Talking Dirty - The Way Pisceans Love To Do It (by Daria)

            You've just turned the key in the front door and opened it about five inches when it is slammed shut again from the inside. "Erm…" you say, somewhat surprised. "Close your eyes!" James yells from inside.
"What?" What on earth is he playing at now?
"Close your eyes!" he insists and you obey, the past having taught you that it's better not to contradict him when he wants something. "Okay, eyes closed", you announce and he opens the door and pulls you inside. "Don't laugh!" he orders. "You've having one of your weird days, darling, aren’t you?" you smile. "Probably, yes" he answers. "Promise me not to laugh."
"James, I promise you not to laugh. Can I open my eyes now?"
"Alright, open them… Ta-daa!" You look at him, standing in front of you arms outstretched. The first thing you notice is his eyes. They're neatly rimmed with black eyeliner (think Richey in the 'Love's Sweet Exile' video), the lashes heavy with mascara. Then you look down and almost don't believe it - he's wearing a dress! James is wearing a dress. You know that this is a special, special gesture he's made, and you fully appreciate it. "You look brilliant!" you say, beaming at him. He blushes a bit, "You're just saying that…"
"No, I'm not!" you assure him and put you arms around him. "You look lovely" you whisper and kiss him softly. Then you start pulling him towards the bedroom. "Hey, I thought you were going to just sit there and marvel at me!" he protests. "Erm, no", you shake your head. "Sorry, James, no way." He grins broadly as you push him onto the bed and lie down on top of him. "Oooh, not so quick!" he lisps, but you give him a naughty smile. "What you seem to be forgetting, James" you say, smoothly spreading his legs with one of yours, "is that I'm the one wearing the trousers now. Quite literally." And from then on he's a good, well, girl and lets you mercilessly snog him.
         You unbutton the top of his dress just so much that you can play with his nipples and lick his firm chest while running one of your hands up his thighs only to discover something that is quite un-ladylike. "Tut-tut, James, now what have we got here?" you say, pushing the dress further up so you can caress his hard cock. He groans when you pull down his Calvins and starts to work his way underneath your top, but you move swiftly away. "Not yet, babe, ladies first." But it seems that you went a bit too far with that, since he grabs you, throws you on your back and lies down on top of you, pinning you into the mattress. "Just because I'm wearing a dress doesn't mean that I can't fuck you the way I want,” he growls and proceeds to virtually rip off your clothes until you're completely naked. He roughly runs his hands all over your body, from your shoulders over your breasts, down your stomach, between your legs and back up again, making you writhe underneath his touch. Then he edges the fabric up around his thighs and plunges his dick deep inside you with one powerful thrust. You moan out and just let him fuck you, enjoying his determination to have you his way. All the same… One of your hands carefully creeps underneath your pillow and your fingers close around something long, thick and battery-operated. You'd used it this morning to kill the time when James had gone jogging and - who knows? - it might come in handy now. He hasn't noticed anything, so he flinches in surprise when you flick the vibrator on and hold it against his arse. He arches his back, and - look who's the one in charge now. "Would you like me to go on with this?" you ask ever so politely. He just groans and tries to get you to go on rubbing him, desperate for more. "No" you say breezily and stop touching him with the vibrator, "I don't think that would work…”
"Oh, please", he begs, his eyes squeezed shut as if he was in pain, "PLEASE!"
"We'll need some lubricant", you add and push him off. Then, making sure that he's looking at you, you slowly insert the vibrator into your pussy, sighing as it buzzes against your pleasure spots. You move it in and out while playing with your clit, knowing that it drives James wild to watch you do that. You go on for a little while until he looks like he really can't take it anymore, then pull him on top of you again. He groans loudly as you let him slide inside you and almost screams when you push the vibrator, now wet with your juices, up his arse. Now he just lets you fuck him, moaning in delight, and you decide not to tease him anymore, after all he's done something very nice for you today and deserves to be rewarded. You keep screwing him with the vibrator while clenching your muscles around his dick, running your fingers up and down his tense back, and it doesn't take long until he begins to violently shake and finally cums, his head buried in your shoulder, screaming out. You take a deep breath as you feel his semen stream inside you and press yourself closer to him, playing with the damp hair in the nape of his neck.
         He takes quite a while to calm down again, but as soon as he's regained his strength, he starts stroking your breasts again, tweaking and licking the soft skin around your nipples. You run your fingers through his hair, moaning in pleasure as he goes lower and lower down your body. He dips his tongue inside your navel and eventually gives you one slow lick all over your moist sex. He repeats this again and again, quicker and quicker, sending waves of ecstasy through your body and making you so horny that you grab his head and force it down into your lap, unable to wait any longer. And as he's very eager to thank you for what you did to him, you're soon groaning your way to the top, his tongue restlessly working on your clit while he pushes two fingers deep inside you. Just when you're about to climax, he removes his fingers and you scream out in frustration until seconds later you feel his tongue in your pussy, which finally sends you over the edge. Your orgasm throws you around on the sheets, leaving you completely helpless while the tip of his tongue still traces the walls of your pussy, sending more shivers down your spine. It is only when he moves away from you, breathless and sweaty, that you can relax. You think you'd be too weak to ever move again, but as soon as you look at him you know better. His eyeliner and mascara are smudged, his skin glistens and there's definitely still lust in his eyes. You grab the sleeves of the dress he's still wearing (or what's left of it) and pull him close to you. You give him a passionate kiss, then turn him over so he's lying on his back. You straddle him and undo the remaining buttons of his dress, then push the soaked fabric off his body. "So, young lady," you say sternly, "you've been behaving very badly; how do you suggest I punish you?" He grins and pulls you down so he can whisper into your ear and give you detailed instructions…
[Remember, Pisces like talking dirty!]