A True Story??? (by Unknown Author)

            Six years ago I had one of the best nights of my life. I had gone with a friend to a club in the next town to us. (It's one of the biggest in the UK) and she was going to see a group that I'd never heard of. Once we were in she met up with fellow fans and I stayed by the bar, sipping merrily on vodka and red bull. Later on we went to a club, it has to be said that it was one of the tackiest clubs I've ever been to but hey, all shorts and spirits 94p. I was at the bar; I didn't care about what people were saying. I didn't want to go out that night. I was just ordering my third drink in there when this sexy voice from behind me said, "Make that two, and I'm buying". When I turned round to see who it was and to tell them it would take more than one drink to get my knickers off, I saw what can only be described as the most sexiest eyes I've ever seen. A man stood there in front of me in black jeans and a white v-necked t shirt, he biceps bulging from beneath the tight white material. His hair was long and bleached blond with flecks of brown in it. The hair on his neck curled and looked so cute and almost framed the veins in his neck, offering them to be kissed and licked. He smiled at me with such a cheeky boyishness. How could I resist? I took the drink and said thank you. He said he'd seen me earlier at the gig and thought I looked sexy. His hand reached down, for a second I thought he was going to try something but instead his hand went into his pocket and pulled out a packet of cigs (Marlborough red's) he took one and offered one to me. Now I'm a wimpy smoker, the strongest I smoke are l & B's and on this night I'd been smoking Marlborough Light, but not wanting to offend the guy I took one and he pulled out a lighter. It was one of those zippo lighters with a picture of James Dean on it. Cool I thought, someone else who likes the old film stars. I bent down a bit and lit my cig. Oh God, the first drag was almost like having an orgasm, I could feel the sensation in my knees but I didn't want to seem like a pretend smoker, after all I'd been smoking for at least 7 years now. He moved in closer to me, I thought our lips would meet but he was reaching behind me to get to the ashtray. As he came in close to me I could smell him, he was wearing Obsession for men and it spelt so good on him. We had the drink and talked. He said I had a nice accent and I told him he wasn't a good liar, which made him laugh, he had little baby teeth. He motioned to move away from the bar and I did, we were stood near the banister for the stairs down to the toilets. He was telling me about himself. Then after fifteen minutes he moved in closer to me, the smell having the same affect as the cig, knees trembling, excitement building in the stomach. He moved in much closer to me this time and I felt his lips brush against mine, then his lips were on mine, we started kissing with such passion. I had to do something with my hands so I moved them round the back of him and gripped hold of his tight arse and pulled him in closer to me. His hands moved up from my waist and were kneading my breasts like an expert baker. I could feel his hard on through his jeans, rubbing up against my crotch, which sent a shock of electricity straight up my body. He moved from my lips, still working on my breasts his mouth went up to my ear, I could feel his hot breath on my skin, "I really want to fuck you but the toilets are so busy we'll never get in there". I just moaned and nodded to him. He looked around; there was an alcove with seats just a few steps above us. He motioned with his head to go up there; I just nodded and followed him.
           I was walking like a one-year-old, who'd just learnt to walk; I kept feeling as though my legs would give way under me. The guy sat down, one hand still holding mine and the other one rubbing his dick. I moved in front of him and sat on his lap facing him. His hands moved to my thighs and he slowly moved his hands up my thigh's pushing the dress with it, then I could feel his fingers rubbing my clit through the thin and now damp material that stood between me and his finger. He moved and again put his lips on my lips and started kissing me so hard but tender. His fingers had moved the material of my knickers over; my hands instinctively and without really thinking about it had moved down and unfastened his jeans. I could see the head of his dick peeking out of the top of his shorts. I moved my hand down and touched it; it almost seemed to jump into my hand on it's own. The feel of it pulsating and jittering under my touch, I moved the material down and he moved his groin forward slightly, his fingers rubbing my hard clit. I took the dick in my hand and slowly started moving my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the skin move with my touch, I rubbed my palm on the top to get some of the pre-cum and used it to give a little bit of moisture to the touch. He moaned but didn't move his mouth from mine and I could feel it vibrate on my lips. He moved me forward with his hands and I guided his dick into me, I could feel it going in deeper, deeper, for a moment I thought that he would impale me up to my stomach. With one hand on my hip and one on my breast he slowly guided me to the rhythm he wanted. Once I was in the swing his hands moved, both now on my breasts, he pulled my top down slightly and took one breasts slightly out of the bra so one erect red nipple was showing above my bra, he moved his head down and started sucking and licking on it with the hunger that a virgin would. I heard him moan and sigh and then I felt the liquid of his cum start to spurt into me. When he was done I moved back and he pulled out and put my knickers back straight and pulled my top up and did his flies up. He looked at me and smiled and said thank you with a cheeky grin. I moved off him and he grabbed my hand. We went to the bar without saying a word and he ordered another round. He took two cigs out of the packet and lit them both and gave one to me.
          Then he looked back at the stairs, it was fairly empty as the second band had come on stage and the security was gone. He took me by the hand after we'd finished the cig and took me down the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs you could go left for the ladies and right for the gents: we went right and went into the gents, it was empty but he insisted on checking the cubicles. He was still holding my hand, he went into the end stall near to the window and locked the door, I had noticed in the dark but he was all sweaty and his hair was starting to stick to his forehead and the curls around his neck were sticking to him. He pushed me up against the wall with the window and started kissing me hungrily, his hands had moved down to my skirt hem and he was pulling it up, then he started pushing down my knickers to a point where he couldn't do it with his hands anymore and then his knee came up and he pushed them down to the floor with his foot, I stepped out of them. I started to undo his jeans again. He pulled down my top with a force and started feasting hungrily on my breasts and nipples, once again making them stand to attention. He lifted my leg up and I placed it on the toilet. With one thrust he was in me again. His pace was faster and harder, he started kissing my neck, the electric in me was building up, the passion, the orgasm, ready to explode, my hands in his golden hair, pushing him into my chest. Then he came. He stood up and got dressed. I pulled my dress back into its proper shape. He bent down and picked up my knickers from the floor and with a cheeky smile said, "Got carried away, sorry" and we back up to the bar. He'd put the knickers into his pocket and he still had hold of my hand.
          A tall skinny guy was stood at the top of the stairs, "Come on short arse, the bus leaves in 10 minutes" and with that he moved away. He went to the bar, dragging me with him, asking the bar people for a pen and paper. No paper but they had a pen. He was looking through his pockets trying to find paper - he pulled out the cig packet and wrote on that, at first the pen didn't work and he had to write on the other side. He kissed me on the mouth and said thank you and went. When I got outside at the end of the night I looked at the cig box under the street lamp: ‘James B, 01… call me’. Then I knew who it was. I never phoned but I kept the cig packet to this day and kept one of the cigs. When he had opened the packet in the nightclub one of the cigs was turned upside down from the others and that's the one I kept. Now I love the band and think James is so sexy still.