Nine Inch James (by Peach)

  [Some festival, backstage, both Nine Inch Nails and the Manic Street Preachers have been playing]

        Trying to forget how you convinced security to let you backstage you push your way through the crowd to the front of the bar. Quickly downing your treble whiskey no ice you turn to scan the crowd, searching for any sign of the Manic boys, tonight was the night, you had decided. The Manics had rocked the place and you had been certain you'd caught James's eye more than once during their set. Now you needed to catch his eye again. And more! You spotted him on the other side of the room, alone, excellent! Taking a deep breath you walked towards him. “Hi James“. He looks at you uncertainly,
“Great gig“, you smile and bat your eyelashes, and he relaxes visibly.
“Glad you enjoyed it“, he says.
“So all alone tonight?“ you ask.
 “Yeah, the others couldn’t stand the pace“, he winks.
“Mind if I join you?“
“Not at all“.
“Ok, I'll be back in two seconds, have to run to the bathroom“.
“Alright, I'll probably be hanging around at the bar when you get back“
     You turn and head for the toilets at the far end of the room, checking your make up and fixing your hair only takes a few seconds and you're desperate to get back to James. You walk out checking your nails and walk straight into the back of someone, he turns and it’s none other than Trent Raznor of Nine Inch Nails (…hands up who didn’t see that one coming)
“Hello baby“, he leers at you, “You might wanna watch where you’re going next time“. He walks towards you, or rather staggers towards you, walking you back until your against a wall, he holds a bottle of beer in one hand and leans both hands on the wall on either side of your head. Flicking his tongue at you, “Pretty little girlie, care to join me and the guys? We'd be…“ He pauses and laughs, staring down your top “honoured“.
“Piss off , you'll ruin my chances with James“.
“Yeah, him“, you point across the room to where James is now laughing with some leggy blonde. Too tall for him, you mutter under your breath.
“Nothing, look, are you gonna get out of my way or what?“ Your eyes keep darting back to James and the blonde, uh oh, she was whispering something in his ear - THE FUCKING SLAPPER!!!!!
“What? So you can go chase that dumb fuck? You need a real man, come sit over here with me and the boys“. He leans close to your face and you can smell the alcohol, “Or are you just a little tease?“ You try to duck under his arm and escape but he grabs your shoulder and slams you back against the wall, holding you there, he snarls at you, “C'mon babe, don’t make me mad“ Looks like its bit late for that, you think to yourself. “Get your fucking hands off me“ you scream, pushing him hard in the chest, caught off balance he stumbles and falls backwards, you disappear into the crowd but hear him screaming, “GET BACK HERE BITCH!“ as you head back towards James.                
        Accidentally nudging the blonde and sending her drink down the front of her top, you give James your best ‘I wanna be your whore’ smile. Clearly drunk, he leans towards you, “Its getting hot in here, too many people - do you wanna go outside?“
“Sure“. He takes your hand and leads you through the crowds, to a side door and out into a cold clear evening. Not wasting any time you throw your arms around his neck and pushing him backwards until he’s leaning against the nearest wall, you kiss him hard on the lips, you can taste the whiskey and its such a turn on, you shiver as he lifts your top up, exposing your bare skin to the night air, and running his hands over your breasts and along your back, pulling your body close to his. Sliding your hand over his hard on which is bulging through his jeans you feel his breathing grow ragged as you slowly unzip his fly and tease his tongue with yours. Suddenly without warning, you feel yourself being yanked backwards by the hair, screaming, half in pain, half in anger/surprise you stumble and are dragged backwards. Hitting out behind you with your fist you attack the arm which is dragging you, “Chill, babe, it’s only me“ You recognise the slurred American accent as Trent. He doesn’t seem happy, you observe perceptively. Using all your strength you turn to face him and lash out, scratching him hard down one cheek. He drops your hair immediately, and his hand flies up to his face, even in the darkness you can see the little red welts appearing. Shocked into silence, but not for long, “You fucking BITCH“, he yells and before you realise his intention, you feel his fist slamming into your jaw. He hits you with such force, the pain doesn’t even register and finding yourself flat on the ground comes as quite a surprise. The world seems full of pretty colours and you try and fail to get up. The grass is wet and the cold feels good against the dull ache throbbing in your cheek. Seemingly in the distance you hear James, he seems irate, lots of swearing. Someone drags you up roughly. It’s James. “Are you ok?“ he pushes your hair back off your face and touches your cheek gently, “Its not broken“, he mutters glaring at Trent. “I’m fine“, you manage, praying he wont let go of your arm, your legs aren’t yet in working order.
