Lust, Vice & Sin



Download the original fanzine here (pdf).


The Official Fanzine of The James Dean Bradfield Appreciation Society Society!
From the girls who gave you the message board described as,
“A cross between Hustler and NME “ (Melody Maker),
comes the first x-rated fanzine. A first edition crammed full of brand spanking (*ahem*) NEW fantasies…and so much more!


* The Adventures of James Blonde – licensed to shag *

* The hilarious JDB lookee-likee page *

* The Moment When... Fans reminisce about falling in Lust *

* Dress James... and then undress him! *

* Enroll at St James’s School of the Perpetual Orgasm, and meet the other girls *

* Read the results of the questionnaire – What is the winning MSP video? What film would you put him in? And more importantly - what strippergram outfit? *

* And then read James’s own answers to those questions!!! (Okay, so we made them up – but hey, they’re funny!) *

* And last but not least – 'those' infamous photo captions *


A special bonus – its all for charity! Every penny of profit will be going to Imperial Cancer Research.

Yes, feel good in more ways then one when you indulge in a little light hearted LUST VICE AND SIN …so much more fun that sitting in a bath full of baked beans!

Interested? Open-minded? Not easily offended? (It's all tongue-in-cheek, you know!) Then e-mail  Yep, there's *still* copies left! Once you’ve read it, we know you’ll come again….

JDBAS girlies