So there you found yourself, spread-eagle on his bed, pinned beneath James’ body. You don’t remember how he’d found you; you don’t remember how he’d got you back to his hotel room. Your mind was a blurry haze of alcohol, lust, and apprehension. All you do remember is turning round in that nightclub and seeing him glaring at you, undressing you, as he did so, with his eyes.
     He was angry and hell, he had every right to be! You hadn’t seen him since your meeting with Nikkita, and as his eyes burned into yours you knew that he knew you’d betrayed him – that you were working for Sutherland and his gang. As much as you wanted to turn and run your feet wouldn’t move. Fear rooted you to the spot for you had no idea how he would react. And so you stood there, taking deep breathes, trying desperately to calm yourself down, as you watched him slowly cross the room towards you, never taking his eyes off you for a second. You could smell the Jameson’s and cigarette smoke on his breath as he leaned in to whisper. “I think you have some explaining to do, young lady”, he hissed in your ear before grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the nearest exit. Never one to cause a scene – in case he blew his clover – he did this in such a way as to not arouse suspicion from the other club-goers, but then you were hardly going to fight him – not when you knew what he was capable of.
     Neither of you had spoke, and James had never once let go of your hand until he had you through the door of his hotel room. He practically pushed you into his room, and just as you heard him lock the door his hands were immediately all over you. Throwing you up against the nearest wall, he pinned your arms above your head and forced one of his legs between your thighs. The room was in darkness and the only sound your heavy breathing. James moved his face close to yours until you could feel his hot breath on your cheek. His eyes were dark with lust. Already he had the straps of your dress off your shoulders and had a look on his face that threatened to tear the rest of your clothes off at any second. But before you could speak he’d spun you round and pushed you face-first up against the wall, pushing himself hard against you, forcing you to feel his frustration. His hands were already fast travelling up the sides of your thighs to your hips, edging your dress up around your waist, and a second later were ripping your knickers down. It all seemed to happen so quickly you didn’t have a chance to respond - a moan instinctively escaped from your lips as you felt his hands on your burning flesh. With one last tug, he ripped the rest of the dress from your body, until you were standing in front of him completely naked. His hands on your hips, he pushed you towards the bed. Timidly, you perched yourself on the edge of his bed, your eyes fixed on the floor. You were aware of him standing in front of you but were too embarrassed  to raise your eyes. You didn’t want him to see the power he held over you – you weren’t about to give him that satisfaction, but then you suddenly felt his hand on your face, pulling your chin up, forcing you to look him in the eye. “You will look at me”, he growled, and then proceeded to strip off in front of you. Then he was on top of you, kissing you roughly, biting at your hot skin, forcing your legs apart and burying himself deep in side of you, making you gasp. You’d never known him to be so violent but it only resulted in turning you on all the more. Part of you wanted to fight him – what right did he have to take you in this way? But then the pain mixed with the pleasure and you surrendered your body to his mercy. The only protest you’re able to muster is whimpering, “You’re using me, you b*****d!” But as he entered your aching p***y, he just replied with a knowing grin, “You’re the original sucker for punishment, Penny. And you know you wouldn’t want it any other way, would you?” With that he thrust hard inside you and all you could do was throw your head back on the pillow as he ravished your body.
When you woke the next morning he was already up and showered. Walking out of the bathroom as you sat up in bed, clinging to the white sheet that was wrapped around your body, James didn’t even seem to acknowledge you. Fastening the buttons of his shirt and running a hand through his still damp (p**n star style) hair, he took a long draw on his fag before turning his attention to you. “The door’s there”, he nodded. Dumbstruck that he was just telling you to leave you suddenly felt very used. So this was how he treated groupies, you thought to yourself. “But James…”
“I have to go and see Q… but I expect you to be here this evening…” he interrupts. “Or else”, he hisses, his face growing darker. Before you have time to reply he moves towards you, grabbing the sheet that’s wrapped around your body, pulling you up to your knees. Gently lifting your chin until your lips are almost touching, he breathes, “Last night was your saving grace, Penny. Don’t screw it up now”. Then his lips are on yours and he kisses you hard, bruising your lips, before letting you go and turning to leave, slamming the door after him.

(by Missy)