the matchmaker. He’d known from the start that James was attracted to you, and in his own ‘subtle’ way Richey had paved the way for James to get to know you better. It was on your 23rd birthday when James had finally taken the plunge and told you how he felt. You’d left the others in a pub somewhere and James had offered to walk you home. Just outside Richey’s flat, as you’d turned to unlock the door, James had pulled you back and kissed you. Now you’d been seeing each other for over three months but James, it seemed, didn’t want to rush you because he hadn’t even made the slightest move to get you between the sheets. He knew that you knew about his ‘apparent’ reputation as a bit of a ladies man, and you were touched that he was obviously going out of his way to prove to you that he was serious about you. You should have been happy. God knows other women would have died to be in your shoes. But there was something unsettling you – one little thorn in your side … And its name was Nicky Wire.
     You just couldn’t understand why Nicky seemed to hate you like he did. Everyone else in the Manics camp adored you but Nicky just went out of his way to hurt and upset you. Everything you said he’d be ready with some catty remark to put you down. He’d even brought you to tears one day when he’d called round to drop some lyrics off at Richey’s. Not wanting to cause a rift between the band you kept quiet, but from that day on you’d made a promise to yourself to verbally hit back every time he made some bitchy comment. The problem was it seemed to make the situation even worse. It was as though he almost got a kick out of it now. But you didn’t fully understand what that fire was between you until the lift episode…
     You’d had no idea Nicky was even in the office until the lift doors opened and you came face to face with him. It was a busy day and as more and more people pushed their way into the lift you found yourself pushed right up against him. And in that split second as the doors closed and the lift started to move you’d caught each other’s eyes. Only it wasn’t hate or malice as was usual, but something else. It was only when you’d made it back to your office and closed the door behind you that it hit you… It was lust. Plain and simple. And Nicky was jealous that you were with James…
     In fact Nicky was not only jealous of your relationship with James but also of your relationship with Richey - his best friend. You’d be the first to admit that your relationship with Richey wasn’t quite as platonic as you’d both always made out. And of course, those closest – like Nicky – quickly picked up on that. Many a time you’d slept in Richey’s bed and many a time he’d seen you with little on. But you were living together – of course things like that were bound to happen from time to time. Yes, you flirted with one another but Richey’s complete innocence allowed for that. In the back of your subconscious you knew it would never lead anywhere. You were friends and that was it. But the whole thing was driving Nicky insane – Nicky who would clearly love to get you in bed at the first opportunity. What’s more the fact that you and James weren’t sleeping together yet made him even more frustrated. And the worst of it was? You fancied Nicky, too.
        Ever since the lift episode you had gone out of your way to avoid Nicky. In front of James, Richey and Sean you both acted as though nothing was wrong. It was being alone with Nicky that scared you. The guilt you carried was unimaginable, especially since you were still seeing James. So when James hinted that you both go away together for the weekend – with the subtext that you’d finally have sex – it was almost relief.
Richey was out when you arrived home from work that evening. James was due to pick you up at 8pm and then you’d drive to the hotel he’d booked for the weekend. Ten minutes later and you were busy packing. Hearing the door you shouted, “Rich, do you know where my black bra is?” You and Richey were so comfortable with one another you didn’t feel at all embarrassed when it came to things like this… Silence… No answer. “Richey?” you yelled again. Suddenly a voice snapped, “No I don’t know where the hell your black bra is!” Your heart almost stopped. It was Nicky. Suddenly he appeared at the bedroom door. “I take it Mr Edwards isn’t home?” he quipped. You dropped the clothes you were packing on your bed and pushed past Nicky into the kitchen – anything to break the silence. “Erm no, he said he’d be home in about an hour”, you mumble, pretending to look for something in one of the cupboards. In the corner of you eye you can see Nicky leaning against the fridge watching you. “So why would Richey know where your black bra is?”  You stop what you’re doing and turn to Nicky. You know where this is leading. Nicky starts to walk towards you. “You know what I think?” Nicky whispers as he reaches you, gently pushing you back against the working top, “I think you’re screwing around behind James’ back”. You glare at him. “F**k off, Nicky” you manage to hiss, desperately trying not to look into his eyes. Nicky gives you an evil grin. “Slut”, he murmurs, moving into kiss you, his lips dangerously close. Not even the greatest will power in the world could make you push him away, and knowing full well that you’re not about to fight; Nicky’s lips touch yours. At first you don’t respond but then you make the fatal mistake of looking straight into those icy blue eyes and fall into submission.
