Swimming Pool Fantasy (by Nan)

  [I just read an interview with James from a couple of years ago and the interviewer said that he was the only man she knew that actually used a swimming pool to swim in instead of just lounging by it with a bottle of beer. So I started thinking about some other things he could do in a pool. In the company of yours truly!]

              It's the day before what you think is going to be the best night of your life. You can't believe yourself for travelling so far to see a gig. But it's not just any gig. The Manics. You've been shaking all over for the entire trip and so has your friend, but she obviously isn't as excited as you are because she has actually managed to fall asleep. Who could sleep at a time like this? Granted it is a very good hotel and the beds are very comfortable, but every time you touch of even look at yours, an image of a certain lead singers naked body stretched all over it flashes before your eyes…tonight is going to be great! You start going through the hotel papers when you notice they have a pool… a cool swim is what you need right now (Even better then a cold shower right?) You quickly grab your swimsuit and towel. Seconds later you're out the door and on your way to the elevator. You're practically hopping down the corridor quietly singing Stay beautiful to yourself. As the lift door opens you're shouting the fuck off bit. The first thing you see as you open your eyes is a very amused James Dean Bradfield grinning his arse off.
            You just want the floor to open up and swallow you on the spot…no such luck. You decide you don't really give a rat's arse and get in the lift. You murmur a “Sorry”, he looks at you and tries to put on an understanding face and saying, “That's alright”, but fails miserably half way through as he starts laughing. Your heart sinks. It's not that you were actually going to get it on with this man before (well, you were hoping!), but now you've made a complete arse of yourself. He sees that you're very upset and starts apologizing like a madman. He say he wasn't really laughing at you, it's just that Nick had been telling him how silly he looks while he's singing that bit…You smile back at him more so out of courtesy than anything else. The door opens, he tells you this is his floor and says bye. You nearly collapse in the back of the lift, thoughts running through your mind. Well, it could have been worse. You could have been telling your friend exactly what you wanted to do to him!
            You get to the pool and start swimming, then enjoy the sauna. You want to take another swim in the main pool before returning to your room but when you get there the only person swimming in it is your elevator friend… “Great”, you think to yourself and quickly decide to just take a shower in your room instead. You turn on your heel before you notice he's seen you and is swimming towards you. You're half way out the door when you hear him calling you back. “Hey, I'm sorry about before, it's no reason to avoid me”.
“I wasn't avoiding you, I just realized I should be getting back to my room before…” you trail off.
“The gig, yeah I know”. He puts his hands on the edge and lifts himself up. You can see his muscles tensing, water running from his hair over his chest…You stop and force yourself to look him in the eye, then decide that wasn't such a good decision either. “I really gotta go”. He grabs your arm. His skin is cold and feels great against your steaming flesh. You shiver at his touch. He notices. “Sorry”. You shake your head and smile. “Come on, just one swim. You need to cool down”. He winks at you suggestively. You realize you just can't say no to this man. “Fine”, you decide to get this over with as fast as you can (and before you have a heart attack from seeing him in nothing but his trunks (yum!) so you jump in headfirst.
         The water feels wonderful against your skin but you realize you enjoyed the feel of his hand more… you reach the other end and turn around, noticing that James is trying desperately to catch up with you. “I thought we might race”, he smiles while trying to catch his breath and getting his hair away form his face. You wish you were doing that for him, running your hands over his wet hair, tangling it on the back of his neck and just pulling him close to you, feeling his hot breath on your neck… “Sure… jumping or just…?”
“No, let's jump”. You're very glad he's suggested that when he raises himself from the water, his trunks drenched and heavy start moving downwards from the curve of his arse… He gets up and seems not to notice as he helps you out of the water (not that you need any help…ok, yes you do, your knees are very very weak!). Your eyes drift downwards again as you can see a line of dark smooth hair leading from his navel, getting thicker and leading into his trucks, pulled down on his hips… He looks at you questioningly. “Erm, your trucks…” You point to his attire with a sly smile on your face. “Oh, sorry”, he quickly (and to your disappointment) pulls his trucks up and gets on the edge. “Ready?”
“Yeah. Set, Go!” You both jump in quickly and race to the other end of the pool. You beat him without a problem (Sorry James!) When he gets there he looks at you and you can see he's a bit angry. He puts his hands on both sides of your body, holding on to the edge, his legs intertwined with yours, his face only inches away… “I thought we were going two lengths!” with that, he pushes himself away and starts swimming… “Ah, the typical male” you laugh out loud and start off after him… and beat him again. He's really red and upset now and you sort of feel sorry for him but you decide to give him a victorious grin anyway. He just smiles when he sees that you're feeling better. “You're very good at this! Got any good tips then?”
“No, not really. But not cheating helps!” He smiles and you start swimming back towards the exit. He corners you on the stairs. “Stay”.
