Short And Sweet (by Nan)

            You're awoken by noise on the street – now you remember why you hate living in London – all the racket and not being able to get a decent night's sleep! You turn around, hoping that the pillow over your head would help. Which it doesn’t. Looking over to the other side of the bed you get even more annoyed: how can he sleep through this? James (your boyfriend in case you hadn't figured it out) is lying on his back, quietly breathing (I was going to put snoring, but I won't because that would mean you'd have to push him off the bed!), looking all mild and peaceful! Screw him, if you can't get any sleep, why should he? You push the covers down off both of you and snuggle up to him. He wraps his arms around you and mumbles something under his breath, but that's it. You sit up and look at him in frustration – but he looks so beautiful sleeping. His eyes closed, his lips slightly parted, his chest slowly rising and falling … *boom* another trash can lands on the floor. Wretched cats!!!! Now, where were you? Oh, his chest heaving…you follow the line of hair from his navel it gets thicker and thicker (…I'm sorry, but I'm thinking 'Follow the yellow brick road!) and you see his cock, hard, ready and completely erect. You smile to yourself – maybe he's dreaming about me! Wait, maybe he's dreaming about somebody else!!! That, that… that prick! Well, I'll give him something to dream about! You get on your knees and gently run your hands over his chest hair, down his abdomen to your destination. You let your fingertips run up and down his shaft as slowly as you can bring yourself to do it, then running them around and around the head of his cock, enjoying the gentle twitching of his cock beneath your hands and you giggle to yourself as James mumbles something again but he doesn't wake up. No, not yet honey! You bend down and repeat the motion of your fingers with just the tip of your tongue, then circle his head, taking it in your mouth and just letting it rest in the warm haven. James' hands automatically come to rest on your head, pushing you down and you gladly take as much as you can into your mouth, just grazing the soft skin with your teeth and tongue – after all, you wouldn’t want to wake the poor boy up, would you? You pull up, tracing the vain on the bottom of his cock with your hardened tongue, then release him just for long enough to see the pre-cum form on the head and as much ass James will allow you. His hands now forceful, he pushes you back down to his demanding manhood. You put out your tongue and lick the head of his cock, fully enjoying the taste of his salty pre-cum. His hands go to push you down further, but you move away. Your hands meet his, your fingers intertwine as you straddle James' hips and take his cock inside of you slowly, enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding into your hot pussy an inch at a time before settling inside of you - so deep. He's so thick, you feel completely full. You slowly start to circle your hips, not letting the cock slide out of you at all, just letting it hit the walls of your pussy, awakening your nerves. You let James' hands go and they slide down to your waist, still deep in sleep. Enough games – you think as you lift yourself, just letting the swollen head stay inside of you and push your body down with all it's force, digging your nails into his chest and throwing your head back in pleasure. James' eyes fly open in shock mixed in pleasure, then close again in total devotion as you ride him faster and hard before leaning down to kiss him when you feel his semen spurt inside of you, your own climax taking you on a whirlwind of emotion. Minutes later, you're both lying on your backs, trying to catch your breath and grinning like mad. “Couldn't sleep again, ha?” he asks.
“Nope”, you turn to face him, “sorry!”
 “Baby, don't ever apologize for waking me up like that”, James winks at you, cups your face and continues, “But now that we're both up…” he's interrupted by another trash can falling over loudly, “and we'll never be able to get back to sleep because of the racket, what do you suggest we do?”