The Scum Factor (by Missy)

  [t's inspired by Richey's little 'Scum Factor' quote, by the way, when he went on about fucking a girl in a bus stop on the way home from a pub].

            You've been working at Hall Or Nothing for over a year now as one of their PR staff, and although you've met the Manics briefly quite a few times you have never been that impressed (…like hello? WHAT?!!!…) – in fact you thought they were quite arrogant. So one Friday afternoon when James and Nicky walk in for an appointment you're not exactly falling over yourself to talk to them. (Ok, so this bit is sooo unbelievable it's bordering on the insane but bear with me, girls!) However, Nicky goes out of his way to be nice to you, even making you laugh - and you begin to question your initial judgement. But with James it's different: he's obviously in a bad mood  and has been all day, and sits very sulkily in the corner of reception waiting to go into Martin's office. Nicky, meanwhile, is busy flirting with you at your desk (…sorry Rachel!)
         After about 10 minutes they go into the office and the door closes. For over an hour they're in there and every so often you hear raised voices and the odd outburst of swearing, which you just know belong to James.
It's almost the end of your shift when they reappear from the office and you're busy packing away. James now looks really hot and sweaty, and even more wound-up and in a bad mood than before, so you think it best not to speak to him. Nicky nods a goodbye to you though and they both walk to the lift. A few minutes later and you're in the car park desperately trying to start your car. It's been playing up for the past few weeks and now it's packed up for good (…which you're really going to thank God for later, trust me!) Angry, you slam your fists down on the steering wheel, get out and start making your way to the nearest bus stop.
            As you walk round the side of the office, back to the main street, you spot Nicky and James walking away from the side entrance. Your pulse starts racing as James throws you one of those filthy looks (…you can't help it - he looks so damn horny!) and Nicky grins and asks, "Car trouble?" You nod and Nicky beckons you over to them. "Look, we're walking back so you can join us if you want", Nicky says. It's obvious that James would rather be left alone, but you smile and walk over to them, deliberately wanting to piss James off because of the look he's just given you.
            As you walk down the street Nicky starts chatting to you about working at Hall Or Nothing. James remains pretty silent, just giving the odd growl (…yes, he's an animal!) to anything Nicky asks him, and glaring at you every now and then. It's a pretty warm evening and by now it's getting quite dark. James suddenly pulls his jacket off (…THUD), revealing a tight white v-neck T-shirt. You lose all concentration (…who wouldn't?)as you stare at his body. Nicky grins but pretends not to notice - he knows how attracted you are to James. When you finally come back to your senses (…and hey, it takes a while, girls!), and as you're approaching the bus stop, you and Nicky become involved (…ooh, now there's a thought! Sorry, I'll shut up right now!) in a heated conversation about taking risks. At first it's strictly about taking risks in the business world, but slowly you realise that Nicky is beginning to hint at risks of a more 'sexual nature' - deliberately flirting between you and James. You start explaining to Nicky that you think you should live every moment of your life like it was your last, when Nicky suddenly stops, grins, and says, "Oh, I've just remembered I've forgotten something back at the office…You two go ahead, I'll see you tomorrow". And with that he turns and starts walking back in the opposite direction. In an instant you realise he's done this on purpose, leaving just you and James.
            As you watch Nicky disappear from view, James spins round, after listening to your conversation, and practically spits, "You'd never take a risk…how can you be such a hypocrite?" At first you're really shocked by his outburst but then the anger starts to well-up inside of you - he's been nothing but rude to you all year. (Ooh yeah baby!) Just as he's about to turn away, something inside of you snaps and you grab hold of his shoulder, pulling him back round to face you. "What the fuck would you know? You don't even know me". Now it's James' turn to look a little shocked. But before he can say anything - and you just know that he's dying to have the last word - you carry on. "I take risks everyday. Who the hell are you to question me?" James just remains silent, just glaring at you. Getting more and more worked up you really decide to take a dig at him and say, "What's wrong, has no one ever said no to you before? Has no one ever dared put you in your place?" You regret it the moment you've said it but keep quiet. Suddenly James grabs your wrist. "Prove it", he growls. For a moment you don't understand him, but then he nods his head in the direction of the bus shelter behind you. "Prove you take risks", he says again, his voice now more of a whisper, pushing you backwards towards the bus stop.
