Pizza Delivery (by Nadine)

          Ah, you’re just too kind. Somehow your little brother managed to talk you into taking over his shift at the pizza delivery service just because he has this “extremely hot date”. Well, okay, you probably wouldn’t have agreed, if his delivery area didn’t include one of London’s best addresses, always providing the slight chance to end up in some celebrity’s` house. While you try to convince yourself you’d only eat out in fancy restaurants once you could afford it, the next order arrives. When you take the pizzas Anton gives you a funny look. “What?”
“Well, be nice. The guy actually especially requested your brother.” Great, you think when you get in your car, what nerd is that? He should request his stupid pizza and nothing else. Well, nice house, you think, using the shining bell push. A very attractive 30-something, styled woman opens the door. “Mam…” She scans you from toe to your head with a tempting smile on her lips. “Well, that’s a nice surprise. I already feared I have to do all the work myself.” Pardon me, you think, but decide to shut up and offer a polite smile. “Come in, sweetheart.” And giggling she leads you into the hallway. While you stand around a bit helpless with your delivery, waiting for someone to take the pizzas and pay you, you adore the decoration. The whole house is obviously done by someone who knows his job. “What are you waiting for?” the woman interrupts your dreams about interior designers. “Ah, well, Miss…” you panic look at the box “….Bravel?”
“Oh, Bravel?” laughing she theatrically throws her head back, takes your arm and pulls you in the living-room. You notice two men standing close to each other by the fireside. “Jimmy, darling?” Oh, f**k! You nearly slip your hot boxes when one of them turns around. James Dean Bradfield! Bradfield? Bravel? You make a quick note in your mind to kill Anton for his bad scribbling as soon as you`ll be back. “Where’s Mark?” he demands, obviously not too pleased to see you. “I’m afraid he was unavailable tonight, Mr. Bradfield.” And the woman giggles again when she realizes your emphasize of the name. “Oh, don’t frown, Jimmy. I’ll very much enjoy this…” she says, grabbing your arm again making her way towards him. The other guy, around 25 you guess, skinny, with curly black hair and light blue eyes now also faces you, smiling sympathetically. “Yeah, me too.” Hello? What’s that going to be, you wonder and clearing your throat: ”I don’t want to be impolite, but I’ll have to go back now, so where should I put the pizzas?” And when they all start to grin as if you’ve just made one of the best jokes ever, you wonder if you stepped directly in an episode of ‘people are strange, but rock-stars are stranger’.
        “Just put them down here” James says, pointing at a heavy, expensive looking huge, dark table. You bow down and, oops, that’s not really that’s woman’s` hand on your back, is it? You start to sweat, frozen in your motion. The boy takes the boxes off your hands, puts them down, and puzzled you allow him to take your hands. “Don’t you always start first, Silvia” you hear him say, questioningly looking around, and hey, JDB or not, somehow desperately wanting to escape this freaking situation, you hoarsely say:” So, who’s gonna pay?”
“Me. But not before you’ve done your work” James says, placing himself on a large sofa. He relishing leans back, jingling with his drinks ice-cubes. “Ahem, Mr. Bradfield…” but your lips get sealed with the softest, sweetest kiss you ever received. Looking in the blue eyes you finally forget the pizzas. “I’m David, and I’ll make you feel good.” Oh god! He starts stroking your hair, kissing your neck. Somehow you still want to move back – and out – but Silvia is standing right behind you and now she is even massaging your hips. “And I’ll make you feel hot!” you hear her say. Oh, oh, oh, wait a moment. Is that hidden camera, or what? You manage to escape with a step to the side. “Ah, I…I really don’t think I’m paid for that. Erm really, I just deliver the pizza. So, erm, please, erm…”You think maybe you should just run away and forget the money, when James stands up: ”Listen. I know what I ordered. And I know what I pay for. So just shut the f**k up.” Shocked you just stare at him. He gets closer. “Didn’t mean to be rude, at least not as long as you hopefully behave now. And…” and there you stand, surrounded by this odd couple, faced with the most dramatic pause ever “…only good girls get what they long for.” Damn! You wish this sentence out of this beautiful mouth wouldn’t turn you on like that. “So don’t annoy me” he finally ads, nearly bored and lets himself fall back at the sofa. When David takes your head in his hands you hear James lighting a cigarette and getting another drink. Fine, just enjoy yourself! But when David’s tongue explores your mouth now more and more demanding you also can’t help to, well, kind of start liking this scenario. You kiss him back when you feel Silvia’s hands between your legs. In a split second you ask yourself why you allow her to move her long fingers up and down your thighs; but you quickly forget about that above this good, good feeling. You breathe faster, carefully moving with one hand down David’s crotch. When James grumbles:” Well, finally…” His remark nearly gets you back to reality, if not, well if these two people didn’t know their jobs just too well. When Silvia starts to kiss your neck you instinctively reach back to get her hands back in position but you just hear a slight: “Mmm, mmm” and already feel your trousers being opened by David. He moves his fingers inside, tearing away your knickers and getting you instantly wet. Just then Silvia pulls your shirt off and throws her arms around you. In the same moment that David gets deeper and deeper and his fingers make you so damn happy you feel Silvia’s fingers moving towards your mouth and you hungrily begin sucking them. You feel ready to explode when David nearly makes you come still alone with his fingers, his lips now gently tasting your belly when Silvia’s fingers play with your tongue, her other hand very well knowingly massaging your breast. They perfectly work in the same rhythm. Deeper and deeper. Faster and faster. You feel his soft hair at your naked body and her bosom on your back. Her heartbeat, her motion. That