Like A Virgin (by Missy)

[Right, you have to imagine that you're at University (back in the days when Nicky and Richey were) and that you're Richey's flatmate. Although you're very close, the two of you are only friends. However, you're mad about his friend, James, and Richey knows this. Also, Richey knows that James is mad about you but the two of you are too shy to actually admit it to one another, so you're not sure where you stand with each other].

        You've been going out with James for the past two months. For the past year you've both been lusting after one another secretly, but it wasn't until Richey deliberately blurted it all out that James found out how you felt about him, and you found out how James felt about you. You'd just been to a party and were walking back to your flat with Richey when it happened. Richey noticed the way James kept glancing at you and the way you flirted back. Suddenly he just stopped, grinned and then said, "Will you two just sleep together for God's sake!" You blushed immediately, feeling embarrassed. "Richey!" you shrieked, but before you could say anything else he cuts in. "Right, let's just get this out in the open once and for all. You fancy him" Richey says, nodding towards James, "and he's fancied you for ages". James shot Richey a look that was a mixture of I'm going to kill you now and absolute joy at what he'd just heard about you. The two of you stood there, not quite sure what to say next, but it was Richey who broke the ice. Walking ahead of you both, he turned round and grinned, "I'll meet you back at the flat when you've both sorted it out". With that he turned and carried on down the street towards your flat, leaving just you and James. And that's kind of how you'd ended up together, his lips on yours, kissing you passionately in the middle of the street. Nerves mixed with desire. You'd seen James with other girls throughout the year, and knew that he had a reputation as a bit of a ladies man. You, yourself, were still a virgin, and you were quite nervous that James would want sex immediately. But he was completely different with you than he had been with all the other girls at University. Maybe it was because you'd been friends for such a long time that he somehow respected you more. You didn't know. All that you did know was that he was being very gentle with you and wasn't trying to rush you into to anything you weren't ready for. In fact, he was kind of over-protective of you, almost like a brother, and never tried to force you to do anything more than kiss for the first month or so. You were just beginning to wonder whether he would ever try and make a move when you found yourself in a very passionate fumble with him in the back of his car one night. (If this were a film then Tina Turner's 'Steamy Windows' would now be playing in the background!) Sitting on his lap, kissing madly, James slowly started to glide his hand up the inside of your thigh. Reaching your knickers, his fingers paused and he looked at you, as though asking permission. Silently you nodded your head, knowing full well from the hard bulge beneath you that all he really wanted to do was rip your knickers down and screw you then and there. However, he was being really sweet and holding back, knowing how nervous you were. Gently he slipped his fingers inside your knickers and you moaned softly as he stroked you. Breathing sexily into your ear, his hot breath making shivers run up and down your spine, he whispered, "Just relax, baby". Then, his eyes burning into yours, he carefully started to probe with one finger at your opening. Kissing you softly on the lips his finger then slid inside of you and you gasped in his mouth. Taking your hand he moved it down to his flies. Again, as though asking your permission, his eyes searched yours, questioningly, before you felt his soft bare skin, burning in your hand. For a while longer you continued like this but then you suddenly panicked and pulled away from him, muttering "No, sorry, not like this, not here". For a moment you thought James would lose his temper, call you frigid or something like that, but instead he gently took you into his arms, kissing you, whispering, "It's alright, baby. There's no rush". Before you could speak James added, "I want it to be special, too".
            And so, you still hadn't slept together a few weeks later when you found James waiting for you after your History and Politics lecture. He grinned when he saw you and beckoned you over. "Martin's arranged this party at this hotel in London at the weekend", he explains, "do you want to come?" James takes your hand and gently squeezes it, looking you deep in the eyes. In an instant you know what's not being said. This is the weekend he actually wants to sleep with you, and for the first time in your relationship you actually feel ready. "Sure", you just smile, kissing him. As you walk into the hotel you immediately spot James. He's busy being introduced to some record company executive from Sony, but the moment his eyes meet yours he grins cheekily and then spends the next hour glancing over at you every now and then, silently undressing you with his eyes. Nervous, you decide to grab a quick drink to try and help you relax. Richey comes and joins you at the bar and you spend the next hour deep in conversation - so much so that you almost forget about James. It isn't until Richey mentions James that you suddenly remember where you'll more than likely end up tonight in James' bed. Out of the blue Richey suddenly whispers, "He thinks the world of you". And then, before you can even reply, Richey adds softly, "He won't hurt you, he's not like they make out, you know". Instantly you know Richey is referring to James' reputation, and from the look in Richey's eyes you know he's telling the truth. Suddenly though, Richey's facial expression changes from serious to more playful, as he seems to spot someone over your shoulder. "Erm, I think someone is waiting for you", he grins. You follow his gaze and meet James', who is stood near the lift the other side of the room, watching you. With one finger he beckons you over to him.
