London Hotel Fantasy (by Mrs B)

           Confused and tired you drive up to yet another set of traffic lights, not sure which lane you should be in, after all, what business does a young girlie from the back of beyond the furthest reaches of north Wales have in this great, buzzing city. You smile to yourself as you glimpse down at James’ scrawled handwriting scribbled across the back of an old envelope giving you directions to the hotel. At last you pull up to the pavement just past the hotel and a sigh of relief escapes you as you switch off the engine. After checking in, you step into the lift and press the button for the top floor. You find the correct door and walk into the luxurious surrounding of the room. Your eyes immediately go to the king size, four-poster bed in the middle of the room. You smile to yourself as you lie back and imagine all the fun and games you and a certain Mr Bradfield will get up to in here in a few hours time! There's a knock on the door. “Come in”, you call. The door opens and in walks a deliveryman with the biggest bunch of roses you have ever seen in your life. You open the tiny envelope that sits snugly among the flowers; the card simply says ‘Love, James XXX’. What a sweetie you think as you place the bunch on the low table at the end of the bed. No need to rush, this time you'll have a prime view of the performance without having to risk getting piles sitting on the cold pavement for hours waiting for the doors to open! You lie back on the huge bed and close your eyes, your hand wanders down to that sensitive place in between your legs as you think back to your last meeting with James!
         “Shit!” You gasp as you spot the clock on the bedside table, you didn’t mean to fall asleep, that drive down probably zapped more of your energy than you thought. Quick shower and a change of clothes and you're off to see Mr Wonderful! After walking past the security officer standing by the rear entrance, flashing your pass with glee, you quietly edge up to the stage entrance and make yourself comfortable. In the middle of a set, straining to reach the high notes in ‘Masses Against The Classes’, James doesn’t notice you for a while. After finishing that song and while bantering with the crowd he spots you and gives a sexy wink in your direction, before announcing an earlier than planned short brake. He casually walks off the stage leaving the others a bit confused. “Didn’t think you were going to turn up”, he says before sweeping you up in his strong arms and planting a sweaty snog on your lips, not giving you a chance to respond. “I thought we were going to be careful in case the reporters expose us”, you say, a little shocked and amused at his public show of affection. “Fuck ‘em!” he answers, “Let them say what they want, I’m not going to hide anything! See you in a bit.” He leaves you to contemplate the situation. Well, well, this could get serious then! You blush and let out a little giggle as this thought sinks in!
     After the show you both head off back to the hotel for a few bevies with the rest of the crowd. You sit in the downstairs bar of the hotel sipping on a bottle of Becks, sitting across from James with Nicky and a few others on your right. You're having a great time but you're sure things could be even better. All you can think of is getting James alone and getting your wicked way with him. As you sit casually swapping make-up tips with Nicky (as you do!) you slide one foot out of your shoe and without any reaction whatsoever from you, you slide your foot up James’ leg and casually rest it on the bulge in his jeans! You hear James struggling to carry on his conversation without sounding distracted as you gently massage the ever-tightening spot on which your foot lies! Suddenly you take your foot away and place it back in your shoe before announcing your need for the bathroom. Off you walk across the floor wiggling your hips a little more than is necessary. Your stunt has had the desired effect, before you can even finish washing your hands, the ‘ladies’ door bursts open and in walks a slightly flushed James. “What are you trying to do to me woman?” He scorns, mockingly. He roughly pushes up against you, planting his lips on yours while his tongue parts your lips in search for yours. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for; you guide James into an empty cubicle and shut the door. Gazing into his deep brown eyes and without saying a word you let your hands explore his manly torso. Your fingers find their way under his T-shirt and begin to tease his nipples before working their way south and unbuttoning the button fly of his jeans and delving into their inner warmth. “Thing are getting a bit tight in here!” you comment. James doesn’t answer - can’t answer! You curl your hand around James’ whole shaft and start to work his foreskin up and down rhythmically. James’ breathing intensifies as you quicken your movements. James grabs your wrist. With a deep slurring in his voice he says, “Wait, I’ve been looking forward for this too much for it to be like this, lets go upstairs so we can take our time and do things properly.” You tear yourself away. James opens the loo door and leads you by the hand towards the foyer.
     You wait for a couple of seconds for the lift and when it doesn’t arrive you glance at each other and with a smile race for the stairs. You're ahead of James and half way up the first flight you feel your legs being knocked out from under you as he rugby tackles you to the floor before pinning you down under his own body and smothering you with big sloppy kisses while his hand curls up in between your legs and presses the seam of your own jeans hard against your clitoris. Your hands move down to cup his buttocks and you pull him hard against you. James breaks the kiss and breathlessly whispers in your ear, “At this rate we’ll never reach our room.” Without another word he gets up and with a cheeky grin proceeds to calmly walk up the rest of the flight until he reaches the lifts on the first floor. You're not far behind. The door swoops open and you both step inside. You show great restraint as you stand beside him only touching elbows. You can feel the electricity and sexual tension flowing from both your willing bodies and a swirling sensation deep within your loins. The needle creeps way too slowly towards the number of your floor and with every second that’s passing the need gets greater. You both crash through the door of your room, tearing at each other’s clothes. You fall onto the bed already flushed and sweaty. James jambs his knee between your legs, forcing them apart while his hand searches to caress your wet inner thighs and finds it’s way to massage your clit. You moan as he stops, and moan louder as he moves down the bed until you feel his tongue flicking your bud and working it’s way inside you. You grind against him while tangling your fingers in his hair, pulling him tight against you. You feel yourself starting to tremble with the beginnings of an almighty orgasm. You want him. You need to feel him filling you, touching that tender spot deep inside. As if reading your mind, James crawls up your body licking his way up your tummy and taking in both your nipples in turn before reaching your eager mouth. You guide his penis towards your opening, and with ease he slides in. Now you are both joined and neither of you move a muscle for a few seconds, you just gaze into each other’s eyes not wanting to break the spell. Slowly, with long determined strokes James takes control before rolling you over until you are straddling him and giving you full control of the situation. You start to move your hips slowly at first before increasing the speed keeping a steady rhythm. James grabs your hips and whispers as if in pain for you to stop. He moves your hips slowly up and down until you feel his whole body stiffen, he arches his back and with a deep animalistic growl he spurts his orgasm inside you. You lie down on top of him and caress the side of his face. After a few seconds he opens his eyes. He looks directly into your own eyes and utters the words you are longing to hear, “Shall we go back down for another pint then, or shall we do that again?!!!”