Motorcycles And Strawberries (by Unknown Author)

          Great start to the summer. You get fired from work, but you think: hey, I never liked that job anyway! On your way home your car breaks down on the high way and you nearly have a nervous breakdown because of it, but at least you have a nice boyfriend to make you feel better. Or so you thought. You walk through the doors of your apartment to find him shagging your best friend on the floor of your living room. You march to the bedroom and pack, not even paying any attention to his apologies as you walk out the door, slamming it shut behind you. Your whole life has been ruined, your whole life is shite... you're walking down a road with no clue where you could go. But as you walk, your thoughts get clearer and you realise your whole life was shite anyway, so as you put it when you got fired: didn't like it anyway!
     You turn at a corner and take the direction out of the city. "I'm going somewhere else, anywhere else”, you think for yourself. You stay at a friend’s house for a few days, just to get things sorted out, and then you pack all your belongings into a rucksack and make your way into a new life. You have no car, no way of transportation... but you’re strange bird and decide to walk somewhere. If you arrive in a town or at a small village, you'll stop there and look if you like the place. If you like it you'll set foot there, if you don't you'll go on. It's a sunny morning when you leave your friend, when you leave everything behind, and as you're walking along the road you know it will be a hot day. You're sweating so you take off your jacket and tie it around your waist, clumsily. Cars are rushing by and you suddenly decide to hitchhike. Wherever the road takes you, it makes no difference. You raise your thumb to the sky and wait. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Suddenly, you hear a loud roaring sound behind the horizon and a motorbike can be seen in the distance… and is that? No, it can't be!?! "Need a ride? he asks. You smile coyly, “Yeah, I do, are you offering?” he puts his helmet back on and pats the seat behind him. “Jump on”, he says. You clamber onto the back of the bike and settle yourself down, your hands clamped tightly around his waist. He revs the engine and the bike zooms forward.
     You can feel his six pack though his skimpy black v-neck shirt and you're almost sure you feel him chuckle, aware of your touch. He intentionally starts going faster and faster so that you have to hold on tighter, your entire body pressed against him. After about half an hour of driving you pull up at the gas station. James takes off his helmet and helps you off the bike. "Sorry, but you didn't say where you were going", he looks at you coyly.
"Anywhere is fine”, you say, looking down and remembering your troubles.
"Is something wrong?" he asks, forcing you to look at him, and you end up confessing your entire miserable existence to him. He says he can't believe that any guy would treat you like that. If he had a girl like you he'd treat her with the greatest respect. He asks you if you fancy going for a meal and chat. You agree as you are so hungry after that walk and bike ride. He fills up the bike with gas, pays the attendant and you both get back on.
     He drives up Caerphilly Mountain to a lovely pub called The Travellers Rest, which he tells you does great food and is a rather secluded pub. You both go in and you tell him you want to freshen up. You are just brushing your hair after a good wash when you hear the door of the ladies opening. You expect to see another female coming into the toilets but it's James. He tells you he was tired of waiting for you. He tells you the pub is empty and the chef hasn't arrived yet. You look at him and start to cry - thinking about all that has happened - James comes over to you and wipes your tears away with light kisses - before you know it you throw your arms around his neck and start responding to his kisses. He pushes you against the counter and lifts you up onto it - you feel his tongue in your mouth, probing - you start doing the same to him, and his hands start toying with your blouse. He slowly unbuttons your blouse with his fingers. He gently removes it from your shoulders and pulls it down by your waist, still kissing you deeply, his tongue exploring your mouth. He stops kissing you and looks into your eyes as if asking permission, then ever so slowly he undoes your bra and lets it fall down. He starts kissing your neck and then slowly moves down to your breasts. He blows air on each nipple alternatively, and then kisses one, caresses it, nibbles gently at it. Then he turns his attention to the other nipple and does the same with that one. He moves back up and kisses you again. You smile at him, but just then you hear noises coming from the pub - and it sounds like girl talk so you know someone will be coming in here sooner or later. James must have read your mind as he lifts your blouse back up and buttons it from the bottom up while you work on the buttons the other way down. Your hands meet and you gaze into each other’s eyes, electricity running through your bodies and you know he can feel it too. He smiles and takes your had, leading you out of the ladies room, remembering to pick up your bra and stuffing it in his pocket.
