Sean watched Kylie suspiciously as he poured her a mug of tea. “How very rock and roll”, Kylie giggled as he handed her the drink. Sean seated himself in front of her and raised one eyebrow. “So let me get this right. You’re not here to see James, and Nicky actually scares you???” Kylie nodded sweetly, “I think it’s the dress thing”.
“Right…” Sean continued, a little bemused. “So why are you here?” he continued, intrigued. “It’s you”, she whispered, pretending to come over all coy, “I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since you, James and Nicky wrote that song for me”. Somewhere in the back of Sean’s brain he swore he’d heard that line before, but the fact that Kylie was sitting in front of him in scantily clad hot pants, that James was pre-occupied with a certain Miss Foreplay (who was probably at this very moment naked and tending to James’s every whim), and that Nicky was off sulking about his ‘femininity’, invited the opportunity to keep his mouth shut for once. A little manic grin spread across Sean’s face… He was alone… He was alone with Kylie Minogue… and she wanted him.
Meanwhile, James was busy carrying out his own ‘unique’ way of interrogating Penny. Her knickers already on the floor, James had Penny pushed face-first against the wall, her legs spread. He pushed gently against her, allowing her to feel his hard on. James leaned closer and softly kissed Penny’s neck, letting his stubble lightly scratch her skin. “You’re going to tell me everything about Sutherland, aren’t you?” he whispered, his tone more of a command than a question. “I can’t”, you whimper, “He’s my boss”. You feel James suddenly pull away. “Wrong answer”, he hisses. You then hear the familiar sound of a fly being unzipped and a belt being opened. Panic seizes you and you try to turn around to see what James is doing, but with one hand he pins your arms above you head and forces you to keep looking at the wall. The next moment you feel his leg between yours, forcing your legs even further apart. Then you feel him slide his cock between your legs, throbbing and incredibly hot. When he doesn’t enter you though you start to worry again. “James…?” you whisper, urgently.
“You’re going to beg”, he whispers in your ear, “And while you’re begging you’re going to tell me everything”.
“No I won’t!” you say defiantly, suddenly finding your self-control.
“Wanna bet?” James whispers, pushing even closer. But before you have time to answer he’s started with his little torture technique. Knowing how much you’re dying for him inside you, he teases you instead by rubbing the entire length of his cock through your slit and against your clit. Your legs almost give way as a moan escapes your lips. Within a few seconds you find yourself trying desperately to push your hips backwards against him so that he’ll enter you, but James holds you fast against the wall. “Ah, ah, ah”, he mocks in your ear, “You’re gonna answer a few questions before you get anymore”. He continues for a few more minutes, your breathing the only sound in the room, gently building his pace and pushing harder and harder against you. Finally you break. “James don’t”, you beg, “Just f**k me”. James stops. “Why’s Sutherland out to get us?” James asks coldly. Silence. “Answer or this’ll go on all night”.
“Ok, ok”, you practically sob. “He’s never forgiven you for hitting the big time after he’d passed you off as a one-hit-wonder. He hates the fact that your debut album didn’t bomb and you didn’t split up like you’d told everyone you would… His career is in tatters, the music press is a joke – he feels he’s losing his grip!”
