Spank (by Missy)

            You've just had the most violent, drunken row ever with James and are now sitting in the back of a cab, next to him, silent but absolutely fuming. He'd been in a pretty bad mood all day but you hadn't expected him to explode like he did. You were in a bar and when Nicky, who was quite tipsy, playfully gave you a kiss, you made the grave mistake of not pushing him away. Immediately you saw James' face in the corner of your eye and knew that you'd let things go too far. Grabbing you by your wrist, he quietly dragged you to the toilets and, making sure nobody was in there, locked the main door before turning on you. "You fucking whore", he spat, moving towards you. Angry, you went to push past him and unlock the door but he caught hold of your arms. You could smell the Whiskey on his breath and knew that he'd been drinking most of the night. When you tried to struggle, slowly realising that he wasn't just playing about, he lashed out and hit you across the face, practically knocking you to the floor. You were so shocked (and slightly aroused) that you backed away from him, silent. He'd never actually hit you before, although he'd been close. His eyes were burning into yours as he looked down at you. "You know the only reason he goes after you is because he knows you're easy. It's the same with Richey" he spat, deliberately trying to hurt you. With that he grabbed hold of you again and threw you up against the wall, slamming your back hard against the plaster. He pushed his leg between your thighs, after violently ripping your knickers down, despite your struggling. His body pressed hard up against yours, he grabbed your hair with one hand, pulling your head backwards. His lips were dangerously close to yours. "You need treating like the prostitute you obviously are", he hissed, and before you could protest he practically stabbed one finger inside you, fucking you really hard. You bite your lip, trying to hold back your moans - half out of pain, half out of pleasure. He knew how it was bordering on hurting you but only retaliated by fucking you even harder. Once he'd got bored of doing that he tried to push you to your knees to give him a blowjob but you pulled away, this time really fighting, and made it to the door. Once you were back in the bar you knew he wouldn't do anything - James loses his temper but not in public. You tried to act as though nothing had happened but when James reappeared a few minuets later, glaring at you, he suddenly announced to everyone that you were both leaving. Not wanting to cause a scene you just went along with it and James, grabbing your hand roughly, dragged you outside to a waiting taxi.
         James never speaks a word all the way home but you can see him throwing you filthy looks in the mirror. You deliberately pull your skirt up slightly, revealing your thighs and flashing your suspenders - letting him know exactly what he's going to be missing tonight. You had planned to give him the night of his life before this row, but now you've decided to not even let him touch you - in fact, you're going to sleep in the spare room. As soon as the taxi pulls up outside James' flat you're out of the car and opening the door, ignoring James and leaving him to deal with paying the driver. Once inside you start making your way to the bathroom but suddenly hear the front door slam behind you and in a second someone has hold of you and is forcing you towards the kitchen. Pushing you into the room, James doesn't even bother turning on the light. You turn to scream at him but then see his face. Walking towards you, you slowly back away from him until you hit the sink and realise there's no way of escaping. All you can hear is your own heavy breathing. For the first time in your life you actually feel quite scared, considering the mood James is in - you've never seen him so foul. He pushes up against you, grabbing the straps of your dress and pulling them down over your shoulders. "Now do what you wouldn't earlier", he hisses, going to push you down to your knees. Judging by the look in his eyes you know not to argue this time. He's got you trapped between his body and the sink (swoon) so you have no choice but to do as he says. Fiercely pushing himself into your mouth, he brutally grabs your hair and forces himself even deeper down your throat. "Now suck hard", he growls, as he starts fucking your mouth. You can't back away from him so have to really relax to stop yourself from gagging. (Hey, he's a BIG boy!) You hear him moan and see him throw his head back in ecstasy as he starts to cum, so you instantly try and pull away from him. But he holds you firmly, and looking down at you hisses, "Ah ah ah - you'll fucking swallow". No sooner has he said it then you feel his hot spurt in your mouth and down your throat. He keeps hold of your head until he knows you've swallowed, and only then does he pull away. As he walks away you turn your back to him and face the sink, spitting whatever is left in your mouth just out of sheer spite. When James doesn't say anything else you turn round slowly, thinking that maybe he's left the kitchen. But no, he's still stood there, staring at you intently. You wonder what he's going to do. "James?" you begin to say, your voice a little more nervous than you really wanted. "Pull your dress up, take your knickers down and bend over that table", he says in a low voice. For a moment you think he's joking but he just nods his head towards the table and starts taking off his belt. It suddenly dawns on you what he's intending to do. James pulls the belt from his jeans and moves towards you. "Do as you're told". You can't help it your eyes begin to fill with tears. "James no, please", you begin. "You have to learn, baby", he whispers more softly, seeing your tears, but not giving in. He lifts his hand to your face and gently wipes away your tears. You think for a moment he's changed his mind but you suddenly feel his hand on your thighs and, still staring into your eyes, he starts edging up your dress. You don't try and stop him (knowing how useless it would be) but you don't help him either. Part of you is turned on, and James knows this. But suddenly his tone changes again and he growls in your ear, "Do it". Reluctantly you start to pull your knickers down as James watches you. Stepping out of them, James takes you gently by the hand and pulls you towards the table. You can't believe how gentle he's being with you when you know he's about to do something so violent. (God, this sounds sooo bad!) Then, slipping behind you, he pushes you over the table. You can feel how hard he is through his jeans, as he pushes his erection against your rear. Carefully he starts to edge your dress up around your waist, and you feel the leather belt against your hot skin. "Please don't do it hard", you beg."I'll do what I fucking want", he spits back, and then adds, "And if you try and fight, I'll do it even harder". You can tell by his voice that he's incredibly turned on, despite your reservations. But before you can say anything else you suddenly feel a sting across your bum and realise he's just whipped you (WAY-HEY!) You can't help but cry out, but James just responds by spanking you again - this time even harder. "I should have done this to you a long fucking time ago", he snarls, "then maybe I wouldn't have to be punishing you now". You try not to make any sound as he continues to spank you, but when he finishes and you hear the zip of his flies, it dawns on you what else he has planned. You feel his cock between your legs and know damn well that from the position you're in he's definitely not aiming for your pussy. Practically mounting you on the table, he pushes the head of his cock inside you and then stops. "Relax", he orders you, giving you only the briefest of seconds before thrusting hard inside you. You moan, not completely shocked - as this isn't the first time he's screwed you this way. The only difference is he'd got you drunk the first time and then sweet-talked you into doing it, being really gentle. He cums quickly and pulls you up off the table, spinning you round to face him before pushing you back onto the table so that you're sitting on the edge of it. Now he pushes between your legs and inside you properly this time. You gasp as he pulls you further onto his cock, plunging himself even deeper inside you. You're dying to make a bitchy comment about him fucking you in every place he can in one night, but decide to keep quiet. Instead you whisper, "I'm sorry". Without replying he kisses you hard on the mouth, pushing his tongue deep inside you. Pulling your dress up and over your head, he throws it to the floor before picking you up - him still inside of you - and carrying you into the bedroom, the two of you collapsing on the bed. Gently he fucks you for hours, holding your face really close to his, as he thrusts deeper and deeper inside of you, reaching every possible spot. Turning you over, so that you're now facing the bed, he starts to slide his tongue down your back until he reaches your bum. Then he softly starts kissing the marks the leather belt left, all the time whispering, "I'm sorry, I love you, baby". And of course, you forgive him.