Something for the Weekend (by Daria)

            The most unbelievable thing has happened: you're living with James. Don't get carried away though, you're only his flat mate. You met through work a while ago and got on really well. When you kept complaining about not being able to find a new flat, he offered for you to move in with him. He insisted his place was big enough and he liked the thought of someone looking after everything when he's on tour. It was the offer of a lifetime (obviously); his flat is a dream and the rent you pay for it is minimal. That's why you agreed; it's got nothing to do with James, as you don't fancy him (…I know, I know, not very likely, but just pretend for a second). Well, okay, maybe a bit, like when he's been jogging and returns all sweaty and breathless...
         It's Saturday morning; you've only just got up and are in the kitchen, making yourself a cup of tea. James is in Wales at the moment and won't be back until next week, so you've got the flat to yourself. It's not all pigging out in front of the telly scoffing ice cream, though. You've really got to clean the bath, and your bedroom needs hovering, and you - "Morning”. You get the shock of your life, drop your spoon and spin round. "JAMES! Christ, what are you doing here?! I mean - when did you come home?"
"Late last night. You were fast asleep, I didn't want to wake you up”. (Awww). He walks over to you and pours himself a glass of milk. He drinks some of it and when he puts the glass down, there's some foam from the milk just above his upper lip. Mechanically, you reach out to brush it off. But you freeze in mid-movement. All of a sudden, you realise that you're only wearing your skimpy nightdress, that he's only in his boxers (…oh HELLO!), that your fingers are on his lips and that his eyes are burning into yours. You pull your hand back and stare at your teacup again. James mutters something about having a shower and disappears. You're totally confused about what happened, about the way time just seemed to have stopped for a moment. Images of what could have happened keep flashing up before you... sex on the kitchen table, James leaning against the fridge, his hands in your hair while you're on your knees in front of him... You grab the paper and force yourself to concentrate on the articles. You don't feel hungry anymore so you traipse back to your bedroom a couple of minutes later, still dazed. You don't notice the bathroom door open and literally run into James, giving a little scream. He catches hold of your arms to steady you. "Sorry" you croak, "I didn't see you." He shakes his head.
"I'm sorry. That's the second time I've scared you today."
"You didn't scare me," you protest "I was just surprised." He's wearing one of his tight white t-shirts and a pair of combats; his hair is wet. "I hate to annoy you”, he whispers, starting to walk you backwards.
"James, this is your place", you say weakly, wishing you could stop thinking about how soft his lips look. He shakes his head again. "It must be hell living with me." You feel a wall against your back. "I scare you, I keep impossible hours, I'm messy, moody..." he continues, moving closer and closer to you. "I don't know how you put up with me..." he adds, his lips brushing yours "but I'm glad you do." He finally kisses you, a soft, lingering kiss that makes you wish he'd never, ever stop. But he does and looks at you, unsure about how you're going to react. You put your arms around his neck and pull him closer, wanting to taste him again. You snog for ages, your bodies rubbing against each other. He runs his hands up and down the sides of your body, pressing his hard-on against you, while you untangle the wet strands of his hair. Eventually, he pulls away from you and gives you a sheepish look, "Your place or mine?" he asks. "Yours." you smile.
         Still embracing, you stumble over to his bedroom. As you reach the door, you briefly think Oh my God, what am I doing here? but then James lifts you up and carries you over to the bed, and you pretty much stop thinking altogether, feeling his soft hands remove your night dress. He gently lowers you on the bed and covers you in kisses, while his hands, shaking now, pull down your knickers. You absolutely love what he's doing, but you realise you can't let him do all the work. Well, you could, but you don't want to. "Take your t-shirt off", you whisper into his ear. He hesitates for a split-second, and then does as he's told. (Good boy) "And your trousers." He struggles to get out of them as quickly as possible. "And now lie down on your back." You snuggle up to him and begin to lick and softly bite his neck while moving your hand very slowly over his chest and stomach. You reach inside his boxers, stifling his groan with a deep kiss. At first, you only move your fingertips up and down the shaft of his hard cock, then you grip it firmly and massaging him. He slides one of his hands between your legs and begins to finger your clit, matching the rhythm with which you rub him. You're completely torn - on the one hand you want him inside you, on the other you don't want to stop what you're doing right now. James finally makes the decision for you, grabbing you and getting on top of you. His cock is throbbing between your thighs, rubbing against your clit. You run your hands over his sweaty back, down to his arse. He keeps moving against you without actually entering you, which drives you absolutely wild. You arch your back, pressing your hips against his and feel him shudder. "I've wanted this for so long", he groans. "I missed you so much when I was away..." You think you're going to faint, but you decide you'd better not because you don't want to miss out on a single second of this. He starts kissing you incredibly hard, his tongue f**king your mouth. You feel like you're sinking down in the sea, getting cut off from reality. When he finally thrusts inside you, he screams out loud, completely losing control of himself. You dig your fingernails into his back, gasping at his size, and let him set the pace. His hands and lips are all over your body and he keeps groaning your name, f**ing you harder and harder. His dick rubs you in all the right places, bringing you close to orgasm within seconds. You know he's holding out because he wants you to come first, and he doesn't have to wait for long. You shudder and scream when your orgasm washes over you with an intensity you never thought possible. James now lets go as well, thrusting inside you as deep as he can and filling you with his hot semen.
         "I can't believe this really happened”, he whispers when he gets his breath back. "You don't know how often I'd lie in this bed at night, wishing I had the guts to just walk into your room and..." he looks at you. You grin. "Well, if you've wanted me for such a long time, then we've got a lot of catching up to do, right?"
"Right”, he grins back and starts kissing his way down to your lap.