You looked at the note in your hand and you heard his voice echoing in your head. What was it he’d said? You’d better be there … or else. Something to that effect, anyway. All you could really remember was last night, and that slight burning between your legs, as you moved to step out of the taxi you were in, reminded you how he’d been: rough, angry and pissed off… You couldn’t help the little smile that spread across your lips.
     Following the directions James had scrawled on the bit of paper he’d thrown at you after having his wicked way with you for hours, you approached what looked like a deserted studio, in some back street of London. Only when you reached what you assumed was the door did your heart start to race. What exactly was going to happen when you got in there??? Who was going to be there???
… You were quite startled when Sean suddenly ripped the door open, screwdriver in his hand. Your eyes drop to the screwdriver. A look of confusion crosses your face. “It’s used for torture”, Sean suddenly quips, raising one eyebrow. Your eyes widen and you swallow hard, not sure whether he’s joking with you or not. Sean carries on, “So you’ve come for James, I take it?”
     “She’s cum many times for James judging by the look on his face when he got back this morning!” a voice calls from a nearby room. You immediately recognise it… Nikkita. Sean rolls his eyes at Nicky’s little quip and invites you inside. “Welcome to hell”. Sean smiles manically.
     You follow Sean into a large room. Putting his wrist close to his mouth, all the while staring you in the eyes, Sean whispers into his watch, “She’s here”.
     “Don’t mind him – he’s just showing off his latest gadget”, comes a voice from behind you. Quickly you spin round to see Nikkita, who turns to look at you from a big black leather chair. Seductively Nikkita crosses his legs a la Sharon Stone / Basic Instinct fashion. Sean groans with embarrassment and goes back to disassembling a laptop computer just because he… erm… wants to. Nikkita, meanwhile, slides up to you, stroking your cheek and gently pushing your hair from your face. This was the first time you’d come face to face since he’d given you the letter and before 006: The Missing Agent had walked back into your life. “Up for a little girl on girl action?” Nikkita whispers, his lips brushing yours. “Tell me”, he grins, “Have you seen my pussy?“
     “For God’s sake, Nick – you’re a man!” Sean sighs from the other side of the room. “And you have a dog called Molly – not a cat!” Nikkita throws him a filthy look. “How dare you insult my feminine side!” he mockingly sobs, flicking his hair and waltzing off in a huff. Sean just shakes his head, laughing to himself.
     “So you’ve came back for more?” a voice inquires. It’s James. He’s stood against the doorframe, his head playfully and seductively cocked to one side, wearing a tight white v-necked t-shirt. You feel your cheeks start to burn. “Look, what do you want from me?” you snap, beginning to feel quite intimidated. “What, other than another orgasm?” Nicky bitches, throwing James a catty look. James shoots him a filthy look but says no more. Grabbing your arm, he leads you out of the room, slamming the door shut on Nick and Sean.
     Meanwhile, over the other side of London, at the headquarters of IPC Media, Sutherland and his gang were plotting they’re way into MSP Central…
     James dragged you into a nearby bedroom. “So now I have you alone I think it’s time for a little interrogation”, James whispered, walking towards you until you had your back up against the wall. “I want to know everything about Sutherland… and I mean ‘everything’”, he murmured in your ear, his lips softly brushing your skin. This wasn’t the type of interrogation you were used to…
     Sean tuts as the doorbell rang for the second time. “How many bloody groupies does that man have?!!!” he grumbles to himself as he makes his way to the door… For once Sean is completely gob smacked. “Oh my God”, he stutters, lost for words. “Hi Sean, baby” the petite blonde on the doorstep smiles.
        It’s Kylie…

(by Missy)