Living Next Door To Ali… *Oops* James! (by Nan)

        You've been living in a new building for almost two weeks but you still hardly know anyone. The only guy you're remotely familiar with is this man that lives next door. You don't know his name or anything but you always feel as though you've seen him somewhere before…
     One evening you're staying in because it's raining. You're making dinner when you hear a noise outside. Now this is London so you're afraid of robbers and you decide to check it out. You look through the peephole to see your neighbour fiddling with his keys until he suddenly starts to curse uncontrollably. Now since you're attracted to this guy (if you hadn't figured it out yet, it's James!) you open the door and ask him if everything is ok only to have him look at you with lightning coming out of his eyes (…Hmm, maybe I should just have James shag you on the staircase! But that's another fantasy!) You've been having a bad day so when he does this you look down and start moving back towards your apartment (no matter how much you want to stay!) He says he's dreadfully sorry and turns you towards him with his arm and only then do you notice that he is soaking wet. You tell him that it's ok and that you're just a bit upset ‘cos you had a bad day at work. He smiles knowingly and adds, “Yeah, I know. Nothing's been going my way either… I just broke my key”.
“Oh, do you need the phone?” He smiles at you when you lead him inside your apartment making petty conversation; he notes how clean everything is. You can't help but giggle and tell him that's just because you've only just moved in and it will look very different in a couple of weeks. “Oh really. Somehow I don't think so. But I'll just have to come see”. You smile to yourself and discover that you're having very explicit fantasies about this man (…don't we all!) While he's on the phone you get him a towel and help him out of his dripping-wet jacket only to find that his shirt is soaked as well and clinging to his chest (…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) He notices your stare (…of course he does, these things always happen to you!) and you blush and head for the kitchen cursing yourself under your breath. But things get worse…
Minutes later, when you open the higher cabinet on the side of the kitchen he appears and you almost smack him in the head (…Ohhh, nursing James!) and you go (well, more like sprint!) to his rescue. Ok, so you're a bit subtler than that when you check if he's alright. He says he's fine except that the locksmith can't come until tomorrow morning (…a big huge neon sign saying ‘yes’ lights up in your head! Hee hee). He's left all his money in his apartment so he can't get a hotel room so he guesses he'll be off to his friends house. You quickly grab the chance and tell him that he could stay in your apartment if he wanted to. It was almost midnight and if he hadn't already he definitely would catch pneumonia if he went out in the rain again. He asks if you're sure and you nod and then it strikes you. “Only, I don't even know your name!” (Ok, so the girl is dumb. Or playing it dumb!) He smiles and tells you his name and when it finally hits you that he's ‘THE’ singer in ‘THE’ band (…oh, and ‘THE’ sex god!) your hands start to sweat as you shake his hand and introduce yourself as well. “So, about the pneumonia, would you mind if I took a shower?” You wake up from your daze of looking into those eyes and nod. He looks around and points to the direction of the bathroom and you nod again. You move back into the kitchen as you hear the water but find out that you really can't make dinner anymore since your hands are shaking! You decide on making tea (…two teabags! I know that much!) when he calls you and you make your way to the bathroom and open the door slightly. “Erm, I'm sorry to bother you, but you're out of shampoo”.
“Oh, I've got some in the hall, just a sec”, you say and storm out and return as quickly as you can (…come on, in the bathroom with James… naked in the shower! After this is over you could run the marathon!). When he hears you come back he looks out of the shower and reaches out his hand but as he does so the shower curtain slides away and you can see the water running down his neck to his chest and over his washboard stomach. “See anything you like?” You blush furiously and hand him the bottle. Your fingers touch as he grabs it out of your hand but just keeps it there gently rubbing your knuckles with his fingertips. You realize what you're doing and blubber out what sounds like an “I'm sorry” and start to retrieve from the bathroom still barely able to keep your eyes from his naked flesh. He calls you back. “Eh, is there something else you need?” you ask timidly.
“Yeah, come here”.
“I, I can't… the tea…”
“Forget the tea. Come here!” He pulls you towards him, still standing in the shower as he wraps his arm around your waist and looks you in the eye as he softly whispers, “Come here” again with a seductive look in his eye. You can't help yourself anymore - he pulls you in the shower with him, still completely clothed and pushes you under the stream of the shower so that your hair is wet and you can feel your dress clinging to your body. He runs his palms over your hair, then face, slowing down on your eyelids and then your lips. You turn up to kiss him but he pushes you away lightly as he smiles and grabs the hem of your dress pulling it up and over your head and you finish the job as he moves down to your knickers pulling them off in one smooth swoop. You step out of them but he keeps his hands on your ankles and then moves them up all over your body, covering every spot of your now burning flesh. You moan as his fingers pass over your ass then higher, to your breasts rubbing your nipples and finally he moves further up until he pulls your chin up and kisses you almost timidly at first but then passionately as you feel his tongue on your lips and you reach out with your own, running it along his lips until your tongues touch and you do extensive research of each others mouths. You simply kiss for a few minutes being content with running your hands all over each others bodies. He leans into you and you can feel his cock, hard and ready against your hip as you reach down with your hand to run your finger over his flesh until he can't take any more and pushes you against the wall. He places his cock against your clit teasing you as you hold on to his neck and hold his head so that his mouth is covering your breasts. He enters you and you wrap your legs tightly around his waist as he fucks you… softly at first but when he feels your hips moving in time with his own he begins thrusting harder and faster, making you gasp for breath, beg him to fuck you harder, pushing you against the wall. You feel the sensation of the cold tiles and hot skin against you and it makes you shiver. You feel his cock throbbing inside you as he looks at you and kisses you roughly. You can feel his stubble burning your cheeks but you don't care as you cum and feel him filling you at the same time.
     He just holds you like that for a while and then he takes your hand and leads you into the bathroom. He takes a towel and dries you off as you do the same to him as you smile contently at each other. He puts on your (oversized) robe (…can you imagine him in one of those tiny little oriental robes? Yummy!) as you make your way to the living room where he sits you down on the sofa and he goes to make tea. You end up watching mindless television with you sitting in his lap and falling asleep in his arms.

  The ending of this story… Do you all know the Janet Jackson video for ‘Anytime, Anywhere’? The peephole thing?