Road Rage (by Missy)

            You and James have been invited to some record deal signing party out at a posh country club just outside of London. However, after a terrible day at work it’s the last place on earth you feel like going. But when James arrives home, after spending a day off work drinking with his friends, he starts getting really angry when you try and hint that you would rather have a quiet night in. You see he’s been looking forward to this party all week. When you see his temper flare, you decide not to push the matter and disappear into the bathroom, angry but reluctantly getting ready.
         Whilst you’re in the shower you suddenly catch James’ reflection in the mirror opposite you and turn to see him standing at the door, watching you. You already know that he’s been drinking most of the day, and now he’s standing there with a bottle in his hand, drinking again. Foul, you turn away and carry on with your shower. The cubical is steamed up so he can’t see that much of you anyway. But a few minutes later, as you’re rinsing your hair, you suddenly hear the shower door open and someone steps into the cubical with you, pushing himself up against your body and sliding his hands up to your breasts, grabbing them playfully. It’s James. You try to pull away but he holds you steady, whispering in your ear, “What’s the matter, baby? Don’t you wanna play?” James suddenly pulls your head back, grabbing your hair, and licking your ear, but you just murmur, “Not now, James. I’m not in the mood”. (Like hello? IDIOT!) Letting go of you, you pull away. But as you do, James grabs hold of your arms and pushes you up against the wall, commenting half playfully, half angrily, that “You haven’t been a very good girl these past few weeks, have you?” You know exactly what he’s talking about. You’ve been avoiding having sex with James for the past few weeks. (Erm…WHY?!!!) You’ve been having such a bad month at work, and what with other personal problems, you’ve been feeling really tired lately and rejecting James’ advances, plus you’ve been having really weird mood swings. (Hormones, girls! Hee hee).  It was obvious he was going to explode sooner or later – you just hoped it wasn’t going to be tonight, not after the kind of day you’ve had. You know he’s upset because he’s thinking you don’t care anymore but you’re just really not in the mood. Ignoring your answer, he pushes his already hard cock between your legs. Then, softening his tone slightly, and moving his lips down to your neck, he whispers, “Come on baby. Let’s not fight”. And with that he starts rubbing the head of his cock against your clit, trying again. But you don’t move and you don’t respond. “I can’t”, you whisper, beginning to get angry yourself. You don’t feel particularly well, and haven’t done for the past few weeks. Sex is the last thing on your mind. You just don’t feel very turned on. (WHAT?!!! Ok, trust me, this will make sense later on. Hee hee). James continues, “Yeah you can, baby”, lowering his lips to your nipples, and forcing your legs further apart, pushing at your opening. But because of the mood you’re in you just tense up and try and push him away again, and he has trouble entering you. His tone changes, becoming more aggressive suddenly and you know how frustrated he is. “Just relax”, he whispers, but you just push him away, tears now filling your eyes because you just feel so awful about it. James slams his fist against the wall in frustration and you quickly pull away. He just glares at you, hurt and angry, muttering something about you not being interested anymore under his breath. You know he doesn’t really mean it – he’s just upset – but it still hurts. Suddenly he grabs hold of your wrist. “You won’t keep doing this”, he threatens, but with that he’s out of the shower and slamming the door shut behind him. You burst out crying, more with yourself than because of James. (Ok, so I know he’s being a complete bastard…but there is a reason! Read on).
About 15 mins later you walk into the bedroom, having calmed yourself down. You’d already decided earlier that you were going to wear a new trousers suit to the party. But James obviously has other plans. He walks in just as you’re reaching for the suit. “No, you’re wearing this”, he says, his voice still angry. “But I…” you begin to protest, but your voice trails off into silence as you see his face and he moves towards you, pushing you up against the bed. “I said you’re wearing this. Now do as you’re told”. You drop the trousers suit and slowly take the dress out of his hand. James moves away and sits on the end of the bed, watching you. “Put it on”, he whispers. It’s the tightest, shortest, most revealing black dress that you own. A dress that is so tiny you can only wear the skimpiest underwear with it. And James knows this. You can feel his eyes burning into the back of your neck as you turn to the mirror and slip into the dress. Moments later you feel his arms slip around your waist and you look at him in the mirror. “Good girl”, he whispers, gently kissing the back of your neck – apparently forgetting his earlier outburst. You know this is James’ way of making peace without actually apologising. You can tell that he’s still really pissed off and angry but to keep the peace you remain silent. You haven’t got the energy to fight anymore that night, and besides, you’ve both got to go out in public now.
The journey there is pretty much silent, James staring out of the window, but the moment you step out of the car and walk into the club his attitude changes completely. In front of everybody else he acts as though you’re the perfect couple and that the shower incident had never happened. Only those closest to you sense something is wrong. As James makes his way over to the bar, chatting to Martin Hall, you spot Nicky and he walks up to you, looking slightly worried. “Are you ok?” he asks quietly. “Yeah fine”, you lie, trying to smile. “Erm… why?”
