Snooker Table (by Missy)

            You’d been a friend of Nicky’s for almost five years now, but you were only introduced to James less than six months ago. It was obvious from day one that you and James were attracted to one another, but neither of you were willing to admit that. Instead you both went out of your way to hurt the other – a kind of defence mechanism for rejection. As a result, after six months the tension between you had just about reached boiling point. It had become virtually unbearable to be in the same room together…
         You really hadn’t wanted to come to this party. It was the official album launch as organised by Sony – Know Your Enemy was about to hit the record stores tomorrow. It was a big night for them and, because of that, you’d reluctantly agreed to go. Every time Nicky made a beeline for you some journalist managed to catch him, so all in all you spent most of the night alone. If James had glanced your way it was only to throw you a filthy look. You just couldn’t understand him – what had you done wrong? Usually you’d fire some bitchy comment back but tonight you just didn’t have the energy. Instead you made your way out of the main VIP bar and towards the Pool & Snooker room of the club.
         Absent-mindedly you lean over one of the pool tables and start to play with the balls. Suddenly you hear a voice behind you, “I wish you’d play with mine like that”. You spin round quickly, more embarrassed than startled. It’s Nicky. You can’t help but blush as he gives you that cheeky grin. Pushing up against you he slides his arms round your waist. “What’s wrong?” he whispers, pushing your hair aside from your ear. You can smell the champagne on Nicky’s breath – he wouldn’t normally be so forward. “Not getting all shy on me, are you?” he grins. You’d slept with Nicky a couple of times in the past but just as friends – you know, drunken fumbles when one of you were in need of a bit of attention… like now, you silently thought to yourself. You allow Nicky to push you up onto the pool table, deliberately letting your lips brush his. Taking the hint Nicky gently eases your legs apart, pushing himself against your pelvis, letting you both feel just how hard he is. “Fuck me, Nicky”, you whisper, pulling him closer. A groan escapes from Nicky’s lips. “Please don’t tempt me”, he half laughs. Wrapping your legs around his waist you let him know that you’re not exactly joking. Nicky grabs the back of your head and starts kissing you, whilst rubbing himself against your clit through your knickers with his hard on. You moan, frustrated at the clothing that keeps him from entering you properly. Panting in your ear he whispers with a grin, “Do you think dry fucking is classed as betrayal?”
“Betrayal? Who the hell are you betraying?” you manage to blurt out. (Ok, there's no Rachel for the purposes of this fantasy!) Suddenly Nicky pulls away from you. “I promised you to a friend”, he says with all seriousness. You give him a look crossed between confusion and anger. “What? Who? You promised… Eh?” But before you can get the words out Nicky has walked out of the room, leaving you somewhat ruffled but incredibly horny. In complete disbelief as to what has just happened you slip down off the table and just stand for a moment in absolute silence whilst you decide what it is you should do. More to the point figure out just what the hell Nicky was going on about. You don’t get long…
         Suddenly the door bursts open and James storms in with a face like thunder. Charging towards you he grabs you by the wrist and pulls you to him. “So what, you were just gonna fuck him? Whilst we’re all out there?” he spits, nodding his head in the direction of the VIP bar. A million different things are whirling round your head, and you can’t seem to get your mouth into gear – you haven’t got a clue what’s going on. “What…?” you mumbled, still not sure as to what the hell is happening. James keeps on yelling but the words aren’t registering in your head, but when you hear the word ‘whore’ you suddenly flip and push James away. Bad move. James throws you such a filthy look you honestly think he’s going to hit you. Instead he lunges for you, grabbing you around your waist from behind. He’s so fast you don’t even attempt to struggle, and only does realisation hit when he pushes you face first over the nearest pool table. He’s jealous. He thought you going to have sex with Nicky and he’s jealous! “James?” you whimper, “James, what are going to do?” But when he doesn’t answer you – except maybe a grunt – your anxiety suddenly turns into anger. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” you yell, trying to escape his grip. James quickly pulls you up and spins you round to face him, your lips just centimetres apart. “I’m gonna teach you a lesson you’ll not forget”, he growls. Now, for the first time since you’d been introduced to him, he’s actually made you nervous. But it was a nervousness mixed with sexual tension. Jesus, you never realised how much you wanted him. But the bitch in you wasn’t about to let him get his way without a fight. “You’re a fucking tease”, he spits in your face, his hand suddenly forcing itself between your legs and inside your knickers. “See?”, he growls in your ear, “You’re fucking begging for it”. It’s true, you are wet – you never realised how turned on someone so nasty could make you. He doesn’t wait for permission, when James thrusts a finger deep inside your pussy you moan loudly and stop struggling. With his other hand James roughly grabs at the straps of your dress, exposing your breasts, your nipples hard and erect. Before you can speak his lips are firmly clamped around your nipple, sucking hard. When you finally relax and give up your fight – the pleasure just too much to bear – you feel James ripping your knickers down and yourself being lifted on to the pool table again. At last your lips touch and James pushes himself between your legs, his cock hard through his trousers. He moves your hands down to his fly and, stopping to look you deep in the eyes, whispers, “I should have fucked you a long time ago”. His voice is softer now, however, and you feel yourself slowly beginning to melt into those eyes of his – any anger simply floating away. A few moments later and he’s thrust deep and hard inside you, almost taking your breath away. Pushing you back onto the table, until you’re lying down, James practically mounts you, his chest pushed up against your breasts. For a moment he doesn’t move, instead he holds himself deep inside you and moves his face really close to yours until you can feel his breath on your cheek. “Tell me you want this”, he whispers. His holding back is driving you insane with desire and you groan for him to fuck you. Grabbing both your wrists and pinning them down on the table either side of your head James again whispers, “Tell me you want this and I’ll fuck you”. When you still won’t concede James deliberately slips out of you until just the head of his cock is inside you. You moan. “No, don’t stop” you plead, not even trying to disguise the urgency in your voice anymore. James gives you that boyish grin, “Then beg” he demands, flicking your nipple with his tongue. “Ok…ok, I’m begging here”, you moan, “Fuck me…please!” No sooner have you said it then you feel James inside you once again, thrusting hard. Your hands all over one another it doesn’t take long for the two of you to come. James collapses into your neck, panting, out of breath.
         “You’re the friend Nicky promised me to, aren’t you?” you whisper. James looks up and grins, “How did you guess?”