Neighbour (by Unknown Author)

          You're trying to get to sleep as you're working hard tomorrow, early in the morning, but all you can hear is the ‘Beautiful People’ over and over again from the flat next door. You've had enough. Putting a dressing gown around your nightdress, you go out into the corridor and knock on the front door. Your next-door neighbour answers, looking f**ked out of his head. You ask him politely if he could turn the music down a little. He grabs you by the wrists, and takes you over to the CD player. “You do it!” he says. Looking puzzled and feeling generally pissed off, you try and work out the complicated CD player. “Having trouble?” you hear a voice ask. “Yes I bloody well am!” you reply. Magically the music turns down, and you turn round to see a man wearing a pair of combats and a welsh rugby shirt, holding a bottle of beer and a remote for the CD player. “Better now?” he asks.
“Eh ...yeah” you reply, just trying to take in the fact that the lead singer of the Manics is 3 feet away from you. “My mate's a little pissed at the moment. He's going to be sick all night, I don't think I can take it. I'm sorry about the noise”. “No problem”, you say, and before you realise what you've said, you've invited this man to stay round your flat for the night. He's accepted. He goes away to get his stuff, and hands you the beer. He comes back, shouting back at his friend telling him to piss off and sober himself up. He runs into the room waving a bottle of whiskey at James and swinging punches into the air. “F**ing hell, let's go!” James says eagerly, jogging out into the corridor.
     You put the key into your door, and James pulls your hair away from your face and rests a hand on your shoulder. “Thanks a million. I would have got killed if I'd stayed there. I don't know your name?”
 “Oh right, I'm James Dean Bradfield”. The name sends shivers down your body. This is the bloke you've been fantasising over for about 7 years and he's coming in your flat. You open the door and point to the sofa, telling James that that's where he's sleeping, even though you want this guy in your bed! He tells you that he needs a shower so you take him to the bathroom. “Don't sing too loud, I need my sleep!” you grin.
He laughs, “I don't sing in the shower”. You leave him in peace, and go back to your bedroom, taking off your dressing gown. You hear a voice calling you, so you scuttle back to the bathroom. Looking you up and down, he asks for some shower gel. Handing him the bottle, he carefully covers his genitals with his other hand from inside the shower cubicle. “Thanks”. You go back to your room, whacking your toe on the doorframe on the way. “F**k!” Continuously swearing and hopping over to the bed, James hurries in, sopping wet with a towel wrapped around his waist. “What's wrong?”
“I stubbed my f**ing foot on the f**ing door and it f**ing hurts!”
“I suppose I'll have to make it better then, won't I? You let me stay here, the least I could do is make you feel better”, James says.
     Taking your foot in his hand, he begins to massage it. You watch as his hair drips a bead of water. It trickles down his neck, over his shoulders and down his smooth tanned chest. He bends down and kisses your toe. Moving his hands further up your foot, he looks into your eyes. His hands move further and further up your leg and under your thigh. He strokes your thighs gently, and your eyes follow another bead of water down his body, and you notice that the front of his towel has considerably grown in size! His hands slowly move up your nightshirt, until he reaches your pussy. He caresses your clit with his fingers, making you wail in pleasure. He keeps on rubbing you, up and down, side to side. You lie back as he moves over your body and slides your nightshirt over your head. Your hands move down and remove his towel. They move back up, over his back, and into his wet hair as he kisses your neck. He moves his head above yours and moves slowly down. You open your lips and you feel a gust of passion as his lips touch yours. The kiss gets faster, until you realise that he's pulling your legs apart, and touching your clit with his stiff cock. He keeps on kissing you, and you feel him slide into you. He groans in pleasure at the same time as you. He continually moves in and out of you, getting faster and harder each time. Every time you moan with him. He lets out a moan that sounds uncannily like the middle of Slash N Burn! (Sorry, I saw the video yesterday and heard that bit and thought it just sounded like sex with him!) He moves his hands over your naked body, massaging your breasts. He pulls away from you, but you grab his dick and guide it back into you as he cums inside you, groaning louder than before. He keeps on thrusting himself into you, as you roll him over onto his back, taking control. You move yourself up and down. You get up, and hold his dick in your hand, covering it with your mouth and teasing him by kissing it all the way up the shaft, before you lick it up and down hard. You put it all into your mouth, and suck it, getting progressively harder until he can't take any more. He rolls you onto your back and licks your clit, and puts his tongue inside you, rolling it around. You pull his head back up and stroke his cock, placing it back into you. You hold onto his tight arse, moving him back and forth into you. He collapses onto the side of the bed next to you, with his hand over your stomach, leaning his head into your shoulder. He kisses your forehead and softly says, 'Thank you', before he falls asleep under the duvet.