“Make me!” you say playfully, but you realize he was very serious as he pulls you back by your leg, pushes you against the stairs, his lips on yours, his hands on your hips pulling you in closer, the feel of his hot skin all over yours… His lips explore yours building up speed and pressure making you quiver. You place your hands on his back and trail them down to his trunks, playing with the waistline, James fighting with the strings of your bathing suit relentlessly. You stop him and point out that you're in a public pool. He pushes himself away from the edge splashing water at you and telling you that you're all alone in a public pool as he reaches down and starts removing his trunks. “What are you doing?” you ask (as if you had no idea!) “They wouldn't stay on anyway!” with that he throws them at you. You look around cautiously (ok, so you're kind of shy, but definitely not the kind of person to miss out on this!) then slide in the water next to him, looking him in the eye, forcing him to do the same as you remove the straps of your suit, then sliding them down, feeling the cold water against your unprotected body. You get goosebumps and shiver, but continue on, sliding the suit off yourself completely, still looking into his passion filled eyes, seeing exactly what he wants to do with you, until you're both standing there in the middle of the pool completely naked and very hot for each other. He sees you're still a bit reluctant as he gently cups your face in his palms, bringing you in closer to him, kissing you gently on your forehead and eyelids with his hot lips, blowing his steamy breath on you. You just let go, let your senses take control as you wrap your hands around his waist, surprised at how soft his skin is, turned on by the heat of it. He pulls you closer, your nipples touch him, making them harder as you move in the water, rubbing them over his chest…. You're slowly circling each other as you start kissing faster, you can feel the tip of his tongue probing at your mouth, but you decide to tease him a bit longer, enjoying his tongue on your lips, you know he's desperate to feel you're as passionate for him as he is for you, but not wanting to be too forceful, he's simply running it from one corner of your mouth to the other, gently poking, squeezing your lips with his own, scraping his teeth along your jaw than moving back to your lips… It feels like someone has just started a fire in the pit of your stomach as his tongue enters your mouth. He gently runs it along your teeth, then deeper… seeking out yours. You see that there's no turning back now as you reach forward, wrap your hands around his neck and intertwine your tongue with his, pulling and sucking him deeper into your mouth. James pulls you in closer, you can feel his hot body on yours, making your skin burn as his cock is pressed against your thigh, you start sucking on his tongue as you would his erection, slowly sliding your tongue beneath his, licking it, your movements becoming harder and faster, your hands in his hair pulling him in, his hands on your thighs pulling your legs around his waist, his cock against your opening, your clit on fire, aching for him… water all around you, caressing every inch of your bodies.
         He pushes you against the side of the pool, plunging himself into you, you wrap your legs around his arse tighter, pulling him in, almost reluctant to let his cock slide out of you, his need as urgent as yours as he's in you again, it feels like his cock's reached up to your stomach, burning you from the inside. Your breaths quicken as he starts fucking you earnestly, pushing you against the tiles, fighting to keep himself standing as he completely looses control and quickens his pace, holding on to your arse with one hand and to the tiles with the other, using more and more power, moving in and out of you, each time he just seems to go deeper and deeper. You start to lose control as you feel him cum inside you, screaming like a wounded animal, begging for release… his head thrown back as he keeps burying his cock deep inside you as he just keeps climaxing, shutting his eyes, his face as if he were in torment, until it's over and he looks at you, his face kind, almost loving – you forgive him for not holding on longer… but it was partly your fault, wanting to see him like this, wanting this to last as long as possible… He sees you hadn't cum and starts apologizing, he even says that he hopes you're not going to tell him to “just fuck off” now. You smile as he slides out of you, you can still feel his liquid inside you, you're orgasm still building as he takes your hand and smiles at you, leading you out of the pool. You reach for your towel, but he keeps on pulling you behind him, into another room…
         Oh my god, the Jacuzzi! You grin at him as he goes in first and starts checking out the seats, you're a bit puzzled and a bit self conscious, walking around naked with a man you hardly know in a place where anyone could find you at any moment… but it just adds to the pleasure…He seemed to have found what he had been looking for as he pulls you in and onto a carefully picked out seat… “What… Erm, why?” you look at him questioningly until you can feel the bubbles coming out directly between your legs, caressing your clit, probing inside you gently and you nearly jump out of your seat, but you quickly sit back down. James sits next to you and starts kissing you again, maybe not as urgently as before, now slowly exploring your mouth with his tongue and your body with his hands, finding your pleasure spots, making you more and more excited and then moving on to the next one…You can feel your orgasm building from the bubbles and from the touch of James' hands on your breasts and neck, you lean in against his chest, unable to do anything but moan against it…He knows you're about to cum and slides his hand down between your legs, at first just gently caressing your sex, letting singular bubbles against your most sensitive skin…You can't take it any more and look at him, saying “Please…” than drifting off as his hand comes in contact with your clit, rubbing it, pulling, teasing, doing things you'd never thought existed, circling it, going up and down, from side you side, twisting it between his thumb and forefinger until you cum shuddering and shaking, fire washing all over your body, making you dizzy, unaware of where you are. All you know and want to know is this man next to you (and his skilled fingers… I'm starting to think about the Gibson again!) and it doesn't just stop. He manipulates your body, you just keep cuming - when you think it's over another wave of pleasure hits you as the bubbles and James make you cum over and over again!
         Before you know it you're back in your room (in fact, you're not even quite sure how you got there, you're still light-headed!) with a towel wrapped securely around your body and a backstage pass for the gig! Only now you can't decide whether or not you should sing along to Stay Beautiful again! But what the hell, look where it brought you the first time. Oh and it looks like you're actually going to see the naked body of a certain lead singer spread on your bed! You can't wait till later tonight!