“I know you’ve been crying”, Nicky whispers in all seriousness, leaning further towards you so that no one else hears. You don’t say anything. “And James wouldn’t leave you alone looking so f**king sexy if something hadn’t of happened”, he adds with a reassuring grin. You try and give Nicky a little smile but he can already see the tears. You bite your lip. “What is it? What’s happened?” he says, suddenly becoming more serious again. “Nothing”, you whisper, turning and running back into the entrance.
         You make your way to the Ladies, trying to swallow your tears. Just as you’re touching up your makeup the door opens and Nicky walks in. “This is the Ladies!” you blurt out, not wanting to face him. But he ignores you and just takes hold of your hands, pulling you towards him. “What’s happened?” he whispers, lifting your face to his. Suddenly it becomes too much and you collapse into Nicky’s embrace, sobbing. Nicky holds you, gently shushing in your ear and stroking your hair. Eventually you stop crying and Nicky lifts you up and sits you on the sink. “Come on”, he whispers, wiping your tears away, “You know you can tell me”. Gently Nicky leans forward to kiss you and your lips touch. It was only meant to be a friendly kiss, to get you to calm down, but just at that moment you hear James call and door opens and he walks in before you can pull away from Nicky. James just glares at the two of you. Nicky immediately pulls away from you. “It’s not what you think, James”, he says. But before he can say anything else, James pushes Nicky out of the way and grabs your arm. “Oh right, so you’ll f**k him but not me, will you?” Nicky pulls him away from you before you can answer. “James, leave her alone. She was upset so I asked her what was wrong. Nothing happened”, Nicky shouts. James spins round. For a moment you think he’s going to lunge at Nicky and hit him, but then he decides better (…hey, he may be hard but Nicky’s 6ft 4”!) “This has absolutely nothing to do with you, Wire”, James spits, pushing Nicky backwards. Nicky looks to you but you realise the situation is just going to get worse if he says anything else, so you say, “Leave it Nicky. I’m alright…honestly”. With that you take James’ hand and pull him towards the door. “Come on”, you whisper, your voice trembling. James gives Nicky one last filthy look and then turns to you.  “We’re going. Now!” he spits, and drags you out to the car park
         When you get outside a storm has just started, almost echoing James’ furious temper. You’re scared about getting into the car with him, knowing that you’re going to row, but the even scarier thought of what he’ll do if you don’t forces you towards the car. But just as you’re about to get in the front seat James pushes you towards the back door. “You sit in the back”, he hisses. You do as you’re told. James lights up a fag and the car screeches out of the car park. (Ok, so I know he can’t drive but this is a fantasy).
The car is really speeding down the dark country lanes and you’re beginning to get nervous. The filthy looks James keeps throwing you in the rear view mirror warn you to keep your mouth shut.
         Suddenly, as you’re approaching some woods the car starts to slow and you hear James swearing under his breath. A few seconds later the car stops dead. “We’re out of f**king petrol”, James yells before you ask. You reach for your mobile and ring the AA. “They’ll be about an hour”, you inform James. He slams his fists down on the steering wheel. “Well, tonight couldn’t get any f**king worse!” he shouts at you. You can tell by the bulging veins in his neck (…sexy!) that he’s just getting more and more worked up. By now the storm is at its peak and the rain is pouring down.
 “I didn’t say anything to Nicky”, you start trying to explain. But before you can continue James shoots you a vicious look and growls, “I don’t want to f**king know”. Suddenly something inside of you snaps and you find yourself screaming at him “I’m not f**king Nicky!” James spins round to look at you and shouts back, “And you’re not f**king me either!” You make a move to grab the door handle, feeling as though you’re going to explode if you don’t get out of the car. “I’ve had enough”, you scream through your tears, slamming the door shut behind you.
            Within seconds you’re drenched, your hair clinging to your face. You’re only wearing the dress because it’s such a warm evening, and you know that when it gets wet it seems to get even tighter, revealing all the curves of your body. You walk round to the front of the car, standing with your head thrown back, letting the rain sooth you. You don’t realise but James is glaring at you through the window.
         Suddenly you hear a car door slam, which wakes you from your trance. James walks towards you, looking more wound-up than ever. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he yells. His shirt is now clinging to him. You can’t help but notice his muscles beneath, and although you’re angry, you can’t help thinking he looks as horny as hell. You spin round, “I’m having a bad week”.
“So am I”, he spits back, obviously referring to the shower incident earlier. “Do you know how long it’s been? Almost a month!”
You immediately know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help it slipping out, feeling the way you do at this precise moment. “So?”
