Manchester Gig Fantasy (by Mrs B)

        The day has finally arrived: 27th of March 2001. You’ve been waiting eagerly for four and a half hours outside the Apollo Theatre, sitting on the cold pavement, when at last the doors open. In a panic you struggle to your feet and fumble in your back denim skirt pocket for your ticket. At last you’re inside, you rush towards the front barriers ready for another long wait. The warm up group are OK and have put everyone in the mood, but of course the only one you want to see is the utterly gorgeous JAMES. Here he comes. Looking stunning in dark green combats and a black short sleeve shirt, he launches into the sexiest guitar solo ever as an intro to Found That Soul. This is the best time of your life, great music, and the sexiest view ever. All too soon James announces that the next song will be the last. The crowd go wild as James, sweaty and tired plays the intro to A Design For Life. You feel bodies pushing you over the barrier and forcing you off your feet, you try to find your balance but as you come back down you feel a stabbing pain shooting up your leg and hear a terrible crack as your ankle gives way. Tears spring to your eyes and you cry out. Luckily the steward on the other side of the barrier notices and helps you to climb over the low railing. Two paramedics take over and proceed to carry you through the small door to the left of the stage and into a small room, which for tonight doubles as a casualty treatment room for unlucky Manics lovers.
     There are already a few people in there nursing various parts of their bodies, a person for every chair in the room, where are you to sit? The paramedics put you down on your one god leg while they contemplate the situation. “This way”, says one, and helps you to hop towards a closed door. The other rushes ahead to open the door, and moves an orange plastic chair towards a small, low coffee table just behind the door. You sit down on the chair and lift your leg onto the low table. “We’ll have to leave you for a bit if that’s OK” says one of the paramedics, “this time of night gets a bit busy, we’ll be back in a while.” You sit there patiently hoping that your friends will wait for you. After a while the door opens and you are about to ask the paramedic if he can strap you up so you can go when you realise it’s not a paramedic at all but the awesomely perfect in every way, James. You feel the words catching in your throat and you're not able to make a sound. James obviously hasn’t seen you as he casually walks across the small room towards a black sports bag on the floor in the corner, taking off his shirt and wiping his face and chest with the bundled up fabric. You really feel as if you should say something, but again the words, even if you could think of something to say, wouldn’t come out anyway! He mumbles something under his breath as he pulls out of the bag a clean, crisp, light grey, plain T-shirt. He’s about to put the garment on when he turns around and spots you sitting, looking more than a little pathetic in the corner behind the door. “Oh!” he says looking surprised. You try to explain, you start talking and when the words finally come out, they are jumbled and rushed. “Sorry,” you mumble pathetically, he laughs. “Take a breath and start again”, he says. His laughter has put you at ease and this time you take your time and make a better job of explaining your situation. He frowns, as he looks down at your ankle, which by now is slightly swollen and an attractive shade of bluey, yellowy, green. He leans over and touches it gently, you gasp, not with pain but at the sensation of his fingers on your bare skin. “Sorry,” he apologises without need, “…looks sore.” You blush desperately. “Ah well, hope you're better soon, best get going.” You can’t let him leave. Before he reaches the door you speak up, “Before you go, would you sign this for me?” He steps back towards you as you hand him your ticket stub. With a marker pen he scribbles ‘James X’ across the front of the ticket and as he hands it back points to the scribbled kiss and says, “A kiss on here,” then points to his lips, “and a kiss on here!” You gasp again as he leans over and bumps the coffee table with his right leg. “Sorry, I think I better come down to your level.” He gets down on his knees in front of your chair and his face comes towards yours, and you prepare yourself for the most mind blowing moment of your life. His lips are soft, warm and salty as they touch yours and linger. You are lost in the moment and close your eyes. All too soon the kiss is over and you open your eyes surprised to se his face still so fantastically close to yours, his darkest of brown eyes searching yours. You smile slightly, nervously as he moves ever so slowly closer, this time it's his eyes that close. This time the kiss is stronger, with more passion. You feel his lips part slightly as his tongue searches for yours. For a short