Studio Sex (by Nat)

            The guys are recording the new album, you know that James doesn’t like having people outside the band at the studio, but you can’t resist. You walk into the recording studio and nobody is there, you look around for a bit but you can’t find anyone. So you go to leave but as you turn around there he is standing in the door. “Shit, you scared me”, you say. He says nothing, he just looks at you and then slams the door behind him. You can hear your heart beating as he walks over to you. You slowly move backwards but come to sudden stop as you hit the wall. He stands right in front of you and moves in closer, you can feel him breathing on your neck, you close your eyes but he suddenly moves away from you violently. You look and see a guitar crash onto the floor. You put your hand on his back; he turns around quickly grabbing you and pushes you up against the wall. Your spine shakes so much that it feels like its gonna collapse. He looks at you and his eyes burn into your skin, you go to say something but he stops you. He places his finger on your bottom lip – you hope he doesn’t notice it’s quivering. Before you know it your jumper is being pulled over your head. He goes to touch you but he doesn’t his head just kinda dances around your body, not actually touching it – the air between you and him gets incredibly hot – it feels like your skin is burning. Your brain is so freaked that you can’t tell what reality is. You’re trembling like a leaf as his ring touches your skin and the cold metal gives you goose bumps. You slowly open your eyes to look at him as you start to unbutton his shirt. It’s the perfect moment - you can feel all your insides melting as his trousers fall to the floor. His lips burn against your neck, you go to grab the nearest object and knock over a mic instead, it crashes against the ground, you look down but he doesn’t stop. You feel like you’re sinking into the ground, but you’re not he’s pushing you down onto an amp. You fall back and all the blood rushes to your head. His hand slowly moves up your right thigh and then he slowly pushes your leg up. Your whole body feels numb as you feel him inside of you, he pulls you up and you hear the crashing of symbols as he pushes you onto the drums. You look at him and say, “No way, no f**king way” but he just smiles at you and pushes harder. You hold onto him, as tight as you can as you feel him harder and harder. You can’t tell whose body is who’s as great warmth washes over you. Your head falls back and you let go your grip. He doesn’t let go, he holds on tight, you can feel him breathing so hard and you wrap your arms around him, you just want to protect him from everything. You look at him and you can see that deep sadness that he carries in his heart, you gently kiss him and whisper, “I know!”