Nurse (by Syd)

        Our hero hasn’t been feeling too well lately: constant touring, recording, dealing with horny fans, etc, has left him feeling quite exhausted, and he decides to go to the Dr. for a quick check up. You’re feeling pretty shitty yourself. You’re a good nurse, but fed up about being underpaid and treated like crap by Doctors who think they are God, when you actually do most of the work. The next patient walks in, and only your professionalism stops your jaw from hitting the floor, it’s sex on legs himself. He even manages a wan smile as you crash into chair, so much for professionalism. After chatting for a while, the doc swans out to leave JDB in your capable hands. Not trusting yourself to actually speak, you sort of wave the thermometer at him, one of those in the ear jobbies, silently cursing the day that they were invented, and he obediently sits and lets you take his temperature. You run your hands through his hair slightly, even though it isn’t in the way. SNAP OUT OF IT, you scream silently, the man’s a patient for Christ’s sake. He senses your obvious discomfort and crippling shyness and is making small talk about the weather, how long you’ve been a nurse, etc. Next comes the blood pressure cuff, but his sleeve won’t roll up high enough. (Oh Nooooo!). The shirt has to go. As you wrap the cuff around his muscular arm your hands are trembling violently. You can feel his breath against your neck “Don’t think you’re going to get a very accurate reading today” he almost whispers, his other hand is now travelling up your leg. “What, no knickers? You are a naughty nurse, I think I’ll have to punish you for that” The next couple of minutes are a blur of furniture being dragged in front of the door and clothes flying and before you know it, you’re on the examining table getting a good ‘spanking’. “Now tell me what a bad girl you’ve been, “ he breaths in your ear. “Noooo”, you squeal, “I’m a good girl!”
“I’m not interested in good girls,” he growls “I want you to be bad” And you proceed to be very, very bad indeed. You just get back into your clothes, the cum wiped off your chin and the furniture back in place when the doc walks back in. “Well now Mr Bradfield, I think we’ll schedule some tests for you, but I don’t think it’s anything a few lifestyle changes wouldn’t fix. In fact your colour’s already much better.,” he spouts, like he’s performed a miracle. “I think I’ll skip the tests doc” James says jauntily, hopping off the table “I do feel much better, and by the way, your nurse deserves a raise, her level of patient care is, kind of like, breathtaking!”