            Your heart's pounding. He's got you just where he wants you. He knows you're not going to say no and he's playing on it. Still fuming, you allow him to push you into the shelter. One end is completely boarded up so no one can see in. James pushes you roughly into that corner. It's now quite dark. James pushes himself up against your body, his lips really close to yours. He now has hold of you by your waist, pinning you up against the wall. "Go on then", he mocks, "Show me what a big girl you are…take a risk". As he speaking, he grabs your hands and moves them down to his flies. He's rock hard and you can feel it. "Be a good girl", he whispers, "Go down", and with that he forces you down to your knees. "Fine", you snap, knowing full well that what he's really expecting you to do is say no and push him away. James takes a step back and leans against the opposite wall while you start getting busy unzipping his jeans. Moments later, and just as your hands touch his bare skin, you glance up and see that James has let his head fall back and his eyes close in ecstasy. You move forward slightly to take his c--- into your mouth, but just as your lips touch him he suddenly grabs hold of you again and pulls you back up so that you're facing him. "Ah ah ah", he tuts, "I wanna come between your legs", pushing you back up against the wall. You can't help but grin to yourself as you realise he didn't think you were going to go through with it, but you now realise he's making it even harder because he's now daring you to let him fuck you. This way James is adamant you'll say no, therefore letting him win the so-called bet. But still you don't stop him as he pushes you up onto a little ledge, ripping your knickers down beforehand. Now you can feel him rubbing between your thighs, teasing your clit, incredibly hard. His eyes are burning into yours. (Here it comes, Nan! Hee hee). "I'm gonna fuck you like a whore", he spits, roughly grabbing your breasts, "No kissing". For a few seconds he hesitates but when he realises you're not going to back down, he thrusts into you as hard as he can, slamming your spine against the wall. You can't help but cry out, digging your nails into his back and wrapping your legs around him. You're dying to feel his lips on yours, but true to his word he never even attempts to kiss you - instead ripping open your shirt and moving his lips down to your nipples, sucking and gently biting. Then he moves his lips up to your neck, licking, fucking you even deeper and faster (…I am purity…they call me perverted). His breathing starts to get quicker and quicker, as you realise he's on the verge of cuming, and his hair beginning to curl into his neck because he's so hot. But determined he's gonna make you cum first (…and hey, of course he will, girls - this is James we're talking about here!) he moves his hand down to your clit. You have to bury your head in his neck to keep from screaming as he starts pulling and gently stroking. You try and hold off for as long as possible, wanting him to cum first, but it suddenly becomes too much for the two of you and you both cum simultaneously (…a la Basic Instinct style!) You collapse in each other's arms, breathless.
            Before you can speak, however, he pulls away from you abruptly, zipping his jeans up. He gives you one last filthy look (…THUD again!) and turns away, walking out of the bus stop. "Sore loser", you practically yell after him, not wanting him to see how upset you are by this. Slowly you pull your skirt back down and start to tidy yourself up. A few minutes later you emerge from the bus stop, and into the evening. James is stood outside, leaning against a lamppost, lighting up a fag. "I thought you'd gone", you say, pretending that it hasn't bothered you, snatching the fag off him. You begin to wonder if this is how groupies feel after a one-night stand. James looks at you, "Looks as though you proved me wrong…you win". You're about to smile, James admitting defeat, but he suddenly turns and starts walking away from you down the street. You watch him turn the corner and swallow your tears. Fine, you think to yourself that’s all he wanted you for. You start to head home, in the opposite direction, knowing that you've missed the last bus of the evening.
            After about 5 minutes of trying to fight the feeling that you've just been used (…who cares, right? You've just had him. Enough said), you slowly become aware that there's a taxi following you. At first you try and ignore it but then all of a sudden it pulls up in front of you. The passenger window winds down. It's James. He gives you a quick boyish grin. "You didn't think that was it, did you?” he smiles. You're at a loss for words, not quite sure what he means. He opens the door and steps out of the car, pulling you to him. "You don't think that after a year of trying to gather up the courage to talk to you I was just gonna fuck you and leave you there, do you?” he laughs gently. You can't help it now, your eyes fill with tears. James wipes them away softly and pulls you closer. Now for the first time he kisses you. Really kisses you. The kind of kiss that makes you feel dizzy. "You didn't think I'd take the easy route and just tell you how much I wanted you, did you?” he grins. You smile and James blushes slightly. "Nicky always said I was a mad bastard", he laughs. And with that he takes your hand and pulls you onto the back seat of the cab, giving the driver his address. A few moments later he turns to you and then kisses you all the way back to his house.