James starts rubbing against you again, this time gently pressing against your opening. The anticipation is almost unbearable. “And?” he continues, pressing you for more. “He hired me to try and infiltrate MSP Central”, you sob, more for the fact he won’t just screw you than exposing Sutherland and the dangers that that brings. “I’ll be the only one doing any infiltrating tonight”, James spits in your ear. I wish you would, you thought silently to yourself. “Anything else I should know about, Miss Foreplay?” James snaps. You hold your breath. Do you tell him about Richey? Do you admit that you’re sleeping with him? Do you tell him he’s working for the other side? You bite your tongue. “No”, you whimper, “That’s everything, I swear”. James lets go of you and pulls away, turning his back to you and running his hand through his hair. You can tell he’s pissed. “I’m sorry”, you whisper, “I never meant to get this involved. I never meant to fall in…” Your voice trails away as James spins round and glares at you, his eyes dark with lust. “What?” he practically shouts, “You never meant to fall in what?” Tears fill your eyes. How could you tell him? He’d never believe you anyway. You were nothing more than a whore – it was your job. How on earth could you explain to him that you were in love with him? You drop your head, not wanting him to see your tears. For a few moments there’s silence, then James speaks. “Come here”, he orders, his voice softer now. Slowly you walk towards him. Gently he wipes away your tears and then lets his hands drop to your waist, holding you steady. Nodding towards a nearby chair he whispers, “Over there”. You allow him to lead you over to the chair, which he then promptly pushes you over. Standing behind you he pushes your skirt back up around your waist and spreads your legs. Fully open and exposed to him you surrender your body as he thrusts deep inside you. Pulling you up so that you’re practically standing, he slides your top off and unclasps your bra. Still inside you, he runs his hands up the front of your body to your breasts, pinching your nipples until you moan. Turning your head to one side your lips meet his and the chemistry between you explodes. How could he be so vicious when he was capable of being this passionate? you thought silently to yourself, as James screwed you into heaven.
Back in the other room Kylie was beginning to make her move on Sean. Playing it cool, Sean continued to question her. “So you’re madly in love with me and you want to do it right now, right here, this very instant?”
“Ohhh yes”, Kylie breathed seductively. Sean thought about the implications for a few seconds. James was fond of Kylie - that was no secret. But then James had every bloody female, Sean thought to himself. Nicky had told everyone that he had the up most respect for Kylie as an artist… So yes, he wanted to get into her knickers as well, thought Sean, but seeing as Nick was adamant he was actually a woman that put him out of the equation. Then there was the press… What would they say? Sean could see the headlines already: ‘DRUMMER FINDS LOVE WITH SOMEONE EVEN SMALLER THAN HIMSELF!’ Well, he wasn’t particularly bothered about the love aspect… but he certainly wasn’t about to turn down red-hot, no strings attached sex. He gave Kylie a wicked grin, “Great!”
The next few minutes were somewhat a blur as Kylie and Sean got down to doing the deed. Clothes were ripped, the laptop ended up on the floor, and God knows where that screwdriver got to… As Sean plunged deep inside Kylie she moaned and whimpered something about this being ‘some kind of bliss’. Again, somewhere in the back of Sean’s mind he swore he’d heard that line before, but at this particular moment he couldn’t care less. “Give it to me, Seanus!” Kylie screamed, digging her nails in poor old Sean’s back. Bloody hell, Sean thought to himself, she hadn’t half got a grip for a tiny woman! “Tell me I’m your little baby nothing”, Kylie begged, moaning loudly. At this point Sean began to have his doubts about the whole thing but it was obvious she was on the verge of coming and Sean didn’t want to be rude. But as Kylie’s breathing got more erratic, and as Sean himself began to climax, he began to smell an odd burning sensation. At first he thought it might be Nicky cooking, but then he stopped dead. Wait! He recognised that smell! Something was short-circuiting! He’d been obsessed with gadgets all his life – he knew that smell! Looking down at Kylie, Sean’s eyes widened in horror – she was smoking! Not smoking in a James ‘look-at-me-I’m-so-f**king-sexy’ kind of way – but really smoking! Sparks began to fly from Kylie’s eyes and as Sean came her hair suddenly burst into flames! Sean jumped back in fright – he had no idea he had such an effect on women! However, when Kylie’s head finally exploded, Sean had regained his composure. “Bugger”, he mumbled to himself. And fanning down the flames he began trying to desperately put Kylie back together – after all, the lads had asked her to join them on their May tour. What the hell would James and Nicky say when they found out that Sean had caused Kylie to combust?!!!
        Back at IPC Media Booth told Sutherland the bad news. “Erm boss… I’m afraid we’ve had reports come through the computer that the Sony proto-type singing robot has run into problems”. Sutherland glared at him.
“And what the hell does that mean in plain English?” he shouted, his face turning a deep shade of crimson and spittle beginning to form at the corners of his mouth. Booth shuffled uncomfortably, “Kylie’s self-destructed, boss”.

(by Missy)