Rock Stars (by Welshbaby)

            You sit in your flat with the latest copy of NME open on your lap. You’ve finally made the big time. They’re hailing you as the hottest new artist of 2001. You combine the bite of Patti Smith, the intellect of Liz Phair and the enigmatic stage presence of Cerys Matthews, they say. Scanning the article quickly you reach the part where they ask you to name your influences. “Manic Street Preachers, the Replacements, Sex Pistols, New York Dolls… actually, it was the Manics that really formed my sense of direction…”. You continued to praise the Manics, hoping you’re not coming across as glib or naive. Reading it here on paper, it actually sounds informed and not at all like the childish gushing you feared. Bzzzzzzzz. The intercom in your hall rings. “Delivery for --------“
“Huh? Oh well, come on up” You open the door and along comes the biggest and brightest bouquet of flowers you’ve ever seen, and somewhere underneath it all is puffing a delivery boy. You sign quickly, thank the deliverer, shut the door and rip the envelope open. The card reads, “Thanks for the kind words. On behalf of MSP. James” and attached to the card is a complimentary ticket and pass for the Manics’ upcoming show at Clwb Ifor Bach. You slump on the couch in wonderment at the thought of meeting your inspiration and wondering what the hell to wear.
         July 18, 2001, Clwb Ifor Bach. You hover near the bar, nursing your third Grolsch and inspect the Manics intently. It’s your first Manics gig and now you understand how those videos can never capture the atmosphere and intensity of being there in person. James is first to return to the stage for an encore of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. You understood all along that James was a gruff type but there’s something about him tonight that’s magnetic as he sensually and beseechingly mouths the lyrics to the song. “You feel like heaven to touch” washes over you as if it were his hands themselves. You wake from your reverie and recognize this has woken an emotion in you that you previously hadn’t felt or perhaps acknowledged… The Manics wave goodbye to the fans and slowly the house lights come up. Sweaty hoards mill around gleefully discussing the show, how it was the best gig in ages. You cut against the direction of the crowd and pass through the door at the side of the stage, quickly flashing your badge at the burly minder. The Manics themselves are huddled at one end of a large reception room, having an obligatory chat with curious journalists. After handshakes, affirmative nods, and mumbled thanks, the band leave the journalists too and begin to mingle with their own friends and family. You’re excited at the prospect of meeting Nicky and Sean but the thought of meeting James makes your pulse race with what you now realize is sexual anticipation. You glance shyly at the object of your anticipation, and observe a confident, relaxed and very alluring Mr. Bradfield. Within seconds, James meets your gaze and gives you an apprehensive smile. You recognize very quickly that it’s going to take slightly more than three lousy Grolsches to overcome this anxiety so you head to the bar and order a shot of tequila. You throw back the sour liquid and steel yourself for an introduction to James. What is it about this guy that unnerves you more than most? Shrugging off the thought you back away from the bar and turning around find that James is slowly moving through the crowd towards you. Big deep breath…
         You smile instinctively, offering your hand for a shake and are instantly overcome by the warmth and masculine strength of his grip. Come on tequila…kick in, for God’s sake. You thank him genuinely for the flowers and tell him sincerely what an amazing show they put on that evening. The James of the stage has retreated and become the unassuming James you read about in the music magazines, but he has lost nothing of that heart-stopping sexuality. There is something that you can’t read in his gaze in his soft brown eyes. It is deep and penetrating, calming you yet spurring you on at the same time. The noise in the room has become deafening and in order to hear what you’re saying, he leans in slightly so you conduct a conversation mouth to ear, almost cheek to cheek. The warmth of his breath sends shivers down your neck and throat, and you find yourself languidly tipping your head slightly back to drink more of it in. Eventually, James suggests you grab a table in an annex room where you can chat more comfortably. Whilst it’s almost a disappointing concept you realize quickly this will give you more privacy. The two of you walk into a small room containing a polished round table and four chairs circling it. You pull up a chair side by side and continue the conversation you’d been having outside. Although the noise has decreased, you still find yourself leaning into James’ words and he yours. Your heart pounds with anticipation as the inevitable slowly becomes reality. The closer his warm breath gets to your ear the more tender his voice becomes and you savour the moment, wanting time to stand still but slowly nodding an unspoken consent to what will inevitably occur. James leans in closer and the words slowly stop and he gently nuzzles your waiting neck, as you rise up to meet him. You pull apart and your eyes open to intercept his glance as he uses his curled hand to slightly lift up your chin. His lips close in on yours and meet with a warm, moist, slow embrace. As you lift your palms up to cup his face, your embrace becomes more involved and you feel James’ lips pull at yours with deeper intensity. His hands gently glide down your neck, butterflying your back and hook around your waist and he pulls you tightly towards him. With an unspoken consent, James’ flat palms run up your arms to your shoulders and gently hook under your bra straps. You feel the heat from his hands on your bare skin and you shiver with desire. The heat you felt turns to momentary cold as your exposed breasts surface but not before James traces a path down each mound with his tongue and encompasses your nipple with his full mouth, sucking at first slowly, then with increasing passion as your movements spur him on. Greedily, you take both James’ hands in yours and push your breasts together so that the nipples both fit neatly in James’ mouth. You tip your head back, ecstatically savouring each lick, each tug, until you feel the need for more intense pleasure. As if reading your mind, James places his hands on your hips, pulls on your dress and you impatiently shrug if off. He easily picks you up and pushes you back onto the conference room table. Working his way down your belly, he takes the flimsy black lace of your knickers in his teeth and gently tugs down exposing your pubic hair, now dotted with glistening moisture. The heat from his breath is driving you wild and you beg him to bury his face between your legs, almost weeping with need. You momentarily open your eyes and witness the strength and passion in his brown eyes. He doesn’t break the gaze until he slowly leans down and lightly touches his mouth on your pussy. The pressure and the heat from his mouth drive you into oblivion. With deepening ritual probing circles he starts concentrating on your throbbing swollen clitoris and his tongue moves flatly and expertly around it. Without losing a beat, James begins to unbuckle his belt, and pops open the button of his fly. He struggles to tug his black jeans over his hips and looking up, you see the obstruction. His erect cock is massive and impatient as he eases gently into you, filling and stretching you. You hook your legs around the base of James’ spine and James moves his hips slowly and deliberately as he continues to manipulate your swollen pussy with his wet thumb. You move your hips greedily towards him to maximize the sensation, grinding and flexing your internal muscles. James closes his eyes in ecstasy as your muscles tighten and grip his dick solidly and wetly. Your two bodies move in unison and you begin to feel that familiar heat and culmination wash over you. James thrusts deeply and urgently as if realizing the end is close. Your heart seems to stop momentarily as you grasp the situation you’re in – about to orgasm with the man you lust after most and, upon this realization, you feel the most intense and heavenly orgasm you have ever felt in your life. James orgasms simultaneously as your bodies both start bucking with the orgasmic convulsions. As the waves subside and fade, James leans over you and kisses you gently and repetitively on your glowing face. As sweet as the moment is, you both realize that this occasion will most likely not be repeated, but you will forever carry the memory of the event in your hearts.