rhythm. Oooooh! Throwing your head back, leaning against her shoulder, you come. It’s such a relief that you nearly don’t realize how David’s finally ripping down your trousers and knickers and licks cherishingly. You just feel like standing there forever. Her arms around your waist, her tongue teasingly licking your ear. You are sweating all over, but finally catch your breath again. Just as you close your eyes you feel them changing positions. Silvia gently pulls you down and you more than willingly follow her seductive eyes. While you are both already on your knees David undoes your bra and starts to rub your back. Although you never thought you’d go for it you kiss this woman now passionately, forgetting who you are and where you are. David’s hands move up now and gives you a very satisfying head-massage, leaving you trapped with the decision to whether lean back more against his skilful hand or moving forward to get deeper between her tender lips. The decision is taken away from you when Silvia leans down and first licks around and then sucks at your nipples. “No!” you can’t help moaning when her hand starts to explore your swollen sex.             “Yeah…” you hear David “…it’s my turn now!” and he pushes you slightly forward in the welcoming arms of this knowing woman. Your young naked body rubs against her expensive silk dress. You still kiss and it feels so good, so right, as if you’ve all the time been waiting for this moment to come. You want to lie down on the side, but she takes both your hands and forces you to knee down again. Well, and in the next moment you know why. David takes you from the back, grabbing your shoulders, pulling you towards him, again, and again. You get so lost in that you only realized James got up when he is already standing next to you, roughly pushing David aside: “Piss off.” And he moves away like a kicked kitty. You slightly turn your head to face James but he forces your head down: ”Don’t look at me!” Confused you lean your head in Silvia’s soft hands when you feel James thrusting into you; very hard. The second time he’s even harder and when he throws himself even more deeper, your first tears drip down on Silvia’s cheeks. “Ssh, ssh, darling.” But James is already done. Just as he comes he pulls out of you, stands up and allows David to move his face and thankful tongue around his erect dick. You shiver all over when Silvia leads you down to the side. She gently strokes your hair off your red flushed face before embracing you closely. You still sniffle a bit when a strong hand strokes your wet cheek. It’s James. Automatically Silvia moves aside and James takes her position. Nearly feared you face his velvet-brown eyes. “Don’t be afraid. You proved to be a worthy replacement” and he masterly starts kissing you, gently moving you on your back. When he leans above you, propped up on one of his muscular arms he takes one of your hands and guides it to his penis. He slightly licks your neck and moves down to your breast, his tongue playing all over your chest. In reward you start squeezing his thick, hard cock. More and more daring and even gaining some self-confidence when you make him moan out loud. He kisses you on the lips, takes your hand away from himself and pushes into your clit. As he lies above you now, you again feel something at your ear. Silvia is lying beside you, stroking James` hair and at the same time kissing your earlobe. This time James doesn’t bother to rush anything and with his skilful kind he makes you demand even more. From time to time he moves away from your lips just to turn to Silvia and kiss her, who is then giving back the kiss to you, her - now also naked – body slightly rubbing against James´ and yours. Whenever his lips leave, you desperately try to get between him and Silvia and end up licking her shoulder. Suddenly you feel David’s hair falling in your face, realizing he had been caressing James` back all the time. When his face is now right next to James` face they again seem to know very well what’s to do next. Still inside you James moves slightly to the side, allowing David to back him up. Silvia moves her hands down your back, squeezing your ass and breathing in your hair when suddenly James moves get harder. He throws his head in the neck when David takes him from the back. Instantly Silvia kisses him, her fingers intertwine yours. When David f**ks James wilder and wilder you feel the energy and desire of two men inside you. You can’t bear that a long time before being overwhelmed by your most satisfying orgasm ever. James gives you a dirty grin and lets Silvia pull you away from him. She moves you over, enjoying your juices with her thankful lips. Exhausted you see James and David reaching their climax together, which has David crying out in pleasure while James coolly remarks: “Good boy.” Recognizing your asking expression he gives you a conciliatory smile and nods towards Silvia: “Kiss, girls. Kiss!” After a few minutes in Silvia’s arms where you try to get yourself together again you see David preparing another drink for James who somehow managed to get on a dressing gown and faces Silvia and you very pleased. After a few sips he says:” That’s enough.” Leading Silvia to give you a last sweet kiss on your cheek, whispering: “Well done, darling.” a twinkle in her eyes, then leaving the room.
         Stunned you sit on the floor reaching for your clothes. You hear James telling David something about taking a bath and he also leaves, but not without accidental rubbing one last time against you on his way to the bathroom. His fingers glide over your hair when he says: “I’ll miss you.” Puzzled you look up and see James rolling his eyes:” Little drama queen”. He grins. As you get yourself dressed he reaches for his purse, comes over, giving you a very intense look and putting something in your back-pocket he thoughtful says: “Maybe we should ask Anton to give you a steady employment.” Leaving you totally confused in that huge living-room he turns around on his way to his bath, nods at the forgotten pizza boxes and says: “Please be so kind to take them with you and just throw them away somewhere”. Raising an eyebrow you sigh, take the boxes, take a last long look at the house and think: Just wait till you come home, my sweet brother, there’s definitely something you’ll have to explain to me…