Penny’s phone rang for the third time that hour…and for the third time she tried to ignore it. She hadn’t been in contact with James since Nikkita had given her that envelope. How could she? Sutherland and his gang had been released without charge, and now Sutherland had his sidekick, Booth, following her 24 hours a day just to make sure she was doing her job…and nothing more!
What troubled her most was the why the hell Nikkita had given her that envelope – was it his way of trying to protect James, or was it just his way of letting her know that he knew more about her than he would let on to James - that he could use this information to blackmail her?
     But he and James were close…surely Nikkita wouldn’t deliberately hurt him…right? Penny tried to push the thought to the back of her mind – she had more pressing worries. After the meeting with Nikkita, and reading the contents of that envelope, Penny had been in a complete state of shock. The one person she thought she could always trust had been exposed. The man who had taught her everything she knew, and the man who she had secretly fallen in love with and had a passionate affair with when she was just 18 and being trained, turned out to be someone else completely – he’d been leading a double life… Most shocking of all was the discovery that he had once been friends with James. Close friends, in fact…they’d been partners! Even more astounding was the admission that he was still alive. After their relationship had ended no sooner had she just started to get over him – the love of her life – then she heard that he’s been killed whilst on a dangerous mission in Russia. Heartbroken, Penny had picked up the pieces of her life and tried to forget him.
     The man Penny knew as Richey Edwards was the same man James Blonde knew as 006: Eyeliner Edwards…the ‘missing’ agent. And he was still alive – working undercover on the other side…for Sutherland!
     Walking from the departure lounge in the airport, where she had just arrived back in London, Penny immediately spotted Booth. He was standing near the reception desk trying, unsuccessfully, to blend in. He had a small mobile phone in his hand and Penny just knew Sutherland would be hanging on the other end for his ‘update’ about Miss Foreplay. Penny sighed. There had been a time when she’d actually been attracted to Booth. Sutherland had employed them both around the same time, and that had meant spending an awful lot of time together…in remote locations that were often dangerous…alone…together. And well let’s face it, he was a guy and she was a girl. They both had certain ‘needs’. The inevitable had to happen…and it did…several times. But over the past two years, what with different assignments and Sutherland’s influence, they’d grown apart. So much so that now she was under his complete surveillance and he didn’t seem at all phased by his mission. The betrayal hurt Penny, but she wasn’t sure why. It had just been sex…hadn’t it?
     Picking up her case Penny made her way over to public phone box to ring for a taxi. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she was ‘ordered’ to meet up with James again…and who knows what might happen.
     And it was then, lost deep in thought, that he caught her eye. A sudden bolt of recognition surged through Penny’s body … Richey!
     Her heart in her throat, Penny tried desperately to remain calm. He hadn’t seen her … yet. But try as she might to turn away and avoid his gaze, she found herself rooted to the spot and staring. Hell, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Was it him? Really? Her questions were answered a few seconds later when her eyes fell on his upper left arm … a tattoo. As Penny silently read the words she felt her knees go weak and her head start to spin … ‘Useless Generation’. It was him. But suddenly remembering that Booth was watching her every move, and the sheer danger of the situation if Sutherland found out she knew Richey, Penny forced herself to turn and start walking in the opposite direction. Unfortunately she walked straight into a stern looking woman who did her very best to draw attention to the fact that Penny had just accidentally stood on her toe. On hearing the commotion Richey immediately looked over in Penny’s direction. In a split second she saw the recognition in his eyes as they burned into hers. But Penny didn’t give him time to respond. Sod what Booth was thinking watching, she couldn’t face Richey, and with that she raced out of the door and jumped into the first taxi she spotted. And only when the cab had turned onto the next street did she allow herself to breath a sigh of relief.
     Still at the airport Booth stared at Richey. Who the hell was is? And why the hell did Penny panic like she had? It was obvious they knew one another … but how? Reaching for his mobile he rang Sutherland’s number. “Boss?”
“What now Booth?” Sutherland snarled down the phone, “If this isn’t about Blonde or Miss Foreplay then consider yourself fired!”
“And if this has anything to do with another attractive male who happens to wear a bit of make up who you wouldn’t mind getting horizontal with…” Sutherland interrupted, his patience wearing thin.
“Well actually, now you come to mention it he rather horny. I definitely wouldn’t say no, if you know what I mean…”
“BOOTH! Shut it!” Sutherland screamed down the phone. “Tell me something of importance, for God’s sake man – not about your sex life!”
“Well boss, I think you’ll be interested in this…” Booth started as he began to explain that afternoon’s events.
