Not Tonight, Love... I Have A Headache (by Missy)

        You’re in Wales for day, supposedly going to visit some of James’ family for the first time. But seeing as you’re not expected until later that evening, you and James spend the day shopping in Cardiff. It’s the first time that you’re going to meet his family and obviously you’re nervous. Unfortunately, because it’s such a hot day, and what with your nerves, you start to develop a really bad headache. As the hours pass by and the shops become even more crowded, you just begin to feel worse and worse. You don’t realise that James had noticed until you stop for a cup of tea (…white mug, TWO teabags! Hee hee…) and he leans across the table gently stroking the side of your face, moving your hair from your eyes. “Are you alright, baby?” he whispers, taking your hand in his and playing with your fingers. “Just a bit of a headache – it’s nothing, don’t worry” you reply, lying. He doesn’t say anymore but as you’re walking down the street, half an hour later, to the last few shops, James suddenly takes your hand again and starts pulling you across the road towards a really posh hotel. “Erm…what are we doing?” you begin to ask but as you reach the door James just smiles and puts a finger to your lips. “Ssshhh” he whispers. You follow James to the reception desk and stand there startled as he books you both into the suite. The keys are handed over and James pays an obscene amount of money for the room. As he pulls you to the lift he sees the look on your face and pulls you to him. “I know you don’t feel well” he whispers, his lips really close to yours, his hands in your hair, “So I thought you’d want to sleep it off”. Before you can answer he kisses you so gently that you almost feel dizzy.
     When you reach your room, James pulls you silently into the bedroom. There’s a massive white four-poster bed in the middle of the room. James walks over to the window and opens it, letting a cool breeze into the room. Then he turns back to you. Slowly he walks over to you, his eyes never leaving yours. Your legs feel weak. Without a word he gently starts to undress you until you’re stood in front of him completely naked. For a moment you think he’s going to try something but when he pulls you to him he just slides his arms around you and lifts you up, carrying you to the bed. Wrapping you in the cool, white sheets, he lies you down and softly kisses your eyelids, making you close your eyes. He runs his fingers through your hair, stroking and kissing your neck lightly, all the time whispering in your ear to fall asleep. You’ve never felt so utterly relaxed before in your whole life. And within a few minutes - James’ voice growing ever more distant - you fall into a deep sleep.
     When you open your eyes the first thing you see through the window is that it’s dark….it slowly dawns on you that you’ve been asleep most of the afternoon in fact. Turning over, you realise James is sitting in the bed next to you, quietly reading. He looks down at you and smiles when he sees you’ve awoken. Yours eyes are still really sleepy though and he can tell that you’re still in that dreamy half-asleep state, so he carefully puts his book down and cuddles up to you. He leans over and gently kisses your lips. You respond but don’t open your eyes, allowing yourself to drift away again. Slowly you become aware that James is now on top of you, gently pushing your legs apart slightly. His hands feel hot on your bare cool skin and you gently moan. He brushes his lips down your neck, pulling the sheet away that stands between him and your naked body. The temperature in the room is now remarkably lower and you can’t help but shiver when you feel his hot lips on your nipples, gently sucking like a baby. You feel him moving further and further down your body, pulling the sheet with him until you’re laid there completely naked. Just then you feel his breath on your neck again and he whispers softly, “Just keep your eyes closed, baby”. With that he moves down your body again and you feel him pushing your thighs apart. You let out a moan as you feel his tongue between your legs, gently probing. Without opening your eyes you slide your hands down to his head and grab his hair, pushing him further into you. He continues licking until he knows you’re on the point of cuming but then quickly pulls away from you. Only then do you open your eyes, wanting to beg him to carry on.
     He’s now above you and grinning. “Oh I suppose you want sex now, do you?” you giggle. James laughs, “Well, it was an expensive room”, he starts, “You didn’t think you’d get it for free…did you?” Grabbing the nearest pillow you swing it at him, playfully hitting him. He catches your wrists though (…yes, I seem to have a thing about my wrists at the moment!) and lying down, pulls you on top of him. You’re both completely naked now, the sheets twisted around your legs. James holds you close to his lips with his hands in your hair. He looks you deep in the eyes and, without a word, you open your legs, letting him slide inside you. He gasps as you take him deeper inside you, James arching his back in pleasure. “Is this payment then?” you tease him. Sliding his hands down your back he grabs your bum and pulls himself even deeper inside you. Now it’s time for you to gasp. He gives you a cheeky grin, “Well, that all depends on whether you make me cum”. Slowly you start rocking your hips, James moaning. With one hand James grabs your hair again and pulls your lips to his, pushing his tongue down your throat. “Awe, baby harder…harder” he begs, as you increase your pace. Tiny beads of sweat are beginning to form on his forehead and his hair is beginning to curl into his neck, as he gets hotter and hotter. Slowly you lift yourself up off his chest, so that you’re now straddling him. He opens his eyes, panting, “Oh baby, please don’t stop”, he murmurs. You grin and then start riding him, James closing his eyes again in ecstasy. His hands reach up and playfully grab your breasts, before you bend over him, licking his chest, gently biting his nipple. You begin to feel James cuming and allow yourself to follow him, throwing your head back as James grabs hold of your hips, holding himself inside you. James groans as he cums and you flop down onto his chest, gently kissing his lips, as you both get your breath back.
     You look over at the clock and begin to panic when you see that it’s almost 7pm – you’re late – but James pulls you back and smiles. “How’s your head?” he grins, trying not to laugh. “Fine now…” you start before James cracks up laughing. “We’re not even going to your parents, are we?” you ask James. He bursts out laughing, “No, they rang this morning to cancel. We’re not going until tomorrow”. Before you can says anything he pulls you back to his lips and kisses you. “So I guess we can stay here all night”, he grins. You can’t resist him – you just start giggling.