        Immediately your hands are all over one another. You feel almost dizzy as Nicky starts edging your skirt up and pulling at your knickers, whilst his other hand is busy ripping your top off, exposing your bare skin to his burning lips. You arch your back as he traces his tongue all the way down your neck to your nipples, and you can feel his hard-on through his combats, pressing against your aching pussy. “Aww, has James been leaving you all frustrated, baby?” Nicky mocks in your ear. It’s true. You were beginning to become quite worried waiting for James to make his move – it wasn’t until now that you realised just how much you did want sex, and Nicky was playing on that need. As much as you were in love with James, and genuinely touched at his restrain so as not to rush you, there was something inside of you crying out, and you just had to get Nicky out of your system! In another second your knickers were on the floor and Nicky had pushed you up onto the worktop, with him between your legs. “F**k me”, you whisper desperately in Nicky’s ear. Nicky grinned – a genuine grin. “Whore”, he giggled – obviously quite taken aback by the change in your attitude. You can’t help it – a smile forms on your lips. You did feel like a whore – but hell, you were enjoying it!
        His hands tangled in your hair, Nicky thrusts himself deep inside you and a moan escapes from your throat. You close your eyes as an orgasm builds up inside you. Only when you’re just about to climax do you realise someone is watching you. Orgasm explodes through your body in the very same moment you see James, over Nicky’s shoulder, glaring at you…
        Before his name has even left your lips and Nicky has turned to see him, James is already out of the door, slamming it behind him. “Shit”, Nicky mutters, zipping his flies back. The tears are already threatening to spill from your eyes. You look at Nicky in absolute horror. “Oh God…” you start but Nicky quickly cuts in, “I’d better go after him”. You can see the fear in his eyes. With that he walks out, leaving you there, on the kitchen counter, sobbing your heart out.
        There was a tap at your door. It was Richey. You’d spent most of the past two days locked in your bedroom - too ashamed to come out, too afraid to face Richey’s disapproving looks. “Leave me alone, Richey”, you mumble. You hear him slide down the other side of the door and know that he’s sat against it as he starts to speak. “Look, you’re not the first person who’s slept with someone and then regretted it”.
“No, but I bet there’s not many who were actually caught doing it!” you cry back.
“James is stronger than you think…” Richey starts, but your sobs drown his voice out. “Please baby, open the door”, he whispers, “I’m worried about you”.
Slowly you unlock the door and come face to face with a very concerned looking Richey. “You must think I’m some kind of groupie”, you sob. Gently he lifts your face with his hand, forcing you to look him in the eye. “If that were the case, I would have slept with you by now”, he whispers with a grin.
“I know how good Nicky is at getting something he can’t have, and besides, I think he’s already paid for that…”
“What do you mean?” you suddenly cry.
“Erm… well Nicky’s got a black eye…” Richey mumbles, “I take it he obviously ran into James”.
“Oh God”, you sob, “This just gets worse”.
“You really have to talk to James”, Richey whispers, holding you by the shoulders, steadying you…
        And so you find yourself outside James’ apartment without the slightest clue of what you’re going to say or even how he’ll react when he sees you. Trying to calm yourself, you take a deep breath and knock. It opens abruptly and James stands there, unshaven, looking mean and moody, with a bottle of Jameson’s in his hand. A shiver runs through your body. The stubble and the drink was a bad sign… he was pissed, and not just in the alcoholic sense! “Oh so you finally grace me with your presence”, he mocks, slamming the door shut behind you. Staring at the floor, in an effort to avoid his eyes, you notice his knuckles, grazed and sore. James follows your gaze. “Ah yes, your close friend Mr Wire made a visit yesterday”. He practically spits the word ‘close’. You haven’t even managed to utter a word so far and already your eyes are filling with tears. “I’m sorry”, you sob, “I’m so sorry”. James seems to ignore you, walking round you, looking you up and down, whilst swigging from the Jameson’s. He makes you feel uneasy – you hate it when he’s drunk – but that said, there’s something strangely sexy about him when he’s in this kind of mood. Trying to break the silence you carry on, “It was just a spur of the moment thing… you don’t know what its been like….”