     Penny hadn’t gone home straight away. Instead she’d walked round London trying to clear her head. Ever since she’d got involved with James Blonde her past seemed to be catching up with her. Finally reaching her flat around 8pm that evening, she didn’t even bother turning on the light – all she wanted to do was fall straight into bed and try and forget all her problems. But as she started to make her way towards the bedroom she sensed someone behind her… someone waiting in the dark. Training had taught her to be on guard at all times and the moment she felt a hand on her shoulder she swung round and kicked hard. The dark figure stumbled backwards but soon came at her again, throwing her up against the wall. Before her eyes had chance to become accustomed to the dark and to make out her attacker Penny was violently spun round and pushed face-first up against the wall. Now all she could hear was his breathing in her ear. While one of his hands gagged her mouth, she felt the other move between her legs. Whoever he was he knew what she liked. Penny cursed herself silently for feeling so turned on in such a situation. Sex with strangers fantasies had always got her going, but she didn’t want it like this – he could be a rapist for all she knew. Struggling the man just pushed her harder against the wall until she could no longer move. By now his fingers had reached their destination. Ripping her knickers aside they plunged deep inside her forcing Penny to moan quietly into the hand that gagged her. Succumbing to the pleasure Penny relaxed. Almost immediately her assailant eased his grip on her and in that split second Penny made her escape. Lashing out she managed to free herself and lunge for the light switch. Turning back to her assailant she came face-to-face with the one man she hadn’t expected … Richey.
     Pulling the black balaclava off his head he lifted the fingers that had been exploring her most intimate parts to his mouth, sucking them seductively. “Richey? I … I… thought you were…” Penny tried, the tears welling up in her eyes. But before she could carry on Richey had placed one finger on her lips, his eyes burning into hers, “Sssshhhh”. Ignoring every instinct in her body to push him away, scream and shout, demanding answers to the hundred questions that were whirling through her mind, Penny allowed herself to melt into his arms. She had no idea how they ended up on the floor, Richey between her legs, her dress gradually riding higher and higher up her thighs, his lips hot on her neck, but they did. How long had she longed for his touch again? For someone who had been taught to be so dominant in the bedroom, she could never quite believe how submissive she was with Richey. Slowly his lips moved down her neck to her breasts, circling her nipples before taking them into his mouth. Arching her back, Penny moaned in pleasure. She tried to push all thoughts of James out her mind as Richey’s head dropped between her legs and she felt his tongue. Moving back up her body and looking her deep in the eyes Richey thrust hard inside her. Penny closed her eyes, threw her head back and gasped, before wrapping her legs around his back, forcing him deeper inside. Any anger she’d felt earlier slowly disappeared as her orgasm flooded through her body. Now it was Richey’s turn to groan. “I’m sorry baby”, he murmured in Penny’s ear. Once again the tears welled up in Penny’s eyes. How could they be this close to each other with so many lies and deceit between them? But Penny’s mind clouded as Richey found her lips once again, and their bodies became one.
     Finally they collapsed in each other’s arms, breathless.
     Trying to find the words Penny went to speak but the phone started to ring and the answering machine kicked in. A moment later James’ voice filled the silent room. “Penny, it’s James. We need to talk about the other night…You know where to find me”. Richey, who had been staring at the phone, turned back to Penny with a facial expression that was a mixture of hurt, anger and confusion. “You’ve been f**king James?” But before Penny could answer the door to the flat suddenly burst open. Grabbing a nearby sheet Penny wrapped it around her naked body, trying desperately to hide her embarrassment at being caught in such a compromising position. It was Booth … and he had a gun.
     Booth gave a dirty grin, “Oh so that’s what you get up to in the evenings is it, Penny? Maybe I’ll just have to invite myself round sometime…for old times sake, you know”.
“Booth! What have I told you?” came a voice from the hallway. It was Sutherland. Casually walking into the flat, cigar in hand, Sutherland knocked Booth and his associates out of the way before turning to Penny. “Ah Miss Foreplay – you’ve met Mr Edwards I take it?”
“In more ways than one!” Booth smirked. Everyone in the room shoots him a look. “Ok, ok…I get the message” Booth sighs before walking into Penny’s kitchen and going through the fridge. Sutherland rolls his eyes and mutters to himself, “He never stops!”
Sutherland turns back to Penny and Richey and smiles knowingly. Penny turns to Richey, “You…you work for him too?”  Sutherland buts in. “Oh of course, you didn’t know, did you dear?” he says sarcastically. “Seems like you’ve involved yourself in quite a little mess haven’t you, Miss Foreplay? I mean, what will our friend Mr Blonde say when he finds out you’re f**king his best friend?”
Penny stares at Richey in disbelief but he just turns away form her disgusted. Why the hell is he angry with me? Penny thinks to herself. “You’re the one who’s lied to me all these years!”  Penny screams after Richey but he just throws her a filthy look. Sutherland smiles enjoying the pain he’s obviously causing everyone. It’s Booth that breaks the tension. Leaning in the kitchen doorway with the bottled water, he’d obviously found, in his hand he gives a quick laugh.
“Well Penny looks as though you’ve just about slept with everybody in this room”.
You glare at him, not finding his joke particularly funny in the circumstances. “Well, just about everyone” Booth says nodding towards Sutherland’s back with a ‘God-you-wouldn’t-sleep-with-him-would-you?’ look.
Sutherland ignores his little comment and carries on. “I think you ought to get dressed, Miss Foreplay. You’ve obviously a lot of explaining to do. Come on Mr Edwards, let’s wait in the car for her, shall we?” Richey gives you one last look filthy before following Sutherland out of the door, leaving you alone, still half-naked, with a grinning Booth.

(by Missy)