Millennium Shower (by Missy)

    It’s the night of the Millennium gig and the gig has just ended so the Manics are having an after show party backstage. You and James have been seeing each other on and off for about a year now. A few days before the gig, however, you split up again so are no longer a couple. (Ok, don’t all slit your wrists in despair - just read on, it does get better!) You’ve always had a fiery relationship! But the other guys and Hall Or Nothing have invited you to the party so you feel obliged to make an appearance. 
            As soon as you arrive Nicky, who secretly fancies you, spots you and immediately makes his way over. (Sorry Rachel but for the purposes of this fantasy - you just don’t exist!) Nicky gets you a drink and starts openly flirting with you. Because you’re sooo pissed off with James after your last argument, you flirt back... hey besides, Nicky is quite sexy!  About an hour passes and you still haven’t seen James - he’s having to talk to the press about the gig. Then, just as Nicky has playfully pulled you towards him, you spot him over Nicky’s shoulder (...oh yes, you’re VERY tall!) James is stood near the bar, glancing around to see just exactly who’s at the party. You pray to God that he doesn’t spot you but, just as he’s ordering a drink, he notices you. Nicky has his arms around your waist (...he hasn’t noticed James) and keeps whispering in your ear, letting his lips gently touch your neck. You dare to look back up at James and he just scowls and throws you one of those really filthy looks. Then he turns away and walks over to Sean and some other people.  For a moment you feel really awful because you’ve hurt him...But then it suddenly dawns on you that he’s jealous...He’s jealous and that obviously means he still wants you...So you decide to play on it!

So for the next hour you really flirt with Nicky (...God, this is sooo cruel towards Nicky - sorry honey!) and you can see James in the corner of your eye glancing over every now and then. The thought of him watching you is really turning you on because you know James is in a really bad mood now (and that just makes you really horny!) A few minutes later you make your excuses and tell Nicky that you have to pop back to your hotel for something.
Now your hotel is just across the road from the stadium so you’re there within a few minutes. You’re waiting for the lift with two other people but when the doors open you almost have a heart attack...What you didn’t realise is that you’ve booked into the same hotel as the Manics...And James is stood in front of you.  He just glares at you as you step into the lift. It’s a fairly small lift so you have to stand in front of him, with your back to him, whilst the other two people (who are chatting) stand in front of you, facing the lift doors. You’re heart is thudding and you can feel his eyes burning into the back of your neck. Suddenly you feel his hot breath near your neck and he whispers in your ear “I’m gonna fuck you...not Nicky”. You go dizzy as you feel James’ hands running up your thighs, under your dress, until he reaches your knickers. The other people in the lift are quite oblivious to what’s happening as they’re chatting quite loudly and can’t really see you. Slowly James pulls your knickers down and you step out of them. He quickly pushes them into his pocket and continues to stroke the inside of your thigh, his hand moving higher and higher until he reaches your clit. You close your eyes and try to keep from moaning as he slips a finger inside you. He knows how much you want to scream out but he knows you won’t because of the other people in the lift. Enjoying this power he has over you, James starts to lick the back of your neck and takes your hand and guides it towards his trousers...He’s hard, really hard. “This is what you’re missing” he whispers in your ear.  Suddenly the lift doors open and James lets go of you.
     As the other two people makes their way out of the lift, James grabs your hand and drags you out of the lift and down the corridor towards the Penthouse. (Ok, just ‘imagine’!) You suddenly realise that this is obviously where he’s staying. He doesn’t speak but he’s being really rough with you, which turns you on even more than his moody silences. As soon as you’re through the door he drags you towards the bathroom. Once there, he pushes you up against the wall and starts to rip your clothes off. Then he drags you into the shower with him... he’s completely naked and obviously VERY pleased to see you (...if you get my drift, girls!) He kisses you really roughly, one hand in your hair pulling your head back, whilst running his other hand over every square inch of your body before finally slipping between your legs. Then, just as you’re about to put your arms around his neck, he stops and grabs hold of your wrists. Looking you deep in the eyes, he gives you an evil grin and whispers “Be a good girl. Go down, baby”. He pushes you down to your knees ( you haven’t alreay dropped!) and you take him into your mouth. The water is running all over your naked bodies and James holds your head with both his hands, so he’s in control. He leans back against the wall, his head back, and you hear him moan. But just as he’s about to cum, he quickly pushes you away. Then, pulling you to your feet again, he kisses you before turning you round, so that your back’s facing him, and pushing you face forwards up against glass. (It’s one of those glass cubicle showers, by the way). It’s really cold against your body but then you feel James behind you, his skin really hot. There’s a mirror facing the shower, so you can see yourself, and you see James grin as he realises. Pushing his cock between your legs (...sorry to interrupt people - Tolerate has just come on the radio! Arghhhhhhhhh!  Someone’s listening!), he starts to rub himself against your clit until you think you’re gonna explode. While he’s doing this he slides his hands round your body and grabs your breasts, playing with them really roughly. Looking at you in the mirror, James whispers in your ear, “I’m gonna make you beg”. You try and resist, knowing full well he’s doing this to punish you for flirting with Nicky (...who is by now probably wondering where the hell you’ve got to!) But as he starts to rub harder and harder it just becomes too much and you find yourself begging him to fuck you. With one thrust he’s inside of you and you cry out in ecstasy. He continues to fuck you from behind against the shower wall until you both cum.  Pulling out of you, he turns you round and kisses you hungrily on the lips. “Happy New Year” he whispers in your ear. You look at him as if to ask whether he’s forgiven you. He shakes his head grinning, “You’ve got a lot of making-up to do, girl”, before pulling you out of the shower and towards the bed...