Morphine Induced Fantasy (by Sheep)

        It's twilight, sometimes the room seems awfully big and sometimes it seems sooo small that you wonder how you can fit in, the bed has turned full circle now seven times, and is vibrating gently. It must be the morphine but it all seems so real. James enters the room, and your heart skips a beat. Is this a fantasy? Or is it 4 real. "Hello, I heard you were ill so I thought I’d come and cheer you up", says James with an enigmatic smile on his face. He sits on the side of your bed, and gently rolls you onto your front, so that he can massage your back. He starts at your neck, needing gently but firmly with his powerful fingers, then makes his way down your spine, paying particular attention to the small of your back and your buttocks. You groan in pleasure until, completely relaxed, you fall into deep sleep. When you awake it's morning and a man in a white coat is peering over you.” We seem to be a bit better this morning", says your doctor. "Mmmmm" you say.
     It's dusk, and the bed has started to move again, you're restless wanting to sleep but unable to, feeling both hot and cold all at the same times. The door opens and in walks James. "I've come to give you your bath", he says smiling. Within moments he has expertly removed your nightdress and is sponging, warm scented oil enriched water on your neck and breasts, stroking each individually with his sponge filled hand until your nipples are erect and hard. He moves down across your stomach, stroking your skin lovingly with his sponge. He moves down further, plunging his hand and water covered sponge between your thighs. The sponge starts to massage your clit, and your back arches in pleasure. His rhythm builds and you can feel his fingers pressing deep within you through the sponge. You moan in ecstasy as an orgasm washes over you, and you drift into a contented sleep. "Quite remarkable really, an amazing recovery", says the doctor, "We'll keep you in one more night, and you can go home tomorrow”.
     It’s dark outside, the morphine has gone, and the bed is no longer moving. He's not going to come, you sigh dejectedly, if he came at all. It's past midnight and you just can't keep your eyes open any longer. Just as you're drifting off the door opens quietly and James walks over to your bed. "Couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye", he says gently. Without warning, his mouth covers yours, and his tongue starts to explore. His passion is intense and tangible this time, as he quickly removes his clothes and climbs into bed beside you. His hands explore your breasts, stomach, and your clit, and you can do nothing to stop him (not that you want to ). Your hands explore his firm chest, and then wrap themselves round his huge hard cock. There is no denying what you both want. James covers your body with his, and enters you quickly. The pleasure is almost unbearable, and you cling to him, whilst he moves in and out. Your whole body feels like it is about to explode when finally you orgasm together, and lie contentedly on the bed, as sleep washes over you.
     It's been six months now since your illness and you feel as good as new. You told no one about James's visits whilst you were in hospital, and have since put them down to drug induced hallucinations. The Manics have finished their sixth album, are touring the UK, and you have tickets for tonight’s performance in your hometown. You get there early to secure your place at the front, the concert is amazing and you feel sad that there are only two more songs until they end. James stares in your direction as he walks towards the mic. "This is for XXXXX, I hope you're feeling better now".