Sofa F**k (by Unknown Author)

            James is asleep on your couch so you decide he should wake up. You stroke his cheek… and he kind of twitches .You slide your hand down his back and on to his bum. The corner of his mouth twitches again and you think he's faking sleep. Your hand slides up under his shirt across his broad shoulders, pull his shirt up, sit on his backside and kiss your way up his spine v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. By now he's squirming underneath you trying to turn over, but you decide to punish him for pretending to be asleep You lay down full length on him tickling the soles of his feet with your toes and biting his earlobe. He's begging you to stop tickling him. He'll do anything if you only stop. He's managed to get one hand out from under that cushion and he's running it along your thigh and squeezes it between the two of you and starts to massage your clit, which of course he finds immediately!!! So he's gently massaging, and groaning softly, "I'll do anything..." At this point someone knocked on the door – really! F**k f**k f**k!!!
         Now where were you… Somewhere along the line… you're not sure where. James has stopped begging and you've started, "Ooooooh please don't stop... I'll do anything, just don't stop", grinding your hips against his hand and his arse. His fingers still expertly caressing you, over and around your clit, gently but firmly, building the rhythm, faster and faster. You can feel his body rocking under you, hear his breathing quicken as he takes you to the edge, pauses a split second, then pushes you headlong into an explosive climax that leaves you gasping for breath and clinging to his back. Your face is resting against the back of his neck, you can taste his sweat on your lips and the back of his shirt is damp. Finally he can turn on to his back, a very impressive bulge straining against the front of his trousers. He runs his hands up your back to your shoulders as you pop open his buttons. His cock is spectacular, slick, and ready. As you run your tongue along the shaft, you can hear him whispering something. So you lick your way up his belly, pausing to suck gently on his left nipple, and then up to his mouth. He takes your face in his hands, his gorgeous brown eyes staring at you intently. "You said you'd do anything?" Your heart skips several beats. "Anything", you croak, tingling with anticipation. His lips brush against your cheek and he murmurs in your ear "Please let me get some sleep, I'm completely knackered".
“OK then… I’m sulking now, your fault”, you mock and turn around to get up. He leans back onto the sofa and looks at you directly. You smile slyly at him and say,”So, you don’t want me to (and whisper something to yourself). Ok, I’m going to make a cup of tea then, would you like some, too?” He seems interested now and asks you what you were whispering before. “Oh nothing”, you say and walk off to the kitchen. You can hear him following you, entering the kitchen and grabbing you from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist. You can feel his hard-on pushing against your bum. ”What did you whisper just before? Tell me, please…”, he persists. You hesitate a bit but you still want him to f**k you. You still act as if you were moping, not letting him have his peace after a long day of work in the recording studio - awww the poor guy. ”What did you say then? Pleeeeaase tell me”, he pleads. You tremble at the sound of his voice, wanting to squeeze him so tightly. “NO! Sorry, your time is up now, honey! No chance”. He grabs you and draws you playfully back into the living room and on the sofa. “Ok, I’m sorry…you know that I want you…” he says and starts to kiss you really passionately again. You stop the kiss and go down on him, open the buttons of his trousers again and begin to rub and stroke his cock until he sighs. You take him into your mouth and start to lick him up and down. His breath is getting heavier and he struggles to turn you around so that he is laying on you. His hands move up underneath your shirt to your breasts and he rubs your nipples firmly. He is so hard now and you both definitely can’t wait any longer. His beautiful brown eyes fixed on your face; he pushes your pants to the side and enters you. Slowly he thrusts inside you, kissing your face and mouth over and over. You feel you’re going to be pushed over the edge again any second as he groans your name loudly and explodes inside you. You wrap your arms around each other’s bodies, firmly holding, never wanting to let go. Before long you feel that he has fallen asleep and you carefully move away, kiss him on his cheek and cover him with a blanket. ”Sweet dreams, honey” you sigh.