The Other Girl (by Missy)  

            The house was silent when you arrived home, and for a moment you panicked…wasn’t he supposed to be here with Chloe? You’d expected to hear them…but there wasn’t a sound. It wasn’t until you passed the bathroom and saw their clothes scattered all over the floor that you breathed a sigh of relief. A moment later you found them in the bedroom. His arms wrapped around her as they both slept peacefully, her head resting on his chest, still damp from the shower they’d obviously taken. You smiled to yourself. He was in bed with another female and you weren’t jealous! Carefully you made your way over to the bed and gently kissed him on the forehead before turning your attention to her. Almost automatically she opened her eyes - which were the spitting image of her father’s… the man who slept beside her… James.

  Chloe was your 2-month-old baby daughter.

            You’d known you were pregnant for a while before you had the courage to tell James. It wasn’t that he’d specifically said he didn’t want children – just that he’d never mentioned it or shown the slightest interest. You weren’t exactly sure how he’d react to the news. For weeks you kept quiet but he’d sussed something was wrong, and after a blazing row one night the truth finally came out. At first he’d been silent, just glaring at you. For the briefest of moments you’d thought he was about to lose his temper, that he was angry. But then something completely unexpected had happened. His eyes had filled with tears and he’d softly murmured, “Really?” And from that moment on your somewhat volatile relationship calmed. The pregnancy brought you closer together than you could ever have imagined. He was ecstatic about being a father, and neither you nor anyone else had ever seen him happier. And when you finally went into labour he’d even cancelled that last date of the Manics tour just to be at the birth.
         Chloe gurgled, waking James. “Ah, so Mummy’s finally home” he quipped sarcastically, grinning at Chloe before turning to you.
“Come here, Mummy”, he whispered, pulling you towards him playfully and kissing you. “James…” you giggle, “she needs feeding”. He flashes you an evil grin, letting his hand and his eyes drop to your cleavage. “So do I”, he laughs. Suddenly the phone rings. James gives you that please-don’t-answer-it-I-want-you-right-now kind of look before grabbing the receiver before you can. “James”, you go to protest, but he puts a finger to your lips, “Sssshhhhhhhh”. Sliding off the bed, Chloe in one arm, the phone in his other, chatting to whoever has called, you can’t help but smile. He looks just as comfortable holding a baby as he does his Les Paul, you think to yourself. A moment later he turns his attention back to you and grins, before putting the phone down. “What?” you ask suspiciously.
“Chloe’s going to stay with Uncle Nicky and Auntie Rachel tonight”, he grins
Two hours later and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Nicky and Rachael. Immediately Nicky launches into his where’s my little angel? baby speech, and Rachael gives you her ‘Don’t worry, he’s totally lost it’ look as Nicky picks Chloe up and starts playing with her. It still amazed you just how much a baby had completely changed James, Nicky and Sean. They practically fought over her! Rachael laughed, watching Nicky kiss Chloe, “Maybe we should be getting jealous?”
            Once you’d waved Nicky and Rachel off you turn to James. “So what do we get to do all evening?” you ask, giving him your most flirty of smiles. James playfully pulls you towards him, “Oh, I’m sure we can think of something”. Sliding his arms around your waist he kisses you, his tongue gently probing your mouth. “Hey, remember that ‘thing’ we used to do a lot of before Chloe arrived?” he whispers in your ear - a smile which can only be described as ‘dirty’ spreading across his face…
         A few minutes later and James has managed to drag you back upstairs and into the bedroom. Pushing you back and up against the wall, leaning in to kiss you, James breathes in your ear “Do you remember the night we made her?” You smile as the memory comes flooding back. James’ hand drops between your thighs, his eyes burning into yours. He lets his lips brush yours but doesn’t actually kiss you, driving you wild with desire. “Yeah, if I remember rightly she was the result of one very violent row”, you grin, teasing him. Suddenly James slams his body hard up against yours, making you moan. “Hey, our sex life has always been explosive whenever we’ve had a row…” James grins, “Admit it, you love it when I’m nasty”.
         He was right – your relationship had always been a fiery one. The fact that you’d stayed together, let alone had a baby, amazed even your closest friends and family. But there was just something deep inside you both that connected. Everyone knew you were good for one another but had no idea why. It was something unspoken. And Chloe? She was its manifestation.
         James moves his lips down your neck, allowing his stubble to scratch your cheek. Licking your neck, he pushes his pelvis hard against you, making you feel just how turned on he is through his jeans. Automatically you go to move your arms around his neck but he suddenly grabs hold of your wrists, pinning them against the wall, above your head. His eyes are dark with lust. “Strip for me”, he growls - more of an order than a request. Ever since Chloe’s arrival your sex life had been pretty much back to basics, what with a baby in the house and not much sleep / time. This was one of the first occasions you’d got the house to yourself…and James wasn’t about to waste the opportunity. Letting go of your arms he takes a step away from you and sits down on the bed, never taking his eyes off you. “Do it”, he orders, the tone of his voice immediately turning you on. Slowly you slip the straps of your dress over your shoulders, allowing your dress to fall to your waist. Stepping out of it you walk towards James, who grabs you by the hips. “Go on…”  he whispers, and as you start to take your bra off James slowly starts to pull your knickers down until you’re standing in front of him completely naked. Sliding his hands round your waist to your bum, he pulls you closer, gently kissing your stomach. But then he glances up at you and gives you that boyish grin before moving his lips further down your body…you know exactly where he’s heading. Gently he forces your legs apart, lifting one of them and placing your foot on the bed beside him, giving him better access to your pussy. You feel his breath on your most intimate parts and moan quietly. A second later and you feel his tongue entering you. You run your fingers through his hair, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him closer. He takes your clit between his lips and gently sucks, his tongue probing deeper all the time. Just as your legs are beginning to feel too weak to actually support you anymore, James suddenly changes his position, pulling you down onto his lap, his lips on yours and his hands running all over your body. The warmth of his body and the smell of his aftershave send you dizzy with desire. He looks deep in your eyes and then grins. “Listen…”  he says, “silence”. You’d both got used to the constant sound of a crying baby. You giggle, moving your hands down to his flies. A moment later and James has flipped you over onto your back and has pushed you back onto the bed, pinning you down with his body and forcing your thighs apart with his legs. As you frantically move to pull his jeans down - now absolutely dying to feel him inside you - James runs his tongue along your chest, taking your nipple into his mouth and gently biting, teasing you. Your bodies melt into one as he thrusts between your legs. The only time your relationship knew peace was when you’re bodies were entwined together beneath the sheets as they were now. Panting into your neck you hear James whisper the three words you’d both always found so difficult to say before Chloe’s arrival…”I love you”. As your orgasm floods through your body, and James groans as he cums deep inside you, you kiss as though it’s the last chance you’ll ever get.
         Collapsing back onto the bed, with James still inside you, you both fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, both dreaming of the one beautiful thing you’d made together…your daughter.