Working Late (by Charlotte)

            You're having to work late at your office job in the city, and you really don't want to be there ‘cos you want to be with Jamesey and enjoy a quiet night in. You are both gutted when you're on the phone explaining it to him, but he says never mind, and he'll see you later, when you come home. You're busy working away, when you hear a noise. You look up, but don't see anyone, and just assume it's the cleaner, and return to your work. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, James pops up in front of your desk, and gives you the shock of your life! He is holding a bunch of flowers and a bottle of red wine. “If you can't come home for the fun, the fun will come to you", he announces with a grin. You know that you should scold him and tell him to leave you alone so you can finish your work, but instead you just burst into a fit of giggles. You get up, walk around to him and give him a big kiss, ‘cos he really deserves it. Instead of pulling away, you can't remove yourself from his face! He pushes harder into you, and you throw your arms around him. Your tongues are entwining like your bodies are, and he runs his hands up and down the top of your legs and your waist. You gasp as he forcefully picks you up and plonks you on the desk, spreading your legs. You lean back and make a little space on the desk, as he begins to undo your work blouse… you are already really aroused, and he cups your breasts in his hands and roughly starts to massage them, first with his hands, then with his mouth. With his hands he reaches down and lifts up your skirt, pulls down your tights and your panties. You move your hands around his neck, and he moves up to your neck, kissing and licking it. He moves up to your earlobe, and whispers to you that he wants you… now. He hikes your skirt up around your waist, and fumbles with his trousers. He is kissing you again now, hard but passionate. You feel his stubble against your face and his kisses on your face, and then you feel him enter you. You gasp, and hold onto him tighter … he groans to you, “I want you baby. Oh yes…” as he starts penetrating you harder and harder, faster and faster. All you are able to do is moan out for more, the pleasure is so intense you never want him to stop. James moans louder.
         All of a sudden you notice the light change through your closed eyes… like someone is blocking the light. You open them but see no one. James notices something is wrong, and slows down. You both then hear something - the cleaners! Not wanting to stop and both being quite turned on by the risk of getting caught, you continue, harder and harder he pumps into you. You almost scream out, but then see the cleaners in the next room, taking, oblivious to the two of you in the next room really going for it! James can't hold it in anymore, and moans really loudly as he cums. You are in utter ecstasy and can't do anything. Eventually, he pulls out of you stands up and straightens himself out. You get your stuff, and you both walk out together, hand in hand, still really aroused by the fact that you were really close to being caught… and as for getting the work done - ahh, fuck it, it can always be done tomorrow! You have more important things on your mind!