     But James suddenly interrupts shouting, “A spur of the moment thing?!! Remind me to warn Sean that you suddenly have these urges”. At that moment you break, but as you go to push him away he grabs your wrists, dropping the Jameson’s on the floor. Pulling you close, until his stubble is scratching your skin, he hisses, “Fancy doing a spur of the moment thing right now?” You know you shouldn’t but begin to feel slightly turned on, the anger mixing with the fear and emotion. Without even so much as a struggle he practically throws you against the kitchen table, before pressing himself up against you. He makes no effort to hide the fact that he’s turned on, too – as he digs into your thigh. “We don’t kiss groupies”, he hisses, immediately running a hand up your thigh and pulling at your knickers. His words cut like a knife – he knows how much you’ve always worried about being seen that way with the band. Now he’s playing on it for revenge. Swallowing your pride, you bite your lip and don’t answer – telling yourself that you deserve this. Once your knickers are down James roughly pushes you up onto the table, pushing you back until you’re laid down. Glaring down at you he then starts to push your legs up and apart, almost like a gynecologist would do. At first you try and resist, suddenly becoming very aware that this will be the first time James will see you naked, but when he starts to use more force your will (and legs!) give way, allowing him full access to your most intimate parts. You close your eyes – part of you dying for him to touch you, part of you dying of embarrassment. But then you suddenly feel his tongue, running the entire length of your inner thigh. A moan escapes your lips as he touches base and the moment he hears you he plunges his tongue deep inside you, leaving you squirming on the table. Absentmindedly your hands fall down to his head, your fingers running through his hair as he gives you head, but you’re suddenly rudely awoken when he grabs hold of your wrists again and spits, “Did I tell you touch me?” With that he pins your arms above your head. Then, with his free hand, he starts to rip your top open, making sure he’s just rough enough to hurt a little. Now he moves his attention to your nipples, taking one and a time and sucking on them hard. His hands are all over your body and you’re powerless to do anything. And then, just when you’re on the verge of begging him to f**k you, he pulls you up abruptly so that you’re face to face. Fiddling with his flies he then grabs the back of your head and pushes you down to his crotch. “Now you can touch”, he mocks, “Be a good girl and suck”. Helpless yet again (…and hey, who cares?!!!…) James pushes you down onto to this cock, making sure you take every last inch. His hands in your hair, he sets the pace, and doesn’t let up until he’s shot his load down your throat. Then, pulling you back up and towards the edge of the table, he pushes himself between your legs, teasing your clit with the head of his cock. “I wanna hear you beg”, he spits in your ear. “Please”, you murmur, and with that he thrusts deep inside you, his chest hard against your breasts. Slamming you against the table, he doesn’t stop until you’ve both exploded in orgasm and collapsed in a panting heap. But as soon as James has got his breath back he pulls off you and starts to fasten up his jeans, turning his back on you as though he doesn’t care. You were just another groupie after all…
You slowly climb down off the table, pulling your ripped shirt around your body and pulling your skirt back down. As hard as you try you can’t stop the tears that are welling in your eyes again as reality comes back and hits you hard. “I’m sorry”, you whisper again turning to leave. But just as your reach the door you feel James behind you, and a moment later his lips are on yours and you’re locked in the most passionate kiss ever. “I thought you didn’t kiss groupies”, you whisper. Then you see the glint in James’s eyes. “I don’t”, he grins. You look at him puzzled. “I told Nicky to seduce you”, he carries on. You glare at him. “What? You mean this was a set up?” you begin to yell.
“Ssshhh ssshhh sshhh… If I told you this was how I wanted you the first time you would have ran a mile”, James explains with a grin. “I had to have you in a situation that would warrant it – and well Nicky was more than willing to help out”.
“So you haven’t beaten him up?”
James shakes his head. “You know, Richey can come in very helpful when you want make-up to ‘create’ black eyes”.
Your eyes widen in disbelief – not quite believing everything you’re hearing – they were all in on it! “You utter bastard!” you cry, hitting him in the chest, but not really meaning it. James grins taking hold of your wrists again. “Well that might be true, but it was worth it… wasn’t it?” he says with a wink.
        And at that moment you can’t help agreeing with him. A little smile forms on your lips.