Mission (by Sheep)

        You’ve been dreading this mission. Ever since you were told who the pilot would be, you have been trying to switch flights, go to a different planet, cross an alternate universe. But no one was allowed to switch, the journey was dangerous, and computer simulations had shown that the pairing of you two would have the best chance of accomplishing the mission. ‘Ttechnically’ you’re made for each other.
     Reluctantly you board JJ72 the latest in space craft technology, the fastest and most powerful in the fleet. You take your place in the co pilot’s seat next to James who is already checking the controls.
“What took you?” grunts James.
“Fuck off”, you say.
Great start you think to yourself. However, before you can even consider trying to make peace. James has undocked the ship and is hurtling at max speed towards the space doors, which do not appear to be opening fast enough.
“Jesus” you say mainly to yourself, as you fly across the ship to the gunnery position. But there is a smile on your face as you recall that James always flew the way he made love, hard and fast with minimal foreplay, but hell the doors were always open when he entered. Seconds later hostile fire is all around, and you’re picking enemy ships off with frightening accuracy, all thoughts of James are erased, well almost, as you recall he always looked super horny in his uniform which appeared to meld itself to his body.
After what seems like hours of intense activity, your head is spinning, and you can no longer see straight, but nothing appears to be firing back. You spot something and shoot. “That was a fucking space boulder”, you hear over the com channel. “Why don’t you just fuck off and give me a break, I’ve nuked everything in sight”
“Yep you’ve always been good at destroying things,” says James.
 “What the hell do you mean by that?” you say storming into the cockpit.
        James is smiling at you, sweat has made his uniform stick to his chest following each muscular curve and his nipples are erect. “Well at least we’re alive,” he says half to himself. You’ve never been able to resist James, and today is no exception. You climb astride his crotch and start to unbutton his shirt to reveal his chest glistening with perspiration. You suck his nipples and rub your hips against his bulging cock. Your mouth covers his, your tongue exploring the sweet insides, and your hands frantically pull at both his clothing and your own till the remnants of two uniforms are scattered across the floor. Finally you thrust yourself onto his stiff hard cock with a cry of absolute pleasure. James’s hands hold you firmly beneath each arm as you ride his erection. The pair of you cum simultaneously just as the side of the ship explodes throwing you both across the cockpit.
        James hurls himself back into the pilots seat and attempts to bring the ship under control. Slightly stunned with a sharp pain in one arm you rapidly pull your clothes back on and go to investigate the damage. One side of the ship, including the gunnery, has been badly damaged and airlocks are preventing you from entering. You rejoin a very concerned looking James in the cock pit.
“We’ve no right engine, and navigations fucked” says James dejectedly, “can anything else go wrong?”
“Well, the right side of the ship is missing, and we’ve no weapons” you say.
James looks at you; like it’s all your fault, and you finally start to contemplate that you might not actually survive this trip.
You slump to the floor nursing your shoulder, and tears begin to stream down your face. “I’m sorry,” you say.
James walks towards you with a resigned look on his face. “Don’t cry, it’s not your fault, this mission’s been suicide from the start”.
James sits down beside you and rests your head on his chest, whilst gently massaging your shoulder; with a sharp click he forces it back in place. You turn to hit him with your good arm, but he blocks your attack and pulls you closer to him.
Very gently he lays you on the floor kissing lightly first your lips and then moving down to your breast and then stomach. His hands explore between your legs, fingers stroking and massaging as they enter you. His tongue follows licking and caressing inside, until you are on the verge of an orgasm. All too soon the tongue is withdrawn but is swiftly replaced by a bulging cock, which slowly and gently rebuilds the rhythm started by his fingers. His mouth kisses you tenderly as his hands explore your breasts.
“I’ve always loved you, you know that, don’t you?” he whispers.
You sigh acknowledging something you’ve been fighting against for a very long time. You arch your back warmly receiving the pleasure James is giving you. Your lovemaking becomes more tender as you explore each other’s bodies, until finally you are consumed by an intense orgasm that leaves you weak.
Finally you speak. “Well what happens now?” in the vain hope that this has all been a dream, and you’re not about to die.
“Well” says James “You are going to take the escape capsule out of here, and I’m going to fend off the enemy”.
“Noooooo!” you say and then it all goes black.
You come to just as the escape capsule lands safely on Elland, with the realisation that James has given his life to save yours.