            By the time you reach the lift you realise just how much you've had to drink, and from the Whiskey on James' breath you guess you're not the only one. His eyes burning into yours, he pulls you close, breathing in your ear, "Do you want to go somewhere more quiet, baby?" But before you can answer, he's pushing you gently into the lift. Once the doors close his lips are on yours, and his fingers running through your hair. You hardly notice that the lift has stopped until James is taking you by the hand and pulling you towards his hotel room. The moment you're through the door he's gently pushed you up against the wall, his hands moving down to your hips. This is it, you think to yourself silently, still trying to keep as calm as possible (unlikely!) But at that very moment, as James tries to pull you away from the wall, in his slightly drunken state, and towards the bed, he walks into a nearby coffee table, whacking his leg, and you stub your toe. You both cry out, not quite sure whether to laugh or cry. You grab hold of each other in order to steady yourselves. His lips are really close to yours. Suddenly he laughs, "I really don't want to do this drunk" he grins, giving you that cute little-boy-lost look of his. You silently breathe a sigh of relief, "Me neither" you whisper. He rests his forehead on yours and you both look down at the floor. It's James who breaks the awful silence. "I'm sorry I got so drunk, I was just… erm… kinda like…" "Nervous?" you grin. James looks back up into your eyes and then smiles softly, letting his lips brush yours, sending shivers through your body. "Yeah", he whispers. "So am I", you confess. James gives you that cheeky yeah, I know look and then kisses you on the lips. "Will you still stay the night?" he whispers, looking into your eyes - almost pleading. You nod, "But you're going to have to find me something to wear", you laugh.
            Half an hour later and you emerge from the bathroom wearing an old shirt James has let you borrow. The bedroom is already in darkness and James in bed, but as soon as you slide under the sheets, he snuggles up to you, sliding his arms round your waist. Softly he kisses your neck before the two of you blissfully fall asleep.
            When you awake the next morning James is already up and you can hear him clattering around in the bathroom. Approaching the bathroom door, you see James is half-dressed and just finishing shaving. "What time do you have to be at rehearsals?" you ask, not really paying attention to the fact that James is half-naked. (Like, HELLO?) Only when James is half way through his reply does he actually turn to look at you. "In about an hour and.." He suddenly stops mid-sentence, seeing you stood there in little more than his shirt. The sudden silence makes you focus and look up at James properly. He grins, letting the razor drop into the sink. "But I can afford to be late", he continues. Slowly, he starts walking towards you, running his eyes up and down your body. "How late?" you tease, as he reaches you. This time when he pushes you up against the wall he does so with such a force you know he'll not let you leave the room until he's had his way with you. "Long enough to get you in bed", he grins, kissing you passionately and exploring your mouth with his tongue. You've never felt so turned on in the whole of your life. Bringing his hands up the side of your thighs, he grabs hold of your knickers and starts to rip them down. You moan at his forcefulness. "I think I've waited long enough", he grins, "don't you? Now it's time for you to be the good little girl". And with that he pushes himself hard up against your pelvis. Kissing you urgently, he slides his hands round to your bum and lifts you up. Automatically you wrap your legs around his waist and he carries you back to the bed, collapsing on top of you. "Why the hell do you look so damn good in that shirt?" he laughs, "It looks terrible on me!" Then, running his hands all over your body, he moves his tongue down your body pulling open the shirt you're wearing as he does so, sucking hard on your nipples, which are already standing to attention. You moan gently but James senses how shy you are. "Don't be embarrassed", he whispers softly in your ear, giving you that cute little look (think 'Tolerate' video people, when he looks straight at the camera). "You're beautiful", he continues. Kissing you again, he suddenly pulls you up so that you're sat on his lap. Running his fingers through your hair, awakening every nerve in your body, you can feel his erection threw his boxers. Sliding the rest of the shirt over your shoulders, so that it drops around your waist, he just as suddenly pushes you back down onto the bed, forcing your legs wide apart. Despite being so turned on, you're embarrassed to let James see you in this position, and he seems to notice. He grins, and lets his fingers slip between your thighs. You gasp as he touches you, his fingers hot. "Close your eyes", he whispers. You do as he says but just before your eyes close you see James start to bend down, his head heading between your legs. A second later you feel his tongue inside you and you cry out in ecstasy. Slowly you start to relax, as James gets more and more adventurous with his tongue. Just when you think it can't get any better you then feel his fingers. Probing gently he finds your clit and squeezes it softly between his fingers to the point that you think you're going to explode. By now you're dying to feel him inside you - your nerves gradually slipping away. Hearing your moans James moves his mouth further up your body, taking your clit between his lips and gently sucking. A few minutes later and his lips are back on yours and you're both urgently ripping James' boxers down. Guiding himself slowly and carefully inside you, he never takes his eyes off yours, holding your face with both his hands, your lips dangerously close. You moan softly as he enters you, closing your eyes, feeling a slight sting. Immediately he stops, worried that he's hurting you. "Are you alright, baby?" he whispers, suddenly concerned. You nod and pull him back down to your lips, giving him the go-ahead, and with one final thrust he's inside you, burning hot. Slowly he starts to move his hips against yours, penetrating you deeper and deeper with every movement. You gasp at his size but he continues to screw you very gently, until you're almost begging him to f**k you harder. He holds off until you're on the point of orgasm and only then does he allow himself to cum. He buries his head into your neck, groaning and panting, as you grab at his hair, which is now clinging to his neck. You cum a few seconds after James and you both fall into a heap, kissing passionately. (Yes, I know James hates the word but I don't!)
            Before either of you can speak the phone suddenly rings and you both look up. You both know it'll be Richey or Nicky asking where the hell James is. Grinning, James reaches over and answers it. Instantly you know it must be Richey because James is laughing and winking at you. Putting the receiver down James smiles and says, "Richey says congratulations". You giggle. "He's covering for us", James grins, "we've got another hour before they need me". You pull him back down to you. "Thank you", you whisper. James looks at you - not too sure what he's been thanked for. "Thank you for not rushing me and making it special", you continue. Almost on the point of blushing James grins and gives you that 'kinda like' look, "I wouldn't have wanted it any other way". A moment later you're in each other's arms again, kissing…