moment you are frozen in disbelief, but you soon get a grip and open your mouth slightly to receive his passion and return the favour. His hand moves up to the back of your neck and his fingers start to explore your soft slightly sweaty tendrils and the straps of your vest top. Your hands start to explore his muscular arms and chest, before moving to his head and running your fingers through his short tousled hair. He runs one hand down over your arm and to your thigh while the fingers of the other hand entangle in your hair. He breaks the kiss and after a long gaze into your eyes, without a word picks you up in his strong arms and carries you over to a large, brown leather sofa at the other end of the room. Gently he places you down with your right, gamy leg up on the sofa. You are half sitting, half lying with James sitting between your legs, bare chested and looking gorgeous. This is amazing, he’s looking deep into your eyes with a longing that can’t be disguised. Your confidence is brimming and this time it’s you that initiates the kiss. His hands continue with their exploration of your thighs before moving up under the hemline of your short skirt. Your stomach does a double flip as you remember about your lack of underwear!! James doesn’t flinch as his hand comes to rest on where your knickers should be! You feel as if you should return the favour so you move your hand down towards the button fly of his combats, he moves slightly away from your body to give you room to do your own exploring. “You better lock the door”, you say. “No one but me ever comes in here.” He answers. Blushing you say, “I came in and I'm planning on coming again if that’s OK with you!!” He laughs slightly; the arousal is so obvious in both your voices. You now pray that the paramedics wont choose this moment to come and check on you. As you push down slightly on James’ trousers, far enough to get your hand inside his boxers to take hold of his magnificent nine inch dick, you can feel the middle and index fingers of his right hand pushing to find your opening. You're wet with anticipation and his fingers easily slide in. While his thumb finds your quivering clitoris, he bends his fingers slightly forward in search of your G-Spot (he obviously knows how to give pleasure!) As he massages you in this manner you lean back and in ecstasy nearly forget to return the favour. He moans as you move your hand gently down his shaft and then up again before encircling the head very gently with your index finger. This is too much for both of you. You want him now, you can’t wait any longer, and it’s obvious he feels the same. He pushes you down onto the leather surface before standing up, kicking his red trainers off and pulling both his combats and boxers down in one sweep, freeing his erect penis. He is now completely naked in front of you, you feel your heart skip a beat and a hot squirmy feeling stirs in your groin. As he lowers himself onto the sofa and your body, he pushes at your vest top until your firm round breasts are exposed. He circles each nipple in turn with his tongue before moving up to reach your eager lips. You grab his penis and guide him towards your wet, willing opening. His thrusts are gentle and slow to begin with, but as you move your hips up to meet him in an ever quickening rhythm, he gets the message and you both start thrusting, gasping and grunting faster and faster until you feel the tingles of an oncoming wonderful orgasm bubbling up inside you. You arch your back willing him to penetrate deeper still in an amazing frenzy, before collapsing back into the support of his arms, which are curled under your back. In a second you can feel his body stiffen and the warm spurt of his own orgasm filling you. He kisses you passionately. You wish this moment would last forever, that time would stop and you would be locked in James’ embrace for eternity.
     There's a knock on the door, and a voice can be heard, “Excuse me, did we leave a patient in here?” You giggle as James jumps to his feet, trying to gain enough control on his voice to answer the question. You both rush to get dressed before the door is opened. James turns to look at you before answering the door. The two paramedics are standing either side of a stretcher ready to take you away. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience”, says one of them, looking slightly puzzled and amused at both of you, obviously catching on! It’s time for you to leave; James helps you up and onto the stretcher. “Before you go, if you feel up to it, we’ll be having a few drinks later on. Give me your mobile number I’ll give you a ring so I’ll know where to send the car to pick you up.” This is just what you wanted to hear; of course you’ll be up for it even if your leg is hanging off! In the ambulance on the way to hospital you realise that you didn’t even tell him your name, ah well, you can tell him later, or maybe in the morning!! !