James just glares at you. Instantly you know you shouldn’t have said it. You suddenly feel a sting across your face and realise he’s slapped you. “Don’t you dare hit me”, you scream, backing away from him. It’s the first time he ever has, and you’re not sure whether you’re upset or turned on. Suddenly he lunges forward, grabbing your arms and pulling them behind your back so you can’t move. “Or what?” he hisses, pushing you towards the car like a police officer would do once you’d been arrested. You feel strangely turned on by the way he’s being so rough with you, but you struggle because you’re angry and don’t want to let him get his own way. He holds you tightly though. “Don’t tease me”, he spits in your ear. “I told you that you wouldn’t do this again”. And with that he pushes you face-first down onto the wet car bonnet. Holding your wrists with one hand (…ok, I admit this is how I hurt my wrist everyone!) and holding you down on the bonnet with his knee, James starts to unbuckle the belt to his trousers. (WAY-HEY!) You know exactly what he’s going to do, as this isn’t the first time he’s tied you up, but because of the mood he’s in you beg him not to. “Stop it – you’re hurting my wrists!” you scream in panic, as he starts to tie your hands up with the belt, behind your back.
“So?” he mocks, echoing your earlier, cocky answer.
Once he’s got your arms tied up, he pulls you back up violently and then rips your dress down over your shoulders, knowing full well that you have no bra on. Pushed up against you, you can feel how hard he is, as he starts edging your dress up around your thighs. There’s now a downpour and it’s started thundering and lightning. James starts to rip your knickers down, pushing your legs further apart, as he whispers in your ear “There’s no point screaming cos no one is gonna hear you”, his tone now really sexual. You moan as you feel his hands on your bare skin but then remember you’re arguing and don’t want to let him win. So you start to struggle even more, trying to escape his clutch, but James becomes more and more turned on and aggressive. “The harder you fight, the harder I’ll screw you”, he grins, pushing you back down over the bonnet. You yell at him but he just ignores you. You feel him fiddling with his flies and you already know you’re defeated. “Go on, struggle” James breathes in your ear. “It’s more exciting for me if you do”. You feel his red hot cock between your thighs and know he’s going to f**k you whether you fight him or not. Grabbing your hair and sexily biting your neck, he trusts between your legs and you cry out. You know he’s not going to bother about foreplay to get you in the mood – he’s had enough of waiting.
James puts his lips to your ear and murmurs in a low sexy voice, “Now you know how it feels”. You try to elbow him but he just retaliates by f**king you even harder and deeper. Every time you struggle, James just pulls the belt tighter round your wrists, the leather biting into the skin, turning you on. “The only thing I wanna hear come from you is moaning”, he breathes heavily in your ear, grinding into you faster and faster, licking your neck. As much as you want to fight, and as rough as he’s being, you can’t help but give in to the pleasure. When James pushes his hand beneath you and starts roughly fingering your clit, you start to cum. As much as you try and resist him, you can’t. And just when you think he’s about to impale your womb, orgasm explodes through your body, and a few seconds later you feel James cum, hot and gushing inside of you. You both collapse in a heap on the bonnet, silent except for your panting. Slowly James unties you.
         “Bastard”, you spit, as he turns you to face him, but not really meaning it. James walks away from the car, doing up his flies, giving you a filthy but ‘I won’ kind of look. The rain has now begun to ease. You pull your dress back down and re-arrange the top half. You sit on the edge of the bonnet. “Satisfied?” you ask nastily.
James is still panting, “Bitch”, he mouths to you, trying not to grin, knowing that you don’t really mean it. A moment later his face softens slightly, and when you don’t scream at him he gives you that cheeky grin he knows you can’t resist.
Slowly he walks back up to you, pushing himself between your legs, sliding his arms around your waist and pulling you close. You’re both still slightly breathless. This time you don’t try and fight him.
“So what is it?” he asks, cupping your face with his hands, his lips really close to yours. “I know it’s not just work”, he whispers gently. “What are you hiding?”
His lips touch yours and he kisses you softly. He looks you deep in the eyes, “Well?”
You look to the ground and then back into his eyes, swallowing your fear.
 “I’m pregnant”, you whisper, tears beginning to form in your eyes again. James just stares at you. “I was too scared to tell you”, you carry on, “I didn’t know how to tell you…I wasn’t sure how you’d react….That’s why I’ve been acting like I have…” James pulls away from you, turning his back to you and running his fingers through his dripping hair as though he can’t believe what he’s just heard. You sit silent a few seconds. “James…?” you call. Suddenly his lips are back on yours and he’s kissing you passionately. “Oh baby, why didn’t you tell me?” he whispers through the kisses, “I never would have been so rough with you” he says, referring to his little ‘slap and tickle’ game. Sensing that he’s not angry, you whisper gently to him, “You’re going to be a daddy”. Now it’s James’ eyes that are full of tears. “Oh God”, he whispers, “I love you”, and with that he pulls you to him again, kissing you harder than ever before.
         By the time the AA arrives you and James are back in the car, his arms around you as you dose. As you climb into the recovery truck, the driver looks at you both a little puzzled. James suddenly quips, “Oh, we got out of the car to try and fix it – that’s why we’re wet”.
“Right”, the guy smiles, “And I suppose she ripped her dress at the same time?” You shoot James a look and he looks down at your dress, only realising then that he’s ripped it in the heat of the moment. “Erm…yeah”, he stutters, trying not to laugh.
         As you climb onto the back seat and the truck begins to toe the car, James pulls you close and whispers “Never mind, you’ll not be able to fit in it soon anyway”. You giggle as he leans forward to kiss you again.