     He's still looking at you for permission so you take the bull by the horns and ask for any vacant rooms with a French bed *ahem* Luckily there is a room available. He asks if you can have your food there instead of in the restaurant. They take the order and hand James the key. You get into the room and James pulls you to him as he shuts the door. He pushes you against the door and kisses you - you gasp for air and start pulling at this shirt eager to get it off. He pulls at your blouse again and then at your denim shorts (no skirt as it wouldn't be a good idea on a bike). You pull at his combats (…yes those again!) and you can feel how hard he's become. He doesn't let you pull them down - instead he scoops you up in his arms and marches over to the bed - you lay there and just as he goes to pull his combats off - there is knock at the door - you make a quick exit for the bathroom, considering all you have on are your knickers and that may be food - it is the food - the chef must have come back. James shouts to you that the waiter has gone and you sit there in nothing but your knickers eating the food. James decides to take his combats off and sits there in his boxers. You both enjoy your meal feeding each other - you notice fresh fruit and ice cream is for desert and James picks them up and leads you to the bed. He lays you down softly on the bed and searches your eyes. He leans in and kisses you gently on the lips, you return the kiss and he kisses you again, but firmer this time, the extra pressure only making you wetter. You can feel James' hand moving around your body, playing with your breasts and nipples and then moving his hand further down until it is resting at the rim of your knickers. He pulls them down, looking into your eyes the whole time, then looking you up and down over your body. You get a bit self-conscious, but he starts to kiss your feet and before you know it you're like butter in his hands, closing your eyes, telling him not to stop. Just as he gets to your inner thighs, making random circles with his tongue, you writhing beneath him, he stops! He looks up at you, grinning devilishly before slopping a big scoop of ice cream into your belly button, making you shiver and then shiver in delight as he starts to lick it off, sucking at your skin. You roll him over onto his back and grab the ice cream and throw a scoop of it onto his chest. You start licking it off, moving your tongue down his body. You reach for his boxers and pull them off. Reaching for the ice cream again you smother it over his cock and he jumps as it is cold. You start to lick it off and James grabs your arms and slides you up his body. He starts kissing you hard on the lips and then you position yourself on top of him so he enters you. You gasp at his size, but he just pushes himself harder and deeper into you. You scream out again. He stops for a moment. “DON'T STOP NOW!”, you yell. “Well, if you're going to make that much noise...”
 “Ok, ok…” you say, “just pleeeeease don't stop!” He looks at you for a moment, smiling, and then suddenly and without warning, he thrusts himself back into you, even deeper than before. You go to scream but then remember what James has says and bite your lip. He lifts you up so that you're sitting on him and reaches for the fruit. "I've got something to shut you up", he says, smiling devilishly. He takes out a big red strawberry and puts it to your mouth. You lick it first, making his eyes roll to the back of his head and then you bite - at that exact moment, James thrusts deep inside of you, you can feel every single muscle in your body tense in pleasure. He grabs another strawberry and puts it in your mouth as he does he pulls your head towards his and bites the other half of the strawberry. You start kissing again passionately - you pull yourself onto him so he goes deeper than before - you grab the sheets on the bed as you come and your face falls into his neck. James is still inside you and rolls you over so he is now on top as he hasn't come yet - it doesn't take long before he does though, giving you another orgasm.
     An hour later the chamber maid is left shaking her head over the strawberry and cream (and some other stuff as well, if you know what I mean!) covered linen... but you and James are already miles away, wind in your hair, horizon and future ahead... and that six pack still rippling underneath the black v neck t-shirt.