“Hey, this little bitch was with me, I just came to get her, no need for you to get involved“, slurs Trent.
“Listen you fucking twat, she's not going anywhere with you now, not after that, you fucking wanker!“
Turning to you, “C'mon, I'll go with you to hospital, I'm pretty sure you've got concussion“ So what if you can see four of James? This is your one chance, and nothing is going to spoil it. “I said I'm fine! He caught me off balance that’s all - call that a right hook?“ you smile sweetly at Trent. And just to make your point you grab James and kiss him hard, pushing your tongue inside his mouth, sucking his tongue, just as a little reminder of where you had left off. Still looking at Trent over James shoulder you slide your hand inside James jeans and run your hand along his hard cock. Feeling his breath quicken, you trail your lips across his cheek and onto his neck. He throws his head back and moans as you grab on to his cock even harder, licking his neck. Trent seems mesmerised, unable to avert his eyes from your gaze. He walks over to stand behind you, sliding his hands underneath your top and grabbing your breasts roughly, you sink your teeth into James' neck and unzip his fly to give you better access, moaning as Trent massages your nipples and kisses your neck softly. You can feel Trent hard against the small of your back as you unbutton James shirt and run your tongue down his chest. Desperate now to feel Trent's tongue you turn from James momentarily and stick your tongue down Trent's throat. Pushing your crotch hard against his throbbing cock and rubbing gently against him as James kisses your shoulder. Turning back again, you push James down onto the ground and crawl on your hands and knees over him, Trent watches as you take off your top, kiss James on the lips, and then run your tongue all the way down to the waist band of his boxers, sliding them down to expose his erection you run your tongue all the way from the tip along the shaft, he moans softly and you hear his breath quicken. Standing up you turn to Trent and kiss him quickly, giving him a horny smile, you kick off your shoes, slide your jeans off and resume where you left off with James. James runs his hands through your hair as you lick his cock slowly, teasing and making little circles with the tip of your tongue. You feel Trent's hands running over your breasts as he leans over you, you can feel his breath hot on your neck and his erection throbbing against your inner thigh as he slides his hand over your pussy, stroking your clit, sending you wild as you give in to James’ rhythm, James pushes your head down, so that you take his cock right into your mouth, relaxing your throat and hardening your tongue to increase the sensation. James is breathing heavily and a moan forms in the back of your throat as Trent slides one finger inside you and massages your clit with the others, copying the rhythm you have started with James. His other hand rests on your stomach, keeping your body in position, as James pushes your head down on his cock. As the pace picks up you feel an orgasm coming and start to rock your hips in anticipation, Trent senses you are about to come and takes the opportunity to slam his cock into you, still, touching your clit he fucks you and you feel absolutely taken over as James holds your head and Trent grabs tightly onto your waist. You feel James is about to come so you go at it even harder with your tongue working furiously, simultaneously bucking against Trent, feeling your orgasm about to hit. James grip on your head increases suddenly and you moan loudly as an orgasm washes over you. You feel Trent speeding up as James pushes your head down faster, grabbing tightly to your hair, he cries out and you feel his cum fill your mouth and run down the back of your throat, breathless you collapse onto his stomach as Trent grunts and comes inside you. Finally letting go of your waist he lets you drop to the ground completely, and he lies